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  • Secure Remote Access With Zscaler Private Access

    Sponsored by: Zscaler

    Applications are moving to the cloud and users are accessing them far away from data centers. VPNs are even more complex and cumbersome, which slows organizations' ability to adopt cloud benefits and frustrates users. Read this white paper to learn more about how to secure remote access to your network.

  • Unlock the potential of your workforce with employee-centric IT

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Read on to learn how a complete digital workspace enables employees to securely access their apps, desktops, and data from anywhere. You'll learn how this approach enables a modern employee experience across four key areas: applications, devices, identity, and privacy.

  • Unity EdgeConnect: How to Establish Optimal Routing for SaaS Apps

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    Discover how the SaaS optimization feature in the SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect platform can help distributed enterprises optimize reachability and performance of SaaS apps. Then, find out how to establish optimal routing based on lowest latency for reaching specific SaaS apps.

  • Guide to Flexible Working

    Sponsored by:

    This guide from Vodafone explains how to introduce flexible working, what technologies to consider and how to succeed at implementation.

  • VMworld Europe Case Study: DER Deutsches Reisebüro

    Sponsored by:

    A Germany travel agent gained control of its IT and increased its profits after implementing a desk top virtualisation project.

  • How SD-WAN Can Benefit Branch Networks

    Sponsored by: Hughes Network Systems

    Gain valuable insights into why organizations are rapidly adopting cloud-based software networking technologies like SD-WAN to meet these next-generation WAN requirements. Then, uncover how you can bring distributed networks up to speed with simplicity and automation.

  • New Options to Enable Remote Access in the Network

    Sponsored by:

    This handbook guides you through how to best enable remote access for your network as workloads go beyond the private data center. Then, learn how VPN evolution has changed remote access for more secure communication.

  • Making the Systems Admin's Life Easier: Remote Desktop Management

    Sponsored by: Devolutions

    Take an in depth look at the features of Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager tool. Learn how the tool allows administrators to aggregate all of their remote server connections, including logins, passwords, VPN connections, and even double-hops, into one interface.

  • How User Experience Monitoring Can Benefit Help Desks

    Sponsored by: LogMeIn Rescue

    The rise of mobility has created myriad issues for the IT help desk. In this expert e-guide, learn how you can give your help desk the support it needs in the mobile era.

  • Hyperconvergence for ROBOs and the Datacenter

    Sponsored by: Riverbed Technology, Inc.

    In this resource center, discover how hyper-converged appliances can streamline and simplify ROBO management. Read on to solve your network capacity and remotely run data center woes, and learn how to best address ROBO data storage.

  • Transforming Branch/Remote Office IT in the Digital Economy

    Sponsored by: Riverbed Technology, Inc.

    Find out why survey results show businesses can't compete in the new digital economy if they don't transform branch IT, and learn how you can consolidate and centralize management of branch infrastructure without compromising control or performance.

  • Rx Systems Provide Around the Clock Support to 4800 UK Pharmacies with CentraStage

    Sponsored by: CentraStage

    This case study takes a look at how remote monitoring and management tools can help enhance your service delivery speeds and ensure system reliability.

  • Kindred Healthcare, Inc – HP Thin Clients Support Efficient, High-Quality Care

    Sponsored by: HP and AMD

    This whitepaper examines the case study of Kindred Healthcare, Inc., a large provider of post-acute care services who desperately needed to find a way to improve branch connectivity under extremely tight budgetary pressures.

  • Case Study - Stomo

    Sponsored by: Riverbed Technology, Inc.

    When STOMO underwent expansion, the additional data traffic generated put pressure on the company's wide area network. By deploying Steelhead appliances, STOMO has achieved annual savings of $13,000 by avoiding bandwidth upgrades, increased its optimized bandwidth capacity three-fold, and reduced network traffic by more than 70%.

  • Exploring the Fundamental Differences Between Network Memory and Application

    Sponsored by: Silver Peak

    This white paper will address these issues and offer a solution that addresses these enterprise requirements. The result is a complete solution for improved application delivery across a distributed enterprise environment.

  • Meeting the Market's needs with your Managed Services

    Sponsored by: Solarwinds N-able

    This case study shows how one office technology company implemented an automated remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution to increase profits and customer value, and discusses benefits as well as pitfalls to avoid.

  • Top 10 Considerations for Selecting the Right RMM Solution

    Sponsored by: LabTech Software

    Read this eBook for tips to ensure you select the RMM solution that is best for your IT services business.

  • Application Optimization for the Network

    Sponsored by:

    In the new WAN, we'll see user-aware WAN optimization, the rise of software-defined networking and WAN-on-demand. There may be some bumps along the road to WAN innovation, but it's sure to be an interesting journey.

  • Troubleshooting Your Network Without Breaking the Bank

    Sponsored by: Riverbed Technology, Inc.

    As a network manager, application manager or security manager, you need systems that can collect data across your WAN, continuously analyze the data to discover problems, and troubleshoot issues as soon as they occur. Riverbed Cascade has fundamentally changed the economics of network performance management. Learn more.

  • Remote Monitoring and Management Tools Selection Tips for Solution Providers

    Sponsored by: Solarwinds N-able

    This E-Guide from offers advice that will help MSPs and VARs find the ideal remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution for their organization.

  • Presentation Transcript: Optimizing the WAN for Real Time Traffic

    Sponsored by: Talari_DON'T USE

    Explore why legacy wide area networks (WANs) cannot handle the pressures of real-time traffic and uncover how WAN virtualization can help solve these performance problems.

  • Next Generation Enterprise WAN Regional WAN Deployment Guide

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Read this white paper to discover a large-scale enterprise networking solution that supports current challenges such as app performance, virtualization, videoconferencing, security, mobility, and cloud computing.

  • Next Generation Enterprise WAN Regional WAN Overview

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Enterprises with large-scale networking needs including remote branch-office connectivity should read this white paper to get an overview of WAN architecture that not only provides advanced routing functionality, but also allows for video collaboration, access control and secure connectivity, application performance optimization, mobility and more!

  • A Business Guide to MPLS IP VPN Migration: Five Critical Factors

    Sponsored by: XO Communications

    Uncover five critical factors for a successful migration to an MPLS IP VPN service in this whitepaper. Learn the evolving needs of today’s enterprise networks and uncover how an MPLS-based IP VPN can help you fulfill these wants and needs.

  • How to Choose a Managed Network Services Provider

    Sponsored by: MegaPath Inc.

    Managing your network is no easy task, hence the reason managed service providers (MSPs) exist. In this resource, explore the advantages of outsourcing to an MSP and best practices for finding the right MSP for your organization.

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