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  • Protect Critical Assets with Microsegmentation Technology

    Learn about microsegmentation, a new way to combat constantly evolving security threats by breaking your network into smaller elements that can be managed with granular IT security policies.

  • Using Microsegmentation to Implement a Zero Trust Model in the Cloud

    Learn about the Zero Trust Model in this white paper, and uncover 4 steps to building a Zero Trust Model in the cloud.

  • Intelligent Software-Defined Network Segmentation: A New Approach

    Learn about the different levels of network segmentation and discover 4 steps to implement an intelligent segmentation strategy for securing software-defined networks.

  • Connected Government: Insights Into Improving Citizen Services

    As you start or continue your digital transformation journey, learn about top concerns gleaned from the 2018 Connected Government Report that may affect steps you take along the way. Plus, discover 5 requirements for an effective digital transformation and 5 requirements for effective data sharing.

  • 2018 Asia Pacific Study on Government Engagement

    In this infographic, explore trends on how people choose to interact with government agencies in hopes to avoid the boredom and monotony that accompanies such tasks as renewing a driver's license or obtaining a permit – the results may surprise you.

  • Safe Cities: Where Smart Becomes Safe

    Learn about Smart Cities, and how using technology, interconnectivity, and the Internet of Things can improve citizens' lives in environments that are not as safe as they could be.

  • Revolutionize Citizen Services with Agility

    In this white paper, learn how an agile development methodology can not only help enhance the speed at which you deliver and provision your apps. Then, read on to learn how the New Zealand Transport Agency has adopted an agile approach to reduce pressure on their development team, directly solve customer challenges and more.

  • Seven Pillars for Becoming a Digital Government Organization

    How can governments leverage the capabilities of new digital technologies while providing the security and governance capabilities they depend on? Discover the 7 building blocks that are crucial to answering these questions, and for building a strong and secure roadmap for a transformative digital government.

  • Simplifying Medical Device Management

    Although critical to patient safety, medical device management is multifaceted and complex. In this white paper, discover the Unisys Active Insights solution to the device management debacle – enabling you to monitor devices from a single point, simplify recalls, and more.

  • When Your IAM Policy Encounters the Internet of Things

    Learn how to manage the interactions of identity and access management technology, cloud and virtual environments, and the IoT in your company.

  • What are Threat Intelligence Services?

    To help identify advanced attacks, a variety of vendors have created threat intelligence services. In this guide, you'll discover what threat intelligence services entail, learn how they work and uncover how these services differ. Determine whether these services can reduce the risk that specific types of threats pose to your enterprise.

  • Control Scan

    Access this white paper now to get the full results of ControlScan's test of one vendor's top security solution. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of this platform and discover if it is a viable option for your organization.

  • Five Things Your IT Resources Should Be Telling You - And Aren't

    This whitepaper describes the types of information IT managers should expect to gain from leading-edge IT resource governance tools.

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