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  • Key Steps in Satisfying Your CCPA and Other Privacy Obligations

    Sponsored by: PerimeterX

    In order to avoid the severe financial, legal and reputational penalties that can apply to companies fail to meet regulations, organizations need to ensure that their data protection strategy is fine-tuned for 2020. In this Osterman Research report, uncover key steps your organization needs to take to prepare for the CCPA.

  • Achieving Compliance and Reducing Risk

    Sponsored by: Comforte AG

    Mercury Processing Services International needed a solution that would properly meet key requirements of GDPR and PCI DSS, as well as add another layer of protection that renders data useless to potential hackers. In this video, see how comforte’s enterprise data protection platform helped Mercury fulfill their data security requirements.

  • California Consumer Privacy Act: The Need for Data-Centric Security

    Sponsored by: Comforte AG

    CCPA is one of the latest in a series of new privacy regulations globe that affects businesses and comes with significant penalties. This whitepaper outlines the key steps necessary to prepare for CCPA and highlights the importance of data-centric security to ensure your organization is adequately prepared for 2020.

  • The case for backing up Office 365 data

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 backs up and recover’s data quickly and seamlessly. Watch this webcast to learn the 6 critical reasons for Office 365 backup and the Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model and to watch an overall demo of it in action.

  • Winning the War on Ransomware: Backup Is Part of Your Defense

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Veeam utilizes several strategies when it comes to securing backups, which include offline/air gapped storage. Watch this webcast to learn how to protect your organization against ransomware with several such tools and strategies.

  • The Cybersecurity Guide: Defending from Threats and Preventing Hacks

    Sponsored by: A-Lign

    Organizations in every industry and at every size are vulnerable to data breaches or breach incidents. This cybersecurity guide exposes the threats that your organization could be vulnerable to and outlines threat prevention tactics in order to fortify your organization.

  • Anatomy of Magecart Attacks

    Sponsored by: PerimeterX

    Magecart is an umbrella name for cybercriminal groups practicing digital skimming, that hack their way into your customers credit card details, but what makes these attacks so unique? In this webinar, join industry experts at PerimeterX as they explore the anatomy and impacts of magecart skimming attacks.

  • Preparing for a Data Breach: Not If, But When

    Sponsored by: A-Lign

    When it comes to preparing for data breaches, companies should think in terms of “when” instead of “if” to ensure cybersecurity preparedness. In this white paper, Petar Besalev, Senior VP of Cybersecurity and Privacy Services at A-Lign, provides an overview of strategies and best-practices to help you prepare for a data breach.

  • Avenue Stores Blocks ATO and Scraping with PerimeterX Bot Defender

    Sponsored by: PerimeterX

    In this case study, discover how Avenue Stores, a leader in plus size fashion, collaborated with PerimeterX to address malicious bot activity they were experiencing including ATO, web scraping, and card fraud.

  • Insider Threat Management in 2020 – What’s Your Plan?

    Sponsored by: ActivTrak

    Whether malicious or accidental, insider attacks can leave organizations feeling vulnerable and eager to prevent future incidents, and a little bit of consideration can save time and money when incidents occur. Read this white paper to uncover the key areas to consider for your 2020 insider threat program checklist.

  • How to Prevent Data Theft from Departing Employees

    Sponsored by: ActivTrak

    When it comes to cybersecurity, many organizations look to bolster their defenses against external threats, while overlooking some of the internal threats posed by departing employees. In this article, uncover the 5 steps your organization should consider for protection from internal data theft.

  • Conversational Geek: Office 365 Backup

    Sponsored by: Cohesity

    Did you know that backing up your data in Office 365 is a shared responsibility? Read this eBook to find out why Office 365 data must be included in your backup, how to avoid lost time and profits caused by major outages, and how to ensure you can recover quickly and keep operations running.

  • Beyond NAS: A Transformative Approach to Unstructured Data

    Sponsored by: Cohesity

    Traditional NAS platforms are not equipped to handle today’s data and application needs. Read this white paper to see why the future of scale-out NAS must begin with a blank sheet of paper that provides a fresh solution that is data-centric, API-driven, software-defined, and provides global space efficiency, along with integrated cybersecurity.

  • 5G, AI, Deepfakes and Beyond: The Future of IT and Security

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    The past few years has seen the emergence of several innovative technologies and increased sophistication of attacks – both of which shape the way business is done. In this report, explore the cybersecurity trends and threats to keep in mind for 2020 and beyond.

  • Dutch organisations demand more from government

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide read about the findings of an investigation into the IT used by the Dutch government. It doesn't make good reading for the government, but sends a strong message that serious work needs to be done. Also read how a cyber-security organisation is calling Dutch government to push towards the creation of electronic IDs for citizens.

  • Can You Ensure 100% Availability of Your Data?

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara Corporation

    A recent Hitachi customer survey found that over 30% experienced increased dataavailability with all-flash storage. To learn how and to view Hitachi’s VSP products, which can also bolster availability, , read this datasheet.

  • PowerProtect DD Series Datasheet

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and Intel®

    Dell’s PowerProtect DD Series is ready to leverage the value of protected data, meet ever more demanding SLAs and increasing ROI, and reduce risk of data loss. To research the specs of Dell’s PowerProtect DD Series which include the option to tier data to cloud for long-term retention, read this datasheet.

  • Fast and Efficient Data Protection Storage with the PowerProtectDD Series Appliances

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and Intel®

    A recent study conducted by ESG found that 66% of respondents report that their IT environment is more complex today than it was two years ago—making data protection all the more difficult. Looking to simplify? Read how PowerProtect DD Series Appliances from Dell EMC can streamline your hybrid cloud data protection in this brief.

  • Implementing General Data Protection Regulation in SAP Environments

    Sponsored by: Attunity

    Although GDPR has been in effect since May 2018, many organizations are left with questions concerning their degree of compliance and exposure to risk – especially in mission-critical environments like SAP. If you’re running SAP, download this white paper to explore what data might be at risk and how to implement and maintain compliance policies.

  • The Million-Dollar Opportunity: Compliance for Cyber Liability Insurance

    Sponsored by: RapidFire

    To get an edge on securing clients against risking both security and payouts, read this white paper. It outlines the benefits of MSPs investing in compliance solutions to both protect their customers and grow their revenue, as well as 5 ways to help customers stay compliant.

  • Veeam Brings Business Success for Havmor Ice Cream

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    Havmor implemented Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, resulting in 3 dramatically improved data availability benefits. To discover these 3 major benefits, read their case study here.

  • How to Maximize the Value of Veeam Backup & Replication

    Sponsored by: Veeam Software

    This webcast was designed to help you extract the most value from Veeam Backup & Replication by addressing the 10 most common mistakes folks encounter. Watch it now to sit in on a discussion of the different roles, components, and data flow specifics needed to correct or avoid those mistakes.

  • What Every Company Should Know About Cookies

    Sponsored by: Namogoo

    Nearly every website relies on cookies to allow them to collect specific data on their visitors to enhance customer experience. But as helpful as they can be, the information stored on them can pose a privacy risk. In this e-book, explore the various types of cookies and how they will be affected by data privacy laws.

  • Understanding the Must-haves of Modern Data Protection

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This e-book outlines the key must-haves for modern data protection solutions and the business benefits they can provide. Read on to see what you should be looking for in a modern protection solution and to learn why simple backup can no longer cut it.

  • Tricks of the Storage Trade: How to Build an Effective Cyber Resilience Strategy

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Download this e-book for an insider look at today's threat landscape, tactical instruction on how to establish a robust cyber resilience strategy, and to examine the critical role the storage infrastructure plays in this process.

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