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  • The NBA & WNBA manage complexity associated with the 2020 season

    Read this brief case study to see how ServiceNow helped the NBA and WNBA keep players, staff and families safe during the 2020 season, with their Safe Workplace Suite, CSM solution, and HR service delivery platform.

  • Unleash Why HR Projects Fail

    COVID-19 has forced the world to adapt—and HR is no exception. Read this report from UNLEASH to learn what’s working, what isn’t, and to see what lies in the future for HR. Make sure you adopt the “8 Golden Rules for Successful HR Projects” to get the best out of your commissioned systems.

  • Manage a Safe and Efficient Workplace

    ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery provides the digital workplace solutions organizations need to prepare and manage a safe working environment. Watch this video to see how your organization can benefit from this timely offering.

  • Infographic- Boost employee engagement and productivity

    Discover how ServiceNow’s Employee Workflows solution is improving business agility, increasing employee productivity, and delivering a unified employee service experience across the enterprise.

  • The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms For Professional Developers, Q2 2021

    In this 27-criterion evaluation of providers of low-code development platforms for professional developers, they identified some of the most significant ones — including AgilePoint, Appian, GeneXus, HCL Software, Mendix, Microsoft, and 8 more — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. Download your copy to review the results.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of ServiceNow Customer Service Management

    ServiceNow Customer Service Management can help organizations increase efficiency for customer service agents and relieve other departments of extraneous processes. Forrester recently conducted interviews with real ServiceNow customers to get a better idea of potential benefits and ROI. Get your copy to review their results.

  • Low-Code Apps For Dummies®

    In this massive 68-page guide, explore how your team should approach every stage and strategy when building a low-code solution—including 10 exclusive tips for low-code app development from ServiceNow. Download Low-Code Apps for Dummies here.

  • From collected to connected

    IoT technologies offer businesses a way to unlock powerful data hidden within their everyday operations, often collected but never used. Download this white paper to learn how ServiceNow can help you unify your service data and provide a single source of IoT truth for analytics, audits, and more.

  • Enterprise SRE: site service reliability

    When SRE was first coined at Google in 2003, SRE teams were there to substitute automation for human labor wherever possible. As technology changed, however, so did SRE functions. It has evolved far past a once-limited notion into one that is more cost-effective, innovative, and resilient. Open up this eBook to learn more about SRE in 2021.

  • Reimagining Banking Operations

    In this guide, explore how banks are reexamining their core operations and identifying work processes that are complex, disconnected, and have led to poor customer experiences. Click here to discover the single solution that’s tackling these challenges.

  • DevOps: A View From the Enterprise

    Access this e-book for a well-rounded explanation of DevOps, learn what’s driving it today, and see how value stream management (VSM) can improve its functionality.

  • What is SaaS License Management?

    With the need for greater business process flexibility in the face of shifting market needs, SaaS is firmly establishing itself as a mission critical approach. This shift presents an opportunity for organizations to adopt the next generation of SaaS license management. Open up this white paper to learn more about SaaS license management.

  • Deliver a CMDB with true business value: 6 essential steps

    An unhealthy CMDB can be damaging to an organization. A healthy CMDB, however, can do just the opposite. However, a healthy CMDB doesn’t just happen. You need to identify clear objectives and develop a comprehensive strategy first. Open up this eBook to check out 6 essential steps towards creating and maintaining a healthy CMDB in your oranization.

  • ServiceNow transforms offboarding for energy services company with digital workflows and automation

    In this case study, learn about energy and utility company, Parker Drilling, who recently modernized a paper-based offboarding process to drive efficiencies and strengthen security with the help of ServiceNow’s HR service delivery platform.

  • A Phased Approach To Getting To Dynamic Devops

    Regulatory and security requirements are holding organizations back from digital transformation, regardless of industry or market. While DevOps is lifting some of the pressure off these transformations, businesses will need more. Learn how automation can help your DevOps and digital transformation initiatives alike in this guide.

  • Deliver Smart, Responsive IT Services In An Always Changing World

    Today’s IT organizations need to not only deliver fast and personal services at scale,they also must constantly pivot to meet any challenges that may arise in a constantly changing world. Open up this white paper to explore how to boost ITSM tools with machine learning, chat bots and analytics.

  • The PMO that delivers

    Dive into this white paper to take a closer look at modern, business aligned PMO strategies and learn why PMOs should be business focused, instead of project focused, to help your organization succeed.

  • Where Employers Fall Short: From Onboarding To The Rest Of The Employee Experience.

    You need to make sure you’re working to address the fact that employees see a shocking 22% drop in enthusiasm only a couple weeks after they start. Explore this infographic to explore more facts about employee satisfaction and learn how you can cultivate a productive, happy workplace with a few simple strategies.

  • Combining IT operations management and security operations using AIOps

    Open up this eBook to explore how to meet new pandemic-related challenges and cybersecurity threats using AIOps to help monitor data and manage incident response, secure corporate data assets, and prevent breaches from impacting employees and customers.

  • AI And Customer Experience Keeping It “Intelligent” Without The “Artificial”

    Explore this ServiceNow white paper to learn how AI-assisted customer service is delivering real, tangible benefits, ranging from 40% reduced average handle time to employee cost reductions of up to $5 million.

  • Switch stories: How 5 enterprises consolidated ITSM to reduce costs

    This eBook takes you through the digital transformation journeys of five leading brands, detailing the obstacles they faced with their legacy systems and what happened after they made the switch to new ITSM platforms. Open now to get started.

  • How to get closer to the Holy Grail of IT operations management

    Self-healing organizations –using AI-driven ITOM to predictively detect issues and resolve them automatically – are a huge, yet unattainable, goal for CIOs. Open up this white paper to learn how to harness AIOps to improve predictability, observability, and real-time decision making to get your organization one step closer to self-healing.

  • Delivering uninterrupted digital services at speed requires predictive AIOps

    As organizations transition from traditional on-prem infrastructure to virtual servers and the cloud, the number of alerts and unforeseen problems force IT teams to be both reactive and proactive at the same time – a near impossible task. Enter: AI-powered service operations. Open up this e-book to learn more.

  • A New Spin On Managing Your Hardware Assets

    Open up this resource to see how you can simplify managing hardware assets in your organization, and get all your questions, answered.

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