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  • Align Technology Investments to Business Value with IT Business Management

    Download this paper from ServiceNow to learn how you can align technology investments to business value with IT Business Management (ITBM) platforms.

  • DevOps Book of Knowledge

    Organizations that have embraced DevOps enjoy an improved developer experience and added speed and safety through automation. Download the DevOps Book of Knowledge, your guide to enabling DevOps on an enterprise-wide scale, here to learn how your organization—no matter the size—can accomplish the same.

  • Gartner Market Guide for Business Continuity Management Program Solutions, 2021

    To be more effective, business continuity management program (BCMP) leaders need to use software for program management, routine tasks and workflows. Security and risk management leaders should use this Gartner Market Guide to select a BCMP solution to strategically build, grow and develop their BCM programs.

  • Need to simplify acquisitions?

    Finance of America needed to expand their ServiceNow service management solution to improve connectivity across teams after several acquisitions. After growing their platform to include business and IT operations, operations are streamlined. Download this case study to learn how they tailored their ServiceNow solution to meet their evolving needs.

  • Low-code is rapidly changing the tech world

    According to a Forrester Consulting study, enterprise organizations that used low-code platforms—like the ServiceNow App Engine—saw $2.1 million in savings and 50%-75% more efficiency. Explore more of these low-code benefits in this report.

  • EBook:  Unlock the power of your people

    Companies are striving to deliver agile, real-time responses to shifting market conditions, and while digital transformation is key, it’s only as effective as the employee culture supporting it. Explore this eBook to discover 5 categories to measure and drive critical agility & how employee workflow platforms can fast track optimization.

  • HR Analyst Report: Employee Experience Platform Has Arrived

    In this whitepaper, analysts explore the trajectory of an emerging category of HR and workforce productivity software, the employee experience platform (EXP). Download your copy to learn about EXPs and their increasingly important role in the modern enterprise.

  • Application development without the sprawl

    Explore 5 ways Creator Workflows on the Now Platform can support your enterprise architecture here, so you can enjoy application development without the sprawl. Read more here.

  • Scale Enterprise Low Code Adoption with ServiceNow: Learning from Real-World Customers

    In this eBook, explore how several enterprises are using ServiceNow Creator Workflows products to create cross-departmental digital workflows, empower citizen developers safely, and deliver low code apps at the speed of business with confidence. Access the eBook here.

  • More power to the people: How App Development can drive the 5 critical pillars of agility

    IDC has identified the unique tenets that, when executed well and supported by low-code app development, can give an enterprise the highest level of speed and adaptability. Access this white paper to learn more.

  • Market Guide for Integrated HR Service Management Solutions

    To support employees adjusting to remote work, adoption of integrated HR service management platforms has skyrocketed, and so has the choice of vendors. To navigate the longlist of products and providers on the market & tailor your considerations to your organization's unique objectives and technology requirements, explore this market guide.

  • Getting the most from your ServiceNow investment

    There are often many questions, challenges, and topics related to ServiceNow implementation. In this eBook, you’ll find actionable advice on each topic to help you get value from your ServiceNow investment. Download now to get started.

  • Don’t be blindsided by unexpected events

    As more products and services become digital, CIOs finally have a seat at the strategy table. But to succeed and push their businesses forward, today’s CIOs need to be able to read the market, anticipate changing market demands, and be ready for them. AI-powered service ops can help. Download this white paper to learn how.

  • How to keep your digital services up and running 24/7

    Download this eBook to learn all about the game-changing benefits of AI-Powered Service Operations with Predictive AIOps from ServiceNow – an automation platform designed to fill in where humans can’t.

  • Stand out with a winning IT asset management strategy

    How can organizations change up their ITAM game? It all starts with developing a winning technology asset management strategy. This white paper can help get you started by outlining some key things to consider when starting to identify and resolve ITAM challenges and lay out a strategy. Download now to learn more.

  • Low-code is the future of application development

    In the next 5 years, 500 million new low-code applications will be built. To keep it short, it’s time to embrace low-code development. Discover how investing in low-code will empower end users, IT operations, and creators alike in this brief guide.

  • Using AI-Powered Service Operations toGrow your business with 24/7 resilience

    CIOs are under pressure to ensure smooth service operations around the clock while supporting evolving digital products. Explore this whitepaper to discover how ServiceNow’s AI-Powered Service Operations deliver predictive, integrated AI solutions that grow revenue, manage costs and deliver a flawless customer experience.

  • Essentials for ServiceNow implementation success

    ServiceNow implementations fundamentally change how people work, and that means they require careful oversight and management. Explore this workbook to ensure your ServiceNow implementation delivers on your business case objectives, maximizes value, and avoids common pitfalls.

  • The race for great apps

    This white paper explains how low-code development can be used to solve common digital transformation challenges. Access this white paper here.

  • Making all the right connections

    Organizations have invested more than US $3 trillion in digital transformation over the last three years, but due to focus on niche software, return on investments have been low. Explore this eBook to gain insight into how the ServiceNow workflow solution can help your business drive growth and scale customer operations on a single platform.

  • Automating Hardware Asset Management: How to workflow the 7 stages of your asset lifecycle

    Check out this white paper to learn the 7 steps of managing an automated asset lifecycle and learn how ServiceNow is delivering one platform to provide native integration for all IT workflows.

  • Creator Workflows Book of Knowledge

    Explore 3 key use cases for ServiceNow Creator Workflows—spanning government, healthcare, insurance, and many more organizations and industries—here to see how workflows could help your business.

  • Mind-blowing customer experience starts here

    Organizations have invested more than US $3 trillion in digital transformation over the last three years, but due to focus on niche software, return on investments have been low. Explore this eBook to gain insight into how the ServiceNow workflow solution can help your business drive growth and scale customer operations on a single platform.

  • A catalyst for a healthier future: COVID-19 vaccine management orchestration

    Throughout the unprecedented stages of the vaccine rollout, it’s vital that flexible technologies serve as the backbone to help organizations oversee the availability and maintenance of doses. Explore this whitepaper to discover how the integrated ServiceNow approach can convert vaccines into vaccinations and return to the workplace.

  • Employee Workflow Book of Knowledge

    Companies from Dell and Uber to Palo Alto Networks and organizations like Northeastern University have all chosen ServiceNow to address their employee workflow challenges. Learn how ServiceNow employee workflows can help your organization stay connected, engaged, and productive across your entire enterprise in this collection of case studies.

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