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  • Digital Workspace for Dummies

    Sponsored by: VMware

    Save a copy of this 50-page “for dummies” guide to learn how to form a digital workspace strategy that benefits your organization – and stays a few steps ahead of key security and productivity trends.

  • 5 Ways IT Can Use Design Thinking to Improve Employee Experience

    Sponsored by: VMware

    By using the principles of Design Thinking, IT teams can create better solutions for their employees even faster. Dive into this interactive guide to learn 5 ways IT departments can employ the fundamentals of Design Thinking in their employee experience strategies.

  • Introducing the New Dell Latitude Family

    Sponsored by: TechData - Dell

    Inside, learn about the Dell Latitude family of commercial PCs, featuring smarter design, faster user experience, and intelligent management capabilities – all while offering a highly secure PC.

  • Top 10 end-user computing stories of 2019

    Sponsored by:

    IT has been looking at how desktop computing can enable employees to become more productive by using new forms of collaboration and enterprise social media platforms. Here are Computer Weekly's top 10 end-user computing stories of 2019.

  • How to Troubleshoot VDI “Slowness” Complaints

    Sponsored by: Goliath

    Tune into this webinar to learn how to cut through the complexity and accurately troubleshoot the three most likely causes of your VDI environment’s performance complaints – slow logon times, session slowness, and inconsistent logon durations.

  • A Technical How-To Guide for Proactively Troubleshooting & Resolving Citrix Logon Issues

    Sponsored by: Goliath

    Jump inside this technical guide to review the components of the Citrix logon process, the 33 processes that make it work, and the micro stages where root cause issues frequently surface – and learn how to permanent solve them.

  • Transform Workforce Experiences with an Intelligent, Unified Approach to IT

    Sponsored by: Dell

    Today’s users work remotely from just about anywhere and on multiple devices. But despite traditional workplaces growing smaller and smaller in the rear-view, not all IT teams are properly equipped to keep up. Jump into this 15-page eBook to learn how unified workspace technology can streamline the IT modernization journey.

  • Modern Infrastructure for Better End User Experiences

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    Download this whitepaper to learn the 4 biggest challenges present-day end-user computing projects are facing. Plus, discover the 4 key benefits of HCI in supporting your future end-user goals.

  • The Definitive Guide to Desktop as a Service

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    Save a copy of this eBook to learn the IT and user benefits of desktop-as-a-service platforms, both as a complement to existing VDI deployments or as an alternative.

  • Top 10 Benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

    Sponsored by: Nutanix

    Satisfying the demands of digital workspaces using traditional desktops and laptops can turn into a costly and difficult responsibility – not to mention the heightened security risks. Click inside to learn the top ten reasons companies – including ones similar to your own – are turning to DaaS for relief.

  • Reasons to Bank on a Wyse Thin Client

    Sponsored by: Dell

    Access this infographic to learn why many in the financial services industry are switching to thin clients, and how many of your peers are experiencing 50% faster access to applications, and 15% lower network management costs.

  • Shopping Around for the Right Thin Client

    Sponsored by: Dell

    In this product sheet, explore why thin clients, with their portability, data security, and durability may be a natural choice for your organization.

  • Deliver Pre-Configured Systems to End Users Faster

    Sponsored by: Dell

    How long would it take your IT team to get a batch of five fully provisioned laptops into the hands of your employees? What about a hundred laptops? Find out in this whitepaper how your organization can pre-configure devices before they leave the factory, saving your administrators countless hours in setup.

  • Computer Weekly – 13 August 2019: How tech experts could earn millions as whistleblowers

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, a tech expert is set to earn millions after successfully blowing the whistle on vulnerabilities in Cisco's video surveillance software. Our latest buyer's guide examines the issues around big data architecture. And we look at how the end of Windows 7 could spark a new era for desktop productivity. Read the issue now.

  • Why IT Must Break Down Silos as Part of its Digital Transformation Initiative

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Click inside to learn how the relationships between IT departments and line-of-business teams have evolved in-step with the disruptions caused by cloud and UEM technologies.

  • Thin Client Performance and Capability Reaches PC Parity

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and Intel®

    Inside this analyst report, dive deeper into the evolution of thin client technology and how it can benefit enterprises at scale – and find out why industry experts are claiming that modern thin client platforms are equally comparable to today's PC deployments.

  • Taking Control of Your Office 365 Data

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    What should you be doing to protect and control your Office 365 data? Download this 451 Research paper to find out. Inside, you'll find recommendations for Office 365 backup, and guidance on addressing archiving, governance, and eDiscovery concerns.

  • Sunrise Health Adopts VDI and Thin Client Endpoints

    Sponsored by: Dell

    Download this case study to learn how a combination of thin clients and desktop virtualization helped one hospital streamline IT management, reduce waiting times, and enhance patient care – all while protecting sensitive patient data.

  • Wyse Thin Clients for Healthcare

    Sponsored by: Dell

    Download this infographic to learn how a new generation of thin clients allows healthcare professionals to focus on patients rather than endpoints – through reduced costs, improved security, easier admin, and better performance.

  • Digital Controllers Optimize, Digital Transformers Innovate

    Sponsored by: Dell and Intel®

    Every IT organization can either be described as a "digital controller" or a "digital transformer". Where does your team fall, and how should that impact the way you think about desktop management and PC lifecycle? Take a look at this Forrester Report to find out the optimal PC lifecycle plan for you.

  • Why the Citrix-Microsoft Relationship Will Enhance Digital Workspace Solutions for Customers

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Download this resource to learn how a Citrix-Microsoft partnership can provide the capabilities your IT team needs to deploy digital workspaces more quickly, effectively and securely.

  • What's Next in Digital Workspaces: 3 Improvements to Look for in 2019

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Download this article to uncover three new capabilities or features that will make digital workspaces even more compelling and less complex to deploy and manage in the coming year.

  • VDI Complete Solutions

    Sponsored by: Dell

    In this resource, learn how Dell EMC and VMware have come together to provide a customisable technology stack that allows you to get started, with simple and cost-effective end-to-end desktop and application virtualization, to overcome these challenges.

  • November ezine: Peer-to-peer lending

    Sponsored by: MicroScope

    Credit always matters in the channel and peer-to-peer lending might just be the alternative some have been looking for

  • Stay Ahead of VDI Trends: Certifications & Digital Workspaces

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    Dive into this E-Guide to learn how to earn the latest VMware and Citrix VDI certifications – and how to get ahead of the digital workspace trend.

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