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  • LTO: The New Enterprise Tape Drive

    Sponsored by: Quantum Corporation

    This technical brief compares Linear Tape Open (LTO) tape drives to the proprietary enterprise tape drives sold by IBM and Oracle in terms of capacity, data performance, mechanical reliability, and TCO. Keep reading to additionally view a discussion on the future of tape.

  • Monitor Electronic Communications

    Sponsored by: Micro Focus

    For organizations under regulatory authority, programs to monitor employee communications and behavior are the norm. However, deploying a program to perform automatic supervision monitoring and surveillance has its challenges. Download this whitepaper for the answers to these employee surveillance issues.

  • International Banking Giant Finds the Right Deduplication Approach

    Sponsored by: Quantum Corporation

    Download this study of Groupe BPCE, the second-largest banking group in France, wherein you'll learn how BPCE tackled the challenge of protecting 11,000 AIX and Windows servers in two geographically separated data centers with the right deduplication appliance.

  • Empowering Big Data in a Data-driven Economy

    Sponsored by: comForte GmbH

    Fewer things have been more transformational in IT than the rise of Big Data. It has given organizations the ability to use, monetize, and learn from data. However, bad actors also know the value of data so the threats are real. In this white paper, learn how to protect your most valuable asset: data.

  • Quantum DXi4800 Series Datasheet

    Sponsored by: Quantum Corporation

    This datasheet details a scalable backup appliance that offers competitive variable deduplication and replication, and provides certainty that all your data is secure and available no matter your architecture, scale, or location. Included inside are 6 features and benefits and the technical specifications of the appliance.

  • Examining the Effectiveness of Variable-block vs Fixed-block Deduplication on Data Reduction

    Sponsored by: Quantum Corporation

    This white paper presents a technical analysis on the effectiveness of variable-block versus fixed-block deduplication. Continue reading to see which approach provides greater data reduction for semi-structured, structured, and unstructured data.

  • GDPR is Live, Now What

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The GDPR deadline of May 25th 2018 has passed so what can we expect to see now? In this webcast, experts John Bowman, Virginia Chinda and Jessica Douglas discuss how organizations can use GDPR as an opportunity to accelerate their analytics journey. They also discuss important GDPR topics and what to expect in the future.

  • 2Degrees Cuts Storage Needs and TCO by 50% with Commvault Hyperscale Software

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    With 1 million customers, 55 retail outlets, and 380 terabytes of sensitive and private data to store, 2degrees found themselves with a legacy storage system too time-consuming to manage and which lacked the capacity to accommodate their growth. To learn how they accomplished support for their hybrid cloud environment, view the study here.

  • Comprehensive Data Backup and Recovery

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    This paper examines the top seven benefits of moving from an environment comprised of multiple point products to a converged backup and recovery solution. Download your copy here.

  • Data Deduplication Background: A Technical White Paper

    Sponsored by: Quantum Corporation

    Although today deduplication is seen as just one small component of backup apps than as a separate, dedicated tool, careful consideration of dedupe processes should not be discarded. As such, this technical white paper offers the opportunity to revisit your dedupe processes. Read it here.

  • The Value of Commvault Hyperscale Appliances

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    This paper examines the business value of Commvault Hyperscale Appliances, including a detailed look at its architecture, configuration and features, and 12 concrete benefits of implementation. Click here to take a closer look.

  • Oracle Autonomous Database - Keep Data More Secure, Reduce the Chance of Costly Data Breaches

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    A trustworthy cloud-based data storage solution will provide the perfect balance of accessibility for those who need it and protection from those who don't. This webcast discusses some of Oracle's solutions to this dilemma and why it makes sense to make a data storage transition in your organization. Watch now for more information.

  • Microsoft Azure Backup, Archive, and Disaster Recovery

    Sponsored by: TechData - Microsoft

    This resource can help you with your BC/DR and data protection planning, outlining the benefits and results of implementing Microsoft Azure Backup and Site Recovery. Read on to learn how to gain built-in ransomware protection, fabric-level protection, and automated DR to prevent downtime from disrupting your business.

  • How To Analyze and Investigate Malicious Javascript Attacks

    Sponsored by: DomainTools

    The increased frequency of JavaScript attacks creates big problems when trying to protect your users. JavaScript is the top language running on the web with 80% of the top 1 million sites using it in some capacity. In this webcast, Tarik Saleh, Keith Hoodlet and Paul Asadoorian will show you several different forms of malicious JavaScript.

  • Why Backup Is Broken (and How to Fix It)

    Sponsored by: Commvault

    This Storage Switzerland paper will help you address the issue of sprawling backup apps with guidance on developing a comprehensive data protection strategy. Read on to learn how to confront the challenges associated with multi-cloud protection, VM backup, endpoint security, and more.

  • 2019: No Oscars for Bad Threat Actors

    Sponsored by: DomainTools

    There has been a massive increase in the number and types of cybersecurity threats over the years. In this webcast, experts from DomainTools discuss some cyber forecasts and predictions for the coming years including IoT devices, automation, breaches and more.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Telesales Guide

    Sponsored by: TechData - Microsoft

    Detailed in this resource are the advantages of employing Microsoft Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, which present faster and lower-cost alternatives to not only protect your data throughout its lifecycle, but to also free up IT staff to focus on revenue-driving projects.

  • 2018 Cybersecurity Report Card: Organizations Rate their Security Posture and Share Best Practices

    Sponsored by: DomainTools

    Responses from the 2018 Report Card survey shed light on how cybersecurity practices are evolving, and what the most successful organizations are doing to ensure they stay ahead of the ever-growing and changing threat landscape. This report outlines key findings from the survey and suggests how companies can improve their security efforts.

  • Best Practices for Protecting Against Phishing, Ransomware and Email Fraud

    Sponsored by: DomainTools

    Security teams and the organizations they support live in difficult times: they increasingly are the targets of sophisticated threats. In this white paper, learn about the top concerns of decision makers, the growing success of cyberthreats, security's need to improve and best practices to consider.

  • Information Insight for GDPR Readiness

    Sponsored by: Micro Focus

    The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the world's most important regulation involving individuals' information. Organizations must comply with its regulations in order to guard against risk. In this white paper, learn how information management and governance software can help organizations.

  • Your Strategic Guide to Data Governance and MDM

    Sponsored by: SAS

    Master data management (MDM) is a practice that can streamline data pulling and utilization to improve overall business efficiency - internally and externally. SAS has created a strategic guide that encompasses everything you'll need to know for a smooth transition into full MDM implementation. Download this e-book now for more information.

  • Re-architecting Data Protection Infrastructure for Hybrid IT

    Sponsored by: Rubrik

    This e-book will help you prepare to evolve your data protection infrastructure, including coverage on how to reduce data protection TCO (without compromising security), rethinking backup for ransomware and GDPR policies, and why the cloud holds much promise for data protection.

  • Veeam and Cisco UCS: Intelligent Data Management for the Hyper-available Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Cisco and Veeam

    Read this paper to learn how together Veeam and Cisco are strengthening virtual environments' backup and recovery. Included inside is an evaluation of using Veeam Availability Suite software in conjunction with Cisco UCS, assessing the reliability, operational efficiency, performance, and manageability of deploying the two.

  • Improving Fraud Detection by Evangelizing Data Science

    Sponsored by: Dataiku

    With the help of Dataiku and Data Science Studio, leading bank BGL BNP Paribas created a new fraud detection prototype in just 8 weeks, all without compromising data governance standards. Read this case study to learn how Data Science Studio can bring anomaly detection into a business.

  • GDPR Drives Compliance to Top of Security Project List for 2018

    Sponsored by: OneNeck IT

    The 2018 Voice of the Enterprise, Information Security survey of 552 security professionals looks at the trends and factors affecting security teams and project prioritization. Read this report to find highlights from 451 Research's survey including top pain points, including compliance and compromised endpoints.

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