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  • Australian Insurance provider establishes comprehensive risk management program

    In this case study, follow the journey of MLC Life Insurance, a leading Australian insurance provider, as they partner with ServiceNow to develop & implement a comprehensive digital strategy that enables them to enhance customer experience while establishing governance, risk & compliance controls.

  • AIOps & Visibility for Dummies

    Save a copy of this 81-page eBook to learn about AIOps, find out the challenges AIOps tools are designed to tackle, and to learn strategies for a successful implementation.

  • AI: The Latest IT Tool

    It's important for IT professionals like yourself to know how to distinguish the good AI tools from the bad. That's where this E-Guide should come in handy. Download this E-Guide to learn how artificial intelligence capabilities are augmenting the day-to-day IT tools you're most familiar with.

  • AIOps Mysteries, Unmasked

    Download this E-Guide to uncover the truth behind common AIOps mysteries, including where the actual “AI” in AIOps comes from, the role of AIOps tools within DevOps pipelines, and more.

  • IT Monitoring, and Why It’s Growing More Important

    Download this E-Guide to learn how IT monitoring tools have advanced accordingly and their relationship with DevOps methodologies. Plus, find out which areas of your IT infrastructure stack could stand to gain the most from robust monitoring capabilities.

  • HR Essentials Guide: Successful employee experience strategies come in many forms

    Read this expert guide to learn about digital developments in HR and find out how employee experience has changed—and will continue to—with intelligent technologies.

  • Full-Stack Monitoring, Explained

    Read this E-Guide to learn how to determine what areas of your infrastructure necessitate a more advanced monitoring solution to get the insights your DevOps teams need -- and learn how to get closer to true full-stack monitoring capabilities.

  • AIOps Applications in Containers, Monitoring, and More.

    Download this E-Guide to learn why AIOps has quickly becoming a central tool within modern IT departments’ arsenals, and how AIOps tools are being used in areas like container monitoring, proactive resolutions, and more.

  • Mobile HR management strategies boost recruiting and retention

    Human capital management (HCM) has experienced several incarnations since HR assumed greater corporate and workforce responsibilities. The most reason versions are often infused with AI, analytics, and mobile capabilities. Download this expert guide to learn how HR leaders are using these technologies to improve employee experience.

  • 6 Best Practices of Field Service Leaders

    Many field service organizations today still manage much of their work manually, using spreadsheets, email and even pen and paper—which can often lead to inefficient operations and frustrated customers. Download this eBook to explore 6 best practices for upgrading field service management to improve CX.

  • Deliver a Greater Customer Experience with ServiceNow

    Every successful organization needs to ensure that their customers have a good enough experience to keep them coming back. Browse this resource collection to explore the keys to building successful customer experiences and learn how ServiceNow Customer Service Management can help your organization reach their CX goals.

  • Mobile Onboarding: Help new hires hit the ground running

    HR no longer needs to take the entire first day and more for employee orientation, indoctrination and document signings—thanks to mobile onboarding applications. Learn how mobility has revamped onboarding processes in this expert guide.

  • CSM Essentials Guide: Where customer service and experience intersect

    In this expert guide, learn how customer service technologies have evolved since they first emerged and why they’re so important to your overall strategy.

  • HR Mobile Apps for Employees Strengthen HCM Strategies

    Human capital management (HCM) has experienced several incarnations. The newest versions include AI, analytics, and mobile capabilities. Download this expert guide to explore how HR processes have changed with the addition of emerging technologies, and how they can help improve the employee experience.

  • Transform the Telecom Customer Experience with ServiceNow

    As telecom leaders review their enterprise strategies, they see many challenges on the horizon. Arguably the biggest one is the shift from being product-focused to customer-focused. Download this white paper to explore how ServiceNow can help service providers become more customer-focused and transform CX.

  • 3 Strategies to Reduce B2B Churn in Telecom

    B2B is a critical area for telecom—especially with enterprise technology spending on the rise, and the emergence of the cloud, IoT, big data, and other trends. Find out how ServiceNow can help CSPs capitalize on that trend and not fall victim to B2B customer churn and SLA penalties in this white paper.

  • Transform your Business with HR Solutions from ServiceNow

    One of the first interactions an employee has is with human resources—making this relationship a defining factor in overall employee satisfaction. Browse this resource collection to learn how you can increase employee satisfaction by simplifying and automating HR services with ServiceNow.

  • IT Products and Services Align Investments and Work to Business Goals

    Dive into this guide to read through best practices for successfully aligning investments and work with the needs of your organization – and get tips for managing your ever-changing portfolio of IT projects effectively.

  • 6 Transformational Customer Service Trends

    Recent trends in customer service have pushed many organizations to reshape how they approach CX. Explore the 6 transformational customer service trends that will take over in the next few years, and how you can adjust and benefit from them in this research report.

  • The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Customer Service Management

    Arguably the most important aspect regarding a potential investment in ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management software is the financial outcomes. Explore the cost savings you could experience with the CSM software in this Forrester TEI report.

  • Exploring the Evolution of ITSM

    Download this E-Guide to learn more about the evolution of ITSM in modern times – and find out how to keep your ITSM strategy in-step with future trends.

  • Maximizing Your ITSM Investments, Explained

    Download this E-Guide to learn how to identify gaps in your ITSM strategy, technology choices to remedy service delivery issues, and discover best practices for managing ITSM vendors to get the most out of your tools.

  • ITSM Use Cases for AI, Explored

    Download this E-Guide to learn how ITSM technologies augmented by AI capabilities are being utilized across the IT stack – from helpdesk management to network automation.

  • ITIL in 2020: Implementation, Training, and More.

    Download this E-Guide to hear from contributing ITIL author Peter Doherty as he walks through changes to the updated ITIL guidelines to catch IT leaders up with project management, ITIL implementation, and ITIL training best practices.

  • Under the Hood of the Modern IT Service Desk

    Download this E-Guide to learn about today’s service desk evolutions in-depth, including what factors distinguish help desks from services desks, and how to start assembling a service catalog of your own.

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