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  • Frontline Education's Marketing Team Gets 20% More Work Done

    Sponsored by: Wrike

    In this resource, read a Q&A with Frontline's Digital Strategy & Operations Manager, Sean Amster, to discover how they upgraded their project management system to successfully manage requests, be more productive, and handle more than 80 projects per quarter.

  • Computer Weekly – 6 November 2018: After 10 years, Post Office IT system goes on trial

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, 10 years after we revealed concerns over the Post Office accounting system, affected subpostmasters finally get their day in court. We look at how businesses are turning to wearable tech to help employees. And we analyse the key players in the market for object storage. Read the issue now.

  • Understanding Resource Management within PPM

    Sponsored by: Upland

    Jump into this white paper to learn about the three As of project resource management: allocation, assignments, and actuals. Find out what impact these variables can have on your project's success, and how to factor these in to your existing PPM strategy.

  • The digital enterprise: Moving from experimentation to transformation

    Sponsored by:

    This in-depth report from the World Economic Forum explains how companies can make sure their digital transformation projects are a success.

  • How to Create and Launch a Project Management Office

    Sponsored by: Upland

    Learn what it takes to assemble and execute a project management office of your own, whether inside IT or within another leg of the business.

  • 5 Best Practices for Managing Incoming Work Requests

    Sponsored by: Wrike

    Work requests can come from a nauseating variety of channels: emails, meetings, even quick chats in the break room. Check out these 5 best practices for managing and organizing the request intake process to help make sense of the chaos.

  • Combining ITFM and PPM: Attaining the Right Answers to Get Ahead

    Sponsored by: Upland

    Click to find out how an integrated approach to IT budgeting and PPM can bring the insights needed to plan for upcoming projects -- without breaking the bank.

  • Think Different, Work Different: Empowering All Work Styles

    Sponsored by: Wrike

    Think about how your co-workers arrange their desks – everything is exactly where they prefer it. Personalization and productivity go hand-in-hand, so why not let workers customize the software they work on every day? Keep reading to learn about a work management that does exactly that.

  • The Five Hidden Costs of Spreadsheets and How to Avoid Them

    Sponsored by: Wrike

    Spreadsheets have been the bread and butter for organizing, sorting, and arranging data for decades. However, in large, collaborative projects and environments their capabilities can quickly deflate. Click further to uncover the five hidden costs your spreadsheets could be incurring your organization.

  • Project Management That Integrates Into Existing Workflows

    Sponsored by: Wrike

    When introducing new tools to teams within your organization, user adoption is often the biggest hurdle. Designed to counter clunky management tools, learn more about a project management tool that seamlessly integrates with everything from Gmail, to Marketo, to Adobe Creative Cloud, and more.

  • Execution Is Everything: How to Transform Your Creative Team

    Sponsored by: Wrike

    According to Harvard Business Review research, operational excellence is the primary attribute of successful companies – meaning they can plan and complete projects with perfect execution across the organization. Learn the six steps your business can take to reach operational excellence and the tools you should rely on to guide your path.

  • 6 Ways to Empower Your Workforce with the Right Project Management App

    Sponsored by: Wrike

    If anyone can testify to the benefits collaboration and project management tools bring to the workplace, its creative agencies. Through detailed illustrations, learn how agencies are leveraging productivity tools to empower their workforce, stakeholders, and clients alike.

  • The Route to Excellence Through Work Management

    Sponsored by: Wrike

    Some of the most successful and operationally complex companies in the world share common productivity goals, such as increased workflow visibly and high-performance culture. Learn more about the steps to take in order to reach these goals and where to start.

  • Computer Weekly – 15 May 2018: Will government IT be ready for Brexit?

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as the UK government struggles to get new IT systems up and running before Brexit, we examine the challenges ahead. We look at serverless computing and ask why this emerging cloud technology is so important. And we discuss the latest best practice in mobile strategy for SMEs. Read the issue now.

  • The Future of Project and Portfolio Management

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Managing single projects one-by-one with legacy tools can be an unnecessary burden on IT's resources, project lifecycles, and your company's overall digital transformation ability. In this webcast, get a firsthand glimpse into a PPM solution that connects projects across your IT organization into one platform for easier management and optimization.

  • Turbocharge Your Project Management Office

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Find out how to accelerate project delivery and drive continuous improvement throughout your portfolio's lifecycle with advice on how to tackle some of the top challenges currently facing your IT project management office.

  • Portfolio Management 101: Moving from 'Just' Project Management to True PPM

    Sponsored by: Upland

    A common misunderstanding is the difference between "project management" and "project & portfolio management" – a distinction that's important to make. Open this guide to get a 101- level look into project and portfolio management, including what separates it from traditional project management strategies.

  • BizOps Automation: Improving Collaboration Between Departments

    Sponsored by: Workato

    Discover how Workato overhauled their BizOps centers with the help of intelligent automation, taking app-to-app integration and productivity to the next level by connecting JIRA, Github, Slack, and more.

  • How to Set the Scope of Your Project

    Sponsored by: Cornerstone

    In this guide, Steve Bows of Cornerstone Management Consulting outlines the key principles to employ for a successful project planning process, including how to determine the parameters and objectives of each project stage from beginning to end – and everything in-between.

  • IT Project Management Roles and Practical Tips

    Sponsored by: Cornerstone

    Instead of looking towards technology upgrades for success, it might be time to upgrade your project – and people – management skills. Click to find a collection of practical management tips to keep in mind during your next IT project, regardless of scale.

  • 7 Post-Launch Strategies to Ensure the Success of Your Digital Project

    Sponsored by: Enginess

    Learn 7 basic tips to ensure a successful digital project rollout, whether making a minor tweak to a custom application or overseeing a major website overhaul for improved customer experience.

  • Why Modernizing Your Intranet is Crucial

    Sponsored by: SAP

    Click to learn about a unified digital workspace platform built with collaboration as a top priority, and find out how companies like yours have found success using it, garnering up to a 625% ROI over three years.

  • Prioritizing Analytics Projects for Business Success

    Sponsored by: Intel

    If you are like most businesses, you realize that success comes incrementally, and this is no different with your analytics journey. In this resource, discover 6 criteria for accessing analytics projects so that your organization makes the most out of its incremental improvements.

  • How to Plan & Launch Your Digital Project

    Sponsored by: Enginess

    Before beginning a digital project, it's important to take a step back and evaluate the business value that projects like a website redesign or new app will actually deliver – is there enough justification? Click to find out how to assemble a business case argument, get stakeholder buy in, avoid roadblocks, and more.

  • How Tiffany & Co. Polished Their IT Project and Portfolio Management

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Tiffany & Co. has long been regarded as the pinnacle of luxury and class. But while revaluating its ITSM strategy, the company realized its current IT PPM was falling behind, showing low usage rates and lackluster data. Tune in to this webcast to learn how Tiffany re-approached their portfolio management to better support their legendary brand.

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