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  • Threat Management: Devising a new strategy to tackle today's cyberattacks

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    This Information Security Essential Guide on Threat Management explores the new strategies organizations are developing to tackle the threat of today’s growing malware threats and targeted attacks.

  • Information security breaches survey 2012

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    Rising security breaches cost UK billions over the last 12 months as cyber attacks reached record levels, according to the 2012 Information Security Breaches survey.

  • Fighting Economic Crime in the Financial Services sector

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    PwC examines the impact of Cybercrime on the financial services industry.

  • The Cyber Savvy CEO: Getting to grips with today’s growing cyber-threats

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    The recent surge in cyber attacks has forced organisations to align cyber security efforts across all of their operations, rather than focusing on IT, but CEOs now need to take the lead in protecting their organisations, this report from PwC argues.

  • Debunking APT myths: What it really means and what you can do about it

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    This E-Guide defines APT, dispels common myths and explains what you can do about this adversary. Additionally, uncover why the idea of keeping intruders out with traditional, perimeter-based security is useless against APT and how you can best protect against modern security threats.

  • E-Book: Technical Guide on Combatting Emerging Web Threats

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    Attackers are almost exclusively targeting enterprises with hacks perpetrated over the Web. As most enterprises move operations and functionality online, Web-based applications become a tempting threat vector for cybercriminals. Read this e-book for a look at Web threats and vulnerabilities – and how to protect your organization against them.

  • Cyber defense: Understanding and combating the threat

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The Global Defense Solutions Projects and Defense Exchange Conference (SPADE) is held annually to bring together organizations involved in network-centric operations, intelligence activities and other defense aspects. This resource explains some of the important topics.

  • The Reality of Cyber Warfare

    Sponsored by: AT&T Corp

    Examine the topic of trench warfare in a cyber-world and discover many factors you need to know about these potentially disastrous events.

  • Cybercrime and the Healthcare Industry

    Sponsored by: RSA

    As technologies in healthcare continue to evolve, so will the cybercriminal activity targeted at healthcare organizations progress as well. This paper takes a look into cybercrime in the healthcare industry and discusses why access to data and information is fast becoming a target of scrutiny and risk.

  • The Next Generation of Cybercrime: How it's evolved, where it's going

    Sponsored by: DellEMC and Intel®

    Cybercrime is continuously evolving and attacks occur everyday, costing businesses significant loss and money. In order develop a strong security strategy to reduce your risk of attacks, you must understand cybercrime. Read this executive brief to explore several generations of cybercriminals and the methods and motivations of their attacks.

  • Cybersecurity Threats: Managing Enterprise Risk and Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

    Sponsored by: Silver Tail Systems

    This e-guide discusses the NERC compliance security threats, better cybersecurity through risk management, and what enterprise security administrators can do to defend themselves against such attacks.

  • Ten Ways the IT Department Enables Cybercrime

    Sponsored by: Kaspersky Lab

    In this paper to discover 10 ways IT departments are unknowingly supporting cybercrime. View now to explore these common pitfalls and gain key guidelines on how to prevent them.

  • Dissecting the XWM Trojan Kit: A Peek at China's Growing Underground Online Gaming Economy

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro, Inc.

    This research paper introduces a popular online gaming Trojan kit known as the "Xiang Wei Ma (XWM) Kit," which roughly translates to "Rattle Trojan," that targets popular online games in China.

  • Slipping Through The Cracks Of Web Services To Serve Malware

    Sponsored by: Trend Micro, Inc.

    Today's generation of cybercriminals continue to find more ways to abuse commonly used Web services for spamming and to spread malware. Leveraging the ever-growing number of Web 2.0 and computing platforms to facilitate operations, cybercriminals have moved away from simple and so much more.

  • Antivirus Testing and AMTSO Has anything changed?

    Sponsored by: ESET

    This paper looks at testing as it was, as it is, and as Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) would like it to be. Is testing really so difficult? Is it appropriate for the vendors who make the products under test to be so involved in the process of defining good practice?

  • Malware Security Report: Protecting Your Business, Customers and Bottom Line

    Sponsored by: VeriSign Australia

    This white paper will help you understand the threats from Malware and how it can impact your online business. You’ll learn about criminals’ motivations for distributing malware through the web and how they infect web servers to make distribution possible, as well as techniques administrators can use to detect them.

  • First Annual Cost of Cyber Crime Study: Benchmark Study of U.S. Companies

    Sponsored by: ArcSight, an HP Company

    The purpose of this benchmark study is twofold. First, we wanted to quantify the economic impact of a cyber attack. Second, we believed a better understanding of the cost of cyber crime will assist organizations in determining the appropriate amount of investment and resources needed to prevent or mitigate the devastating consequences of an attack.

  • The Industrialization of Hacking

    Sponsored by: Imperva

    The industrialization of hacking coincides with a critical shift in what's considered today's prized commodity: data. Read this paper to find out more.

  • Global Threat Trends - March 2010

    Sponsored by: ESET

    Read this analysis of ESET’s ThreatSense.Net®, a sophisticated malware reporting and tracking system, which shows that the highest number of detections this month, with almost 10.32% of the total, was scored by the Win32/Conficker class of threat.

  • Combat Cybercrime, Demonstrate Compliance and Streamline IT Operations

    Sponsored by: ArcSight, an HP Company

    This whitepaper discusses the requirements for a universal log management solution and specifically describes how ArcSight Logger 4 delivers on those requirements. A recent cyberespionage incident at Boeing Corporation is highlighted as an example. Read more to find out.

  • 2010: Cybercrime Coming of Age

    Sponsored by: ESET

    In this paper you'll read that cybercrime is on the rise, not only in terms of the number of perpetrators and the volume of crimes committed, but also in terms of the range of techniques employed to carry them out.

  • Virtual Criminology Report 2009 -- Virtually Here: The Age of Cyber Warfare

    Sponsored by: Intel Security

    Is the “Age of Cyber War” at hand? Since our 2007 report, there have been increasing reports of cyber attacks and network infiltrations that appear to be linked to nation-states and political goals. We decided it was time to further examine whether cyber warfare is now a part of human conflict that we should get used to seeing more often.

  • Presentation Transcript: WWW - World Wide Weaponization

    Sponsored by: ESET

    The growth of the internet brought about massively scalable distributed systems which have proved advantageous not only for governments, businesses and end-users, but also for criminals. In this webcast, review past, present, and future considerations regarding cybercrime, and discover next-generation methods of combating weaponized software.

  • WWW - World Wide Weaponization

    Sponsored by: ESET

    The growth of the internet has brought about massively scalable distributed systems which have proved advantageous not only for governments, businesses and end-users, but also for criminals. In this webcast, review past, present, and future considerations regarding cybercrime, and discover next-generation methods of combating weaponized software.

  • Seven Practical Steps for Federal Cyber Security and FISMA Compliance

    Sponsored by: Tripwire, Inc.

    This paper provides seven practical steps any information security organization can take to improve information system security and achieve compliance with relevant regulations, standards and internal security and operational policy.

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