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  • The Forrester Wave™: Security Service Edge Solutions, Q1 2024

    As a subset of the wider Zero Trust edge (ZTE), security service edge (SSE) solutions are necessary for organizations looking to adopt implement the next phase of security. In this report, Forrester Research explores the state of SSE by comparing the leading 11 providers and analyzing how they stack up. Read on to learn more.

  • Magic Quadrant for Security Service Edge

    By 2026, Gartner predicts, 85% of businesses seeking to secure their web, SaaS and private apps will obtain the security capabilities from security service edge (SSE). With this massive adoption rate of SSE on the horizon, what should you know about the SSE market? For an overview, dig into this 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant report.

  • The Essential Guide to the 2023 MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations

    In this e-book, take a comparative look at how endpoint security solutions performed in the most recent ATT&CK evaluation, and find out how Palo Alto Networks are stepping up to the challenge.

  • How to Plan for Tomorrow’s SOC, Today

    Discover in this e-book the 5 Steps and 4 Keys to transforming security operations to combat advanced attacks and improve SOC efficiencies, so you can plan for tomorrow’s SOC, today.

  • Achieving Simplicity, Scale, and Security With Google Cloud NGFW Enterprise, Powered by Palo Alto Networks

    Discover in this ESG showcase how Google's Cloud NGFW Enterprise, powered by Palo Alto Networks, combines best-in-class cloud engineering with industry-leading security to help your organization efficiently and effectively apply network security policies at scale.

  • The Total Economic Impact Of Palo Alto Networks NextGeneration Firewalls

    As cyberthreats evolve, so must firewalls. So, what capabilities should a next-generation firewall maintain? And what cost savings can such a firewall enable? Unlock answers in this 2024 Forrester Total Economic Impact report on Palo Alto Networks’ ML-powered next-generation firewalls (NGFWs).

  • Your Hybrid Infrastructure is Under Attack

    Hybrid infrastructures are under attack, warns Palo Alto Networks in this white paper. To deepen your understanding of the state of hybrid security, and to discover how you can augment your security posture, tap into the 13-page paper.

  • The solution to overcoming public cloud security challenges

    Tune in to this ESG webinar to find the secrets to achieving simplicity, scale, and security with Google Cloud NGFW Enterprise, powered by Palo Alto Networks.

  • TEI os Software Firewalls

    Discover the cost savings that software firewalls can enable in this Forrester “Total Economic Impact” report, which is based off of surveys of 158 respondents and interviews with 5 organizations.

  • The Total Economic Impact Of Palo Alto Networks Cloud-Delivered Security Services

    To meet their unique security needs, many organizations are turning to specialized security services, such as those provided by Palo Alto Networks Cloud-Delivered Security Services (CDSS). So, what does investing in such a service look like? For an economic analysis of CDSS, explore this Forrester “Total Economic Impact” report.

  • Zero Trust Security to Protect All Environments

    For a guide to securing your OT environments and assets with Zero Trust, tap into this 13-page white paper.

  • Software Firewalls

    In this free Software Firewalls for dummies e-book, discover everything you need to know about today’s demands for software firewalls and zero trust, and find out the 10 essential questions you need to ask your software firewall vendor.

  • A Practical Guide to SecOps Automation

    SecOps leaders, are you adopting or fine-tuning an automation strategy? To support your journey, this 12-page guide presents key considerations and best practices for SecOps automation. Keep reading to unlock the full insights.

  • Attack Surface Management

    Access this report to learn about key vendors for attack surface management, as well as ASM's functions such as asset discovery and risk scoring, noting the importance of integrating ASM with other security tools for a robust defense.

  • ASM Threat Report

    Collecting petabytes of information on internet-accessible exposures across 250 companies, Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 and Cortex Xpanse set out to uncover major trends in attack surface management (ASM). Review the findings in this 36-page report.

  • Firewall Buyers Guide

    As network perimeters have evolved, firewalls have too. So, what constitutes a modern firewall? This buyer’s guide maps out 15 non-negotiable capabilities. Keep reading to access those insights and more.

  • Incident Response Report 2024

    Download this e-book to learn how to empower your organization to proactively navigate cyber risks, strengthen security approaches, and respond to incidents with unmatched efficiency.

  • Navigating the Evolving Threat Landscape

    In this e-book, discover the 3 essential resilient cybersecurity tactics the modern CISO needs to know, and find out how your organization stacks up against today’s most advanced threat actors.

  • The Essential Guide to the 2023 MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations

    Discover how Palo Alto Networks' Cortex XDR performed in MITRE's 2023 cyberattack simulations versus Turla. Achieving 100% visibility, it blocked all techniques, ensuring top-quality detections. Delve into the results and uncover Cortex XDR's effectiveness in this report.

  • GigaOm Radar for Autonomous Security Operations Center (SOC)

    Autonomous SOC: What is it, and how should you approach the vendor landscape? To answer the first question, this GigaOm Radar report recommends thinking of autonomous SOC as “‘SIEM plus SOAR.’” To answer the second question, the report compares the capabilities of 16 top vendors. Read on to unlock the complete insights.

  • 2023 MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations

    To learn about the state of MITRE ATT&CK evaluations in 2023, and to discover tips for the future, watch this webcast.


    92% of businesses have experienced at least one security incident related to insecure APIs in the last twelve months, according to research by TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). To understand API security obstacles, and to discover tips for boosting API security at your own organization, dig into this ESG research report.

  • Cloud Security Spotlight – How Leading Organizations Achieve 360° Visibility and Effortless Compliance

    To discover how four businesses, including the Pokémon Company and Aramis Group, approach cloud compliance, check out this 12-page e-book.

  • The Complete Cloud Security Platform. End-to-End of Story.

    As they develop and deploy more and more applications, many organizations realize that their existing cloud security strategy cannot support the fast pace of modern innovation. Is the same true at your own business? This webcast considers how to level up cloud security with a new approach. Watch now to learn all about it.

  • Software Firewalls

    Between expanding attack surfaces and proliferating, sophisticated threats, organizations in every industry face complex obstacles on the path to stronger cloud application security. To learn how leveraging a software firewall can help you protect your business’s cloud apps, dig into this comprehensive guide.

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