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  • Dedupe Selling Points, Strategies, and Solutions

    Sponsored by:

    This E-Guide provides insight into the new ways that organizations are dealing with data proliferation and the technology advancements that have prompted interest in them.

  • Solid State Storage: Tips & Tricks

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    This expert eGuide outlines the logistics of solid state storage, what to look for in a flash vendor and the different implementation options for this technology.

  • Designing a redundant backup solution

    Sponsored by:

    Access this expert E-Guide to learn about designing a redundant backup solution and transitioning from tape to a disk backup appliance. Read on to explore the evolving case for disk-based backup.

  • Storage Magazine: April 2013

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    IT professionals are redesigning their storage strategies and looking into new technologies to address this critical priority. This issue of Storage Magazine examines this emerging concept and the ways that organizations can incorporate it into their infrastructures through better capacity management and the use of shared storage and cloud backup.

  • Generating Business Value Through Backup Redesign: Eiffage and EMC Data Domain

    Sponsored by: EMC

    This resource explores how one a data protection system that revolutionizes disk backup, archiving and disaster recovery with high-speed, inline deduplication capabilities.

  • Demonstrating Proven Business Value Through Backup Redesign with EMC: Dealing with an Ageing Tape Library

    Sponsored by: EMC

    This white paper explores how one organization implemented a modernized backup solution to achieve significant efficiency gains and financial savings.

  • Data Integrity and Recoverability: 4 Essential Elements

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    This white paper explores a disk-based backup solution with deduplication that provides the ultimate protection and assurance of recovery.

  • Secure Your Backup Tapes Every Step of the Way

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    This short resource explores an approach to safely move your media to a secure offsite tape vault or offsite location using one vendor's tape library moving service.

  • Uses and Misuses for Disk-based Backup

    Sponsored by: ExaGrid Systems, Inc.

    In this E-Guide, expert Jon Toigo offers advice on maximizing the disk storage you have and avoiding the tendency to use this media when it isn't necessary.

  • Data Deduplication Technology Today and Tomorrow

    Sponsored by: ExaGrid Systems, Inc.

    This e-guide examines the current state of dedupe and the reasons behind many business' reluctance to incorporate it into their backup processes. Learn about alternative uses for deduplication and what promising developments to look out for as these appliances continue to evolve.

  • Global Deduplication: How it Works and Who Can Benefit

    Sponsored by: Essextec

    This expert e-guide explains how the limited scalability of source and target-based deduplication can lead to bottlenecks when large volumes of data are backed up. Learn how global deduplication can eliminate these bottlenecks through load balancing and get examples of these types of offerings in the marketplace.

  • Source vs. Target Deduplication: Individual and Integrated Benefits

    Sponsored by: Essextec

    This expert e-guide explores source and target technologies in greater detail and describes how they can complement each other in multi-tenant and centralized backup environments.

  • LTO – Whitepapers, Presentations, and Webinars

    Sponsored by: The LTO Program

    This online resource provides 360-degree insights in the form of whitepapers, expert presentations and webinars that reveal why tape remains a viable option for backing up your data.

  • Lab Validation Report: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 6.3

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this white paper, you will discover a cutting edge solution designed to eliminate multifaceted data protection issues.

  • Deploying Flash in the Enterprise

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    This white paper carefully analyzes the costs of several different flash solutions. In order to help you choose the best platform to address your unique storage challenges and performance needs.

  • Data Protection for the Enterprise vs. SMB: Disk, CDP, Cloud and Other Options

    Sponsored by: Axcient

    This E-Guide explores the role that scale plays in determining the impact of a disruption and discusses enterprise data protection requirements that apply to SMBs. Find out why disk, CDP and cloud backup offerings are worth further consideration and learn how hybrid appliances are making DR quick and cost-effective.

  • Adventist Health System Uses FalconStor® VTL with Deduplication

    Sponsored by: FalconStor Software

    This one-page case study explores how one vendor's DR solution helped an organization reduce their backup window by more than 50%, shrink their duplicate data with an average deduplication ratio of 7:1 and maximize their efficiency through reporting and capacity planning capabilities.

  • Confronting Backup Challenges with Deduplication

    Sponsored by: FalconStor Software

    This resource outlines FalconStor's deduplication solution, which brings immediate cost savings to any organization that needs high-performance access to data. Also, discover the findings that made this infographic possible from your peers through the IDG Research Services survey.

  • The Storage Infrastruggle

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this eGuide, storage expert Jon Toigo introduces the expression 'storage infra-struggle': Unprecedented data growth, the proliferation of new technologies, and lack of proper storage management. Read now to make sure your organization doesn't get derailed by sub-par storage management.

  • IDC: Delivering Customer Value with Enterprise Flash Deployments

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    In this white paper, the implementation of flash across enterprises is examined. Learn how the technology is being deployed to improve performance and efficiency, and take a look into various flash solutions designed specifically for the enterprise.

  • Is your storage "junk drawer" making DR inefficient?

    Sponsored by: DellEMC and Intel®

    In this presentation transcript, Jon Toigo points out the drawbacks to a "back up everything approach" and explains how better storage resource management can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of DR plans.

  • Tape's New Niche: Long-Term Data Retention

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    This E-Guide includes expert insight from Rich Castagna and Jon Toigo regarding tape's still-relevant role in the data center and how tape can be key for disaster recovery.

  • How LTFS is Keeping Tape Relevant

    Sponsored by: The LTO Program

    Access this exclusive E-Guide to scope recent LTFS developments and learn these advances can help storage admins meet increasing infrastructure demands.

  • Choose the Right Dedupe Approach

    Sponsored by:

    In this exclusive, expert E-Book by backup authority Brien M. Posey, learn about choosing the right data deduplication approach for your organization and its unique needs. Learn how source and target dedupe fit into your IT environment, compare the pros and cons of each, and explore hardware plus software dedupe.

  • Presentation Transcript: Tape backup systems economical for data retention

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    In this presentation transcript, find out why tape has persisted all these years and learn how you can leverage it to meet your data retention requirements.

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