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  • Air-Cooled High-Performance Data Centers: Case Studies and Best Methods

    Sponsored by: Intel Corporation

    Combining innovations and best-known methods for air-cooled data center design helps provide new approaches for power and cooling. This white paper discusses real world examples of how to lower costs and improve performance within the IT infras...

  • IBM PowerExecutive

    Sponsored by: IBM

    View this video for a brief presentation on taking charge of power consumption and management in your data center.

  • Five Steps to a Green Data Center

    Sponsored by: IBM

    View this webcast to learn more about the environmental and financial benefits of a green data center.

  • Electrical Efficiency Modeling for Data Centers

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Typical data centers draw more than twice as much power as IT loads require. The cost associated with this power consumption is considerable and often avoidable. Get tips on reducing electrical waste and learn about better ways to measure efficiency.

  • Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessments

    Sponsored by: IBM Software Group

    IBM can help you evaluate the costs and long-term benefits of your current energy strategy. Start with a basic one-day energy assessment or get a full profile of your data center with IBM Thermal Analysis for High Density Computing.

  • XLS In Action

    Sponsored by: Qualstar Corp

    Webcast focusing on the benefits that low power consumption and reduced floorspace have on TCO when selecting new tape libraries like XLS.

  • Changing the Way Companies Run Their Data Centers

    Sponsored by: Aperture - An Emerson Network Brand

    Download this paper to discover how Aperture is changing the way companies run their data centers.

  • Managing Today's Data Centers: Avoiding the Impending Crisis

    Sponsored by: Aperture - An Emerson Network Brand

    High-density equipment has created significant benefits for organizations. However, there are challenges with high-density that could negatively impact organizations. Download this paper for a look at challenges and key issues facing organizations.

  • SAN Director Power Calculators

    Sponsored by: Brocade

    Which director draws less power, the Brocade 48000 or the Cisco MDS 9513? Calculate environmental characteristics (AC power draw, heat generated), as well as port and bandwidth performance for the directors based on the number of blades present

  • ESG Lab Validation Report on Brocade Virtual Fabrics and Director Power Efficiency

    Sponsored by: Brocade

    Hands-on lab testing of Fibre Channel directors including measurements by an independent electrician. Learn how power savings can leave more watts and amps available per rack and per floor tile for bladed servers and storage.

  • Data Center Energy Efficiency and Productivity

    Sponsored by: Uptime Institute, Inc.

    Power and cooling expenses within the data center have begun to skyrocket. Hardware vendors are working to make more energy efficient equipment available, but companies cannot afford to wait. Learn about 5 steps that can decrease power consumption ...

  • Architecting the Green Data Center

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Simple changes to the structure of your data center network can vastly improve the utilization of your energy resources.

  • Managing Extreme Heat: Cooling Strategies for High-Density Systems

    Sponsored by: Liebert Corporation

    The Liebert XD family is the first complete solution to extreme density cooling, providing a scalable, flexible solution that can be optimized for new and existing data centers. Live?

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