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  • 6 ways to recession-proof your business with ServiceNow risk products

    Organisations that invest in resilience during times of uncertainty are better able to seize opportunity when it arises. In this eBook, discover how you can optimise operations, reduce costs and risk and boost resilience by connecting business and IT on a single platform. Learn more about Integrated Risk Management from ServiceNow in this ebook.

  • Top 10 ways to anticipate, eliminate, and defeat cyberthreats like a boss

    With 90% of organisations saying digital transformation introduces new risks, what if you could enable agility in technology innovation safely and confidently? Discover how easy it is to drastically improve your risk and security hygiene in this guide.

  • Automation, AI, and the Rise of ServiceOps

    First mentioned as the convergence of IT service and operations last year, ServiceOps has exploded into one of the biggest global talking points of IT. A technology-enabled approach to frictionless collaboration, ServiceOps is applicable to so many

  • 3 steps to digital-first business growth

    Driven by new market opportunities, the quest for efficiency and agility, and emerging trends such as hybrid work, demand for digital services is exploding. To keep up with the pace, organizations should invest in AI and automation tools that save valuable time and money. In this ServiceNow paper, discover 3 steps to digital-first business growth.

  • How to keep your digital services running 24/7 to ignite innovation

    Employees are consuming more digital services than ever before, resulting in a wave of service requests that traditional IT support teams just aren’t built to handle. In this e-book, discover how AI-powered service operations can help address this new volume of incidents and bring along with it transformative benefits to your digital services.

  • Spark smart change with intelligent automation

    To ensure that their businesses are resilient and agile in these uncertain times, many leaders have set digital transformation initiatives into motion. In addition to mapping out 3 goals of such an initiative, this white paper considers how leveraging an automated digital platform can help a business accomplish those goals. Read on to learn more.

  • Advice for business leaders in 2023

    Today, business leaders are faced with many challenges and choices they have to make in relation to experiences, costs, technology, and more. Watch this video to discover the answers and gain expert insight into the modern business world.

  • Strategies for 2023

    In today’s work world, speed means everything, especially for teams specializing in talent recruitment and development. Watch this short video to gain expert insight into the top strategies that you can leverage to drive efficiency in hiring, onboarding, and more.

  • How to better support the manager experience

    In this new world of work, it’s necessary for organizations to equip their managers with the tools they need to stay connected with their employees from wherever they work. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Powering End-to-End Workflows_ How a Digital Foundation Delivers Results

    When you invest in the employee experience, you ultimately have the power to drive simplicity, remove friction, enhance efficiency, and more. Watch this short video to gain more insight into the best ways that you can empower your employees and discover how you can reap the benefits.

  • How a digital workflow foundation delivers results

    For companies who are looking to fill a position or hire new talent, most begin outside of their organization. However, very few choose to look internally, where employees with the skillsets you need already exist, and are prepared to step into a new role. Watch this video to learn more.

  • How to Have Productive Experiences for Your Employees

    An organization is only as strong as its employees. Read this paper to learn how the path to delivering productive employee experiences and supporting new ways of working begins with creating exceptional experiences.

  • Making Employee Journeys Unforgettable

    Read this paper to learn how to eliminate common and repeated inquiries by giving employees a place to find their own answers, and provide an easy transition for those with more complex issues.

  • Elevate the Employee Experience with ESG

    Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) mandates are top of mind for organizations everywhere. Explore this guide to 2023's top ESG opportunities, beginning with three ESG trends.

  • Reduce Software and cloud costs

    Every organization’s cloud journey is different. Before you begin, you need to understand what business capabilities best align with your journey, then create a plan based on those findings. Whether it is reducing technology spend, reducing risk, or automation, there is a platform and partner that can help you achieve it all. Read on to learn more.

  • What is Technology Service Operations?

    Unifying your IT and service operations under one umbrella is a great way to improve the skills and engagement of your employees while saving costs. Watch this video to learn more about the value of technology service operations from ServiceNow.

  • IDC Video: Why Strategic Automation Empowers Employees in IT

    A fully mature automation strategy connects multiple IT systems and departments seamlessly and frees up time for employees to innovate, be more compliant, and even support sustainability efforts. Watch this IDC video to learn more about the impact of strategic automation in today’s fast-paced digital world.

  • What is AI-Powered Service Operations?

    Break down departmental silos and enable automated processes with AI-powered service operations. Discover the benefits of the new solution from ServiceNow in this video.

  • Market Guide for Software Asset Management Tools

    This Gartner Market Guide for software asset management (SAM) tools provides guidance on how create a SAM strategy that overcomes common data quality and SaaS management challenges. Access the Gartner Market Guide here to improve your SAM strategy.

  • How innovative companies transform continuously and why it matters

    What does a leading-edge innovative organization look like? Innovative businesses are defined by their ability to not only adapt to changing circumstances, but to treat them as an opportunity to redefine the status quo. Download this white paper to learn how you can use digital transformation to gain a competitive advantage for your business.

  • Consolidate Align Accelerate

    The modern organization needs to be agile and resourceful, capable of adapting to today’s high levels of disruption. This video serves as a brief introduction to strategic portfolio management (SPM), providing insight into how ServiceNow approaches SPM through 3 key concepts. Watch now to learn more.

  • How To Do More With Less

    To keep pace with today’s rapid change, low-code empowers everyone to do more with less. But how can you build great experiences swiftly, while safeguarding app quality, data security and platform stability? Discover low-code with easy, effective governance, in this e-book.

  • Drive Agility And Speed At Scale

    In today’s world of change, you need to transform processes faster than ever. But most enterprises are weighed down by siloed systems and islands of automation. So how can you lay the groundwork for enterprise-wide innovation? Browse this guide to learn more.

  • Leadership Trends Report: Global App Development

    Read this Leadership Trends Report for all the latest app development insights—and discover how you can get the most out of hyperautomation and low-code while maintaining strong governance and IT supervision.

  • Category Handbook - Productive employee experiences

    Uncertainty is inevitable for any company. When you’re reimagining the way your business works, it can be hard to know what changes you should make to ensure success. This is especially true when working to transform your employee experiences and shared services ventures. Browse this white paper to learn more.

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