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  • EBSCO Delivers Always-On Services Through Agile Incident Management

    Sponsored by: Atlassian

    It doesn’t take long to see how much strain 24/7 availability places on development and operations teams. Combining agile methodology and incident management, organizations benefit from collaboration and integration in their monitoring and alert resolution. Read this case study to learn how EBSCO leveraged agile incident management.

  • Looker trusts Opsgenie to help deliver their service to 200,000 users every day

    Sponsored by: Atlassian

    Clear communication is essential in the business world, where problems arise quickly wreak havoc on a company’s service and bottom line. Relying on only Slack to communicate with your employees and customers just doesn’t cut it. Read on to learn how Opsgenie’s alert services helped on of their clients improve communication and minimize downtime.

  • How to Write an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

    Sponsored by: Databarracks

    Your organization’s survival can depend only on the quality of your DR plan. Access this white paper to learn how to write an effective IT DR plan, which includes defining risks, testing the plan, and validating the results.

  • The Ransomware Recovery Guide: How to Spot, Prevent and Recover from Ransomware

    Sponsored by: Databarracks

    Ransomware affects everyone, making awareness, education, and defense crucial to keeping your sensitive data secure. Access this white paper to learn what ransomware looks like, how to recover from it, and 2 proactive steps to take in order to thwart a potential attack.

  • The Cost of IT Downtime Calculator

    Sponsored by: Databarracks

    Explore this e-book to use an interactive downtime calculator that can improve the standard of business continuity planning for your enterprise, avail you of the true cost of downtime for you specifically, and help you justify any future investment in disaster recovery technologies.

  • Accelerating Your Cloud Journey with Real-Time Monitoring and Observability

    Sponsored by: Splunk SignalFx

    The shift to cloud-native isn’t just a move toward more flexibility – it’s also a move toward more complexity. Now, the top challenge is monitoring cloud infrastructure, cloud services, and microservices. This webinar explores how an observability platform can overcome the obstacles traditional monitoring can’t. Watch the webinar here.

  • Why Microservices Require a Shift from Monitoring to Observability

    Sponsored by: Splunk SignalFx

    Systems are getting more complicated – and with complexity comes higher incidences of failure. When managing microservices at scale, organizations are moving from monitoring to observability. Why the shift? This webinar can answer all your questions about observability. Watch the webinar now to learn how microservices and observability mix.

  • CW Nordics February-April 2020: Swedes lose faith in social media as data security fears increase

    Sponsored by:

    Swedish citizens are becoming more concerned about the activities of social media companies and are reducing their online interaction with them as a result.

  • The three pillars of observability, explained: Demystifying observability

    Sponsored by: Splunk SignalFx

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But…what if it is broken and you didn’t get alerted? Monitoring tools help you predict and prepare for problems in your system. If an issue does pop up, you’re the first to know thanks to up-to-date reporting. Learn about the 3 pillars of observability in this blog post here.

  • Namely Employs SignalFx to Enable Observability and Engineering Productivity

    Sponsored by: Splunk SignalFx

    When the check engine light flicks on on your dashboard, you know to stop and fix any problems. If it fails to alert you, you’re screwed. The same goes for a microservices environment. Monitoring dashboards provide up-to-date info to fix issues and accelerate forward. Read how a monitoring platform helped a company in this case study.

  • CIO Trends #9

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide, take a look at some of our most popular articles on issues faced by IT decision-makers, such as the rise in IT buying decisions from outside the IT department, the importance of ethics in technology, and a look at how the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is preparing its IT for the challenges of Brexit.

  • Arijit Mukherji, SignalFx | CUBEConversation, August 2019

    Sponsored by: Splunk SignalFx

    How can you successfully run a new system if you don’t understand it? Observability is a proactive measure – not only can you identify problems, but when problems do arise, you have the right tools and insights to remediate the issues. This webcast features discussions around microservices, observability, automation, and more. Watch it here.

  • The Multiple Advantages of Data Storage Modernization

    Sponsored by: IBM

    By making timely investments in modern storage infrastructures from trusted vendors, organizations can remain in firm control of their future. Read this resource to learn how to leverage data as a differentiating asset and to discover the multiple advantages of data storage modernization

  • Fujitsu Cloud Service for AWS Modernization

    Sponsored by: Fujitsu

    To make the most out of AWS Cloud, there are many considerations a company must decide on beyond applications and databases. Access this data sheet to learn about a cloud service solution that delivers additional agility, lower costing operations, and allows organizations to benefit from the leading hyper-scaler through 3 key areas.

  • Hybrid IT from an infrastructure perspective

    Sponsored by: Fujitsu

    Companies are moving to hybrid IT to handle their complex, fluid data needs but may face transition pains and costs. Access this webcast to learn the best practices when moving to hybrid IT by asking 10 key questions.

  • Understanding the Economics of In-cloud Data Protection: Designed for Today with Tomorrow in Mind

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC

    By using cloud-based data protection, organizations can provide enterprise-level protection at a reasonable cost and maximize their cloud resources. Read this ESG white paper to see the results of an annual IT spending intentions survey which outlines 3 major benefits of incorporating in-cloud data protection into your strategy for cloud workloads.

  • Emerging Technology and Modern IT: The Key to Unlocking Your Data Capital

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies

    With an explosion in data generation, companies can find themselves overwhelmed as they struggle to collect, cleanse, and protect data, thereby missing outon opportunities to innovate and improve. Study this IDC sponsored white paper to learn how your organization can thrive by embracing automation and unlock your full data capital.

  • HPE and Veeam Greenlake Video

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    With a consumption-based data protection solution, your organization can speed up time to market, improve resource management, and ensure you always have capacity ahead of demand. View this webcast to learn 5 quantifiable improvements realized after folks switched to a single pane of glass data management solution such as this one.

  • The Changing Role of Backup and Secondary Storage

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Designing an enterprise backup system is a complex process where customers need to gather requirements, evaluate multiple solutions, and do their homework to acquire the expertise to deploy it themselves. Read this white paper to learn how HCI can alleviate the strains of traditional, multi-vendor backup environments.

  • Full-Stack Monitoring, Explained

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Download this E-Guide to learn how to determine what areas of your infrastructure necessitate a monitoring solution – and learn how to get closer to true full-stack monitoring capabilities.

  • Veeam + Nutanix = Simplifying Availability

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Hybrid cloud is a key choice for organizations looking for quick recovery and endless scalability. Explore this white paper to learn how hybrid cloud data protection and backup work and view 10 benefits you can gain by using this approach in your enterprise.

  • Understanding Your Data Protection ROI

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Access this e-book to learn how to quantify the cost of an IT outage and to unpack 8 essentials that will help you fully understand your data protection ROI.

  • Cloud Cost Optimization and Governance

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    To better balance multi-cloud services and bills, organizations should turn their attention to IT optimization and governance. With ITOM optimization, your organization can identify and report on cloud usage within the organization to save on costs. Read more about how to manage your public cloud spending in this IDC report here.

  • Visibility to Containers: Measurable outcomes from CMDB

    Sponsored by: ServiceNow

    Containers couple both applications and systems dependencies together into a single artifact and introduce a new layer of abstraction, simplifying DevOps. Access this eBook to learn how teams can leverage this efficiency to transform legacy IT into fast IT through automation, reduced costs, and improved productivity.

  • From Monitoring to Observability: Enabling Agile IT Operations for Digital Business

    Sponsored by: New Relic

    New collaborative processes, observability, and programmability are reshaping the IT infrastructure landscape with the clear focus being on multi-cloud. Read this IT brief to access the stats illustrating the benefits of multi-cloud and to see the new tools and strategies that IT ops leaders are investing in.

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