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  • Why ServiceNow is Critical for DevOps Success

    The lack of end-to-end visibility across development and operations is a big DevOps challenge. And while IT operations platforms provide an integrated view of the production environment, they haven’t bridged the operations/development divide. Read this white paper to explore how ServiceNow has finally achieved this unified visibility.

  • Autonomous Service Operations Checklist: Five Imperatives for Digital-First Business Success

    This white paper provides a checklist to assist digital-first leaders as they make their own strategic transitions and implement more integrated and automated approaches to service operations across cloud, edge, and on-premise technology platforms. Download now to get started.

  • Pillars of Agility With Apps

    53% of highly agile companies had an excellent rating for time to market, compared to 18% for other organizations, according to IDC. In the following white paper, IDC has identified 5 unique tenants that, when supported with low-code development, can unlock the highest level of speed and innovation for your enterprise. Read them here.

  • Market Guide for Integrated HR Service Management Solutions

    Integrated HR service management solutions can manage end-to-end workflows for work or life transitions, but vendor offerings are highly differentiated, making selection complex. Access this market guide from Gartner to identify the vendors that meet your organization’s specific needs.

  • Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center

    Customer engagement centers (CEC) are enabling organizations to achieve the long-term goal to deliver an effortless and value-based customer experience. Read this Gartner report to gain an understanding of the CRM CEC market, 16 notable vendors and the 4 pillars of great customer service.

  • The Stunningly High Rewards for Low-Code Apps Video

    Low-code apps put the power to create and build apps in the hands of every employee. To tap into the experience of enterprises who have taken low code approaches to contemporary information struggles, watch this ServiceNow video and learn how your organization can cut down on manual time sinks with low code solutions.

  • Citizen Development with ServiceNow App Engine

    Enabling end users—citizen developers—puts your organization on a path to reach full-scale digital transformation. Check out this e-book to see how you can foster citizen development to benefit your organization.

  • Boost Operational Efficiency with Modern ERP Workflows

    Organizations need to overcome several roadblocks on the digital transformation journey to achieve operational efficiency for their legacy ERP infrastructure. This article discusses multiple ways you can address these obstacles and accelerate your modernization efforts. Read the article here.

  • Transformation Done Wright

    Watch this video from ServiceNow to find out to transform your workplace with hyperautomation.

  • Transforming at the Speed of Change

    Now more than ever, automation is key to streamlining your company. But to do this, you need the right infrastructure. ServiceNow’s Now Platform provides a single, streamlined way to manage your service delivery. Read this white paper to learn more about leveraging AI through hyperautomation and what ServiceNow can offer your business.

  • Banking At The Speed Of Risk

    63% of finance industry CEOs believe it is a priority to work on risk management and resilience, and yet only 29% of organizations are using the digital tools required to implement cross functionally coordinated risk management. Read this Forbes article to learn what experts are saying about the state of risk management in the financial sector.

  • An Integrated, Unified Approach to Improving Banks’ Operational Resilience

    As banks continue to integrate new technology into their platforms, it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor and maintain visibility over the expanding system. Read this infographic to learn about the current state of risk management in the banking industry and see how integrated approaches can mitigate risks through improved visibility.

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance Use Case Guide

    In our age of digital innovation as threats and risks continue to advance, it can be difficult for legacy systems to keep up. Along with this, rapid shifts in regulations have forced companies to adapt faster than their systems allow them to. Read this white paper to learn more about the potential benefits of an integrated risk platform.

  • Rogers Communication - Video

    Watch how ServiceNow helped Rogers for Business move to a preventative service model and reduced 41% of daily case volumes in this short video.

  • Manage Risk in Crisis-Driven Decisions From Response Through Recovery

    As the world continues to face crisis after crisis, organizations must reassess their risk management to account for the increase in risk. Read this report and see how Gartner analysts view risk management in view of the state of the world.

  • Leverage Hyperautomation To Drive Transformative Business Outcomes

    Take a look at this infographic from ServiceNow that summarizes recent findings in Forrester’s analyst report on leveraging hyperautomation, including the 3 top benefits of an improved automation strategy according to IT respondents.

  • 4 Steps to Manage Risk and Resilience in Real Time

    Companies that began automating risk assessments received a 137% return on investment within 5 years. Better risk management systems are not simply effective ways of managing security but can also yield enterprise-wide benefits. Read this e-book for a succinct guide for implementing better risk management across an enterprise.

  • Pepsi Co & ServiceNow Unifying experiences across the enterprise for your people and places

    For companies with locations around the globe, delivering a unified, streamlined user experience is critical to achieving employee satisfaction. When work flows, it allows for easier training, more accountability, and reduced expenses. Watch and learn how from a global tech services leader in this webinar.

  • Driving Unified And Seamless Employee Services At The House Of Commons Of Canada

    Watch this webinar to learn how hiring process are changing with emerging technologies, and discover how the House of Commons of Canada made significant improvements in employee services with ServiceNow.

  • Cushman and Wakefield Digitally transforming HR

    Competition for the best employees has never been steeper, and delivering modern digital workflows is one effective strategy for winning the war for talent. But making the case that transformation is needed can be challenging. Watch this webinar to learn 4 steps to successfully position employee workflows from ServiceNow with internal executives.

  • NTT DATA Human centric EX and organizational agility

    Since 2020 the cloud application services have seen a growth of 141%. It is clear to many that the cloud holds the future of workforce organization. Watch this webcast, in which NTT Data’s Tomoyuki Azuma explains all the benefits that his company gained when they elected to partner with ServiceNow for their digital workflow needs.

  • 4 Steps to Enable a Hybrid Workplace

    In this guide, you can access a four-step roadmap for enabling a hybrid workplace and take a closer look at the best practices for execution. Read on and follow the process to safely bring your people together with unified digital experiences that address the workplace and employees.

  • DXC Technology Reducing expense and dramatically improving experiences

    With over 130 thousand employees in 70 countries across the world, managing DXC’s employee network is no small task. When their HR software couldn’t keep up with the demands of their rapid growth, they decided to make a change. Watch the full video to learn how ServiceNow solutions allowed DXC to improve employee experience while cutting costs.

  • 5 Steps to Boost Employee Productivity and Organizational Efficiency

    To drive unified multi-departmental service experiences, business leaders must learn how to view employee experiences holistically. Explore this guide to access a five-step roadmap for boosting employee productivity and organizational efficiency as well as some best practices to help you get started.

  • Unifying Experiences for People and Places Infographic

    Access this infographic to learn how, with the power of HR service delivery and workplace service delivery, you can connect and engage with your employees, efficiently gather feedback, and accommodate the way they work with simple, self-service workplace options, and more.

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