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  • 70 Petabytes, One Cloud Backup Solution: The Oath Story

    Join this webinar to learn how one company used Dell EMC to protect their public cloud investment running over 100 accounts with consolidated billing on more than 40,000 Amazon EC2 instances, and 70 petabytes of data stored on Amazon S3.

  • Enterprise Data Protection for Healthcare and Life Sciences

    Healthcare organizations are generating many digital data assets that are valuable to them, such as clinical genomics, electronic health records, and clinical genomics. Tune into this webcast to learn more about data management strategies for healthcare organizations.

  • 5 Best Practices for Building an AWS Global Transit Network

    If you're running multiple Amazon virtual private clouds (VPCs), a transit VPC can simplify connectivity. Discover a number of use cases for global transit networks and VPCs, as well as find out why Epsilon, a global marketing company, used Aviatrix to switch from a vRouter-based global transit to a next-gen transit hub for their hybrid network.

  • Safeguard Your Data with Druva and AWS

    Join this webinar at the 8:30 mark to learn how Allergan utilized Druva and AWS during their acquisition of ZELTIQ Aesthetics. You will hear how Allergan protected itself against accidental and purposeful data loss, and how they used backup data for eDiscovery and forensic analyses.

  • Implementing an Effective Disaster Recovery Strategy for Your Data

    This e-book illustrates several types of DR strategies, including one which includes utilizing AWS to enable faster recovery of critical systems without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. Read on to get started. Your concerns about compliance and cloud security will also be addressed.

  • IDT Replaces On-Premises Appliances with Primary Backup on AWS

    Efficient and scalable backup solution for their cloud workloads, IDT sought out StorReduce and AWS. Tune into 29:12 of this webinar to learn from IDT how moving their primary backup data to Amazon S3 resulted in a reduction of single points of failure, faster throughputs and recovery times, and more.

  • Build a Holistic Data Management Strategy for Life Sciences

    Life Sciences organizations are embracing cloud-based master data management to modernize the organization of critical data, and to provide a single source of truth for various business functions. Learn about holistic data management platforms for traditional pharma, as well as for emerging biotech and consumer health companies.

  • Enabling Precision Medicine with Tableau and AWS

    In this webinar, learn about precision medicine and find out how Inova Translational Medicine Institute used visual analytics capabilities to map clinical genomic data, and proactively identified biomarkers for personalized treatment intended to improve health outcomes.

  • Safeguard Your Data with Druva and AWS

    Join this webinar at the 8:30 mark to learn how Allergan utilized Druva and AWS during their acquisition of ZELTIQ Aesthetics. You will hear how Allergan protected itself against accidental and purposeful data loss, and how they used backup data for eDiscovery and forensic analyses.

  • Top 5: Dynatrace Software Intelligence for AWS Use Cases

    Tune into this webinar at 1 pm EST/10 am PST, Thursday, November 15 to learn the top 5 tips for using Dynatrace for application performance monitoring in AWS.

  • Accelerate DevOps Transformation with App Migration to the Cloud

    Lincoln Financial Group, a 113 year-old insurance company, was able to shift their traditional development infrastructure into a DevOps, cloud-based system – but how? Tune in on November 15th at 1pm EST/11am PST to find just how Lincoln was able to pull it off.

  • How DataVisor Scaled Machine Learning on AWS and Lowered Costs by 50%

    Tune in on November 13th at 9am PST/12pm EST to hear from AWS and DataVisor team members and get an inside look into how DataVisor was able to increase cloud visibility and reduce spend in AWS by 50% -- giving their machine learning operations an edge on the competition.

  • Proven Strategies for Windows on AWS

    Tune in to hear from cloud experts as they discuss best practices for migrating Windows datacenter workloads to AWS, outline the key benefits of the cloud, and much more. Further in, you'll also learn how Windows workloads on AWS can lead to 90% faster delivery speeds and an increase in infrastructure savings of over 60%.

  • How Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative Migrated to AWS

    Tune in to witness firsthand how healthcare services company Massachusetts E Health Collaborative (MAeHC) successfully migrated their database applications to AWS, and discover how they built a compliant and secure environment for their unique database and infrastructure requirements.

  • Five Steps to Crafting an AWS RI Purchasing Plan

    Reserved Instances (RIs) are an integral part of AWS's pricing model – yet many companies still fail to take advantage of their massive savings potential. Mark your calendars for October 24th at 9am PST / 12pm EST to hear from cloud optimization experts and learn how to build an RI buying strategy that matches your AWS needs to a tee.

  • Migrate Workloads to AWS with Flexible, Agile Networks Using Cisco SD-WAN

    Join this upcoming webcast on November 14th to find out how an industry leader in the chemical analysis and diagnostics space paired the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with Cisco SD-WAN to simplify their cloud adoption by enabling branch offices to connect to cloud-based apps.

  • How Aira is Expanding their Global Reach with AT&T NetBond for Cloud on AWS

    Join this upcoming webcast on November 14th to find out how Aira, an organization focused on augmented reality technologies, used AT&T NetBond to accelerate their journey to the cloud, improve ROI, and secure their apps.

  • Prepare Your Machine Learning Data 4x Faster on AWS

    On average, 8 out of every 10 hours spent on analytics and data science projects goes into discovering, cleaning, and shaping data instead of using that data to find actionable insights. Join this upcoming webinar to learn how Paxata can offer self-service data prep on AWS, including visual and intuitive data prep.

  • How Cambridge University Press Automates SAP Workloads on AWS

    In this webinar, Lemongrass demonstrates the business opportunities presented by automating SAP workloads on AWS. They also show you how they helped Cambridge University Press achieve the first stage of automation and the benefits that it's delivering for them.

  • Enhance the Availability & Performance of SAP HANA Apps

    Straight from AWS and SAP experts, find out how businesses are building high-performing and reliable SAP HANA-powered landscapes using AWS as their compute and storage backbone.

  • Protecting Sensitive Payment Data on AWS

    While developing an online concessions payment program for local students, Snapper, an account-based solutions provider, realized its current security capabilities could use a tune-up to avoid putting student information at risk. Find out how Snapper strengthened its payment security without making concessions on customer security.

  • How AWS Can Drive New SAP Environment Efficiencies

    In this webinar, hear from SAP pros and cloud experts as they walk-through the migration process to AWS. Plus, learn how one company used AWS to reduce the operational footprint of their SAP environment by over 70% and accelerate deployment speeds by 80%.

  • Intelligent Threat Detection and Infrastructure Insights

    Tune in to learn how one company expanded its edge security capacity, gaining the enhanced monitoring, historical analysis, and real-time data visualization capabilities needed to alleviate operational risks and thoroughly investigate events.

  • Monetizing Media Broadcast Ads with Machine Learning

    Common daily media broadcaster tasks such as ad verification are slow and costly. Learn how Veritone, Inc used AI and machine learning technologies on AWS to help with ad verification and monetize archived media. Tune into this webcast on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 to learn how you can use AI in the cloud for media intelligence and more.

  • Enforcing Continuous Compliance and Security Best Practices on AWS

    Tune into this webcast to learn how a leading cybersecurity company was able to actively enforce security and compliance policies on AWS, as it actively scaled up.

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