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  • Pairing IT management and migration

    IT management loves a good migration to stay competitive and innovative. In this E-Guide, get access to 3 IT management articles: 1. How to Build a Successful Cloud Migration Plan in 3 Steps, 2. Will OpenShift 4 be a game-changer?, and 3. SAP S/4HANA Migration: Critical Advice for Moving Off ECC

  • Automation in OpenShift 4

    In this webinar, learn everything you need to know about OpenShift 4, including how CoreOS fits into the Red Hat portfolio, updates on the Operator Maturity Model and Operator Lifecycle Manager, and, finally, a live demonstration of the Operator Hub.

  • Kubernetes-native applications with Operators and OpenShift

    Anything that isn’t automated is slowing you down. This is especially true when it comes to container orchestration and management. That’s why operators, automated software managers, are so crucial for Kubernetes clusters. Learn about the other perks of Kubernetes operators in this Red Hat OpenShift webinar, focused on the Operator Hub.

  • Identify and Mitigate Threats to OpenShift Container-Based Infrastructure with Red Hat Training

    How are you keeping your containers secure? In this Red Hat OpenShift webinar, learn about securing both containers and container orchestration platforms, from communication to access control to monitoring practices.

  • Introducing Red Hat OpenShift 4

    Which of the following is true? Kubernetes: 1. Is a way to manage collections of processes over groups of machines 2. Is an enterprise-grade distributed process scheduler 3. Provides API resources. Familiarize yourself with what Kubernetes has to offer. Watch the introductory webinar now.

  • Kubernetes Operators: Automating the Container Orchestration Platform

    Kubernetes Operators serve as a packaging mechanism for distributing applications on Kubernetes—they monitor, maintain, recover, and upgrade the software they deploy. In this massive 155-page E-Book, learn about Operators at the Kubernetes interface in depth, from Operator Lifecycle Manager to running an operator as a deployment inside a cluster.

  • Cloud-Native Apache Kafka: Event-Driven Applications with Red Hat AMQ Streams

    Microservices and Agile practices have introduced sweeping changes to the application development lifecycle. To best leverage these technologies, event-driven architecture (EDA) is coming to the forefront. In this eBook, find an in-depth explanation of EDAs and how Red Hat AMQ Streams can integrate with EDAs for the best results.

  • Benefits of operational efficiency

    Although banking operations were not designed with digital engagement in mind, customer demands and needs have changed. Now, customers expect their primary mode of engagement with banks to be digital. In this brief, learn about the 5 benefits of operational efficiency for digital businesses. Download the brief here to get started.

  • 10 considerations for Kubernetes deployments

    Container development can offer unprecedented portability and scalability in the cloud. In this Red Hat checklist, find 10 considerations to keep in mind when starting your first container development project, from deciding whether to build or buy a container platform, your operating system of choice, and more.

  • Enabling Agile Integration in Cloud-Native Architecture

    The search for adaptive infrastructure and portable applications has fueled an IT strategy shift toward agile development techniques, DevOps practices, and cloud-native applications. To better understand this shift, 451 Research is sharing their recent survey results. Learn what this shift means for both developers and the enterprise in the report.

  • Accelerate Cloud Adoption: Plan your journey to hybrid and multicloud deployment with Red Hat

    IT professionals haven’t yet mastered how to effectively plan for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This guide provides tips on creating a multi-cloud strategy plan that fits your organization’s currents needs—while simultaneously leaving room for future projects and innovation. Download the guide to learn more.

  • 5 Steps to Automate Your Business

    While IT and business leaders alike know that enterprise-wide automation is the answer to many of today’s questions, the pathway to get there can be murky. Inside this guide from Red Hat, uncover the five steps designed to prep your organization for automation adoption.

  • 7 characteristics of successful hybrid cloud strategies

    Hybrid cloud has quickly become the infrastructure of choice due to its unique ability to offer the security of the private cloud with the flexibility of the public cloud. In this Red Hat data sheet, learn about the 7 areas to keep in mind while building your hybrid cloud strategy, from architecture decisions to security implementation.

  • Executive Checklist: Modernize Your SAP Environment

    To get the most out of your S/4HANA migration, the right technology foundation and strategy are essential. Check out this data sheet to explore some key questions that can help you plan your SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA migration.

  • Preparing for Transformation to a Digital Platform in the SAP HANA Context with West Trax and Red Hat

    West Trax allows organizations to baseline the current state of their SAP systems and assess the steps and effort needed to move to a new system such as S/4HANA. Download this IDC report to see what the firm’s benchmarking process looks like, and get expert advice on how to prepare for your SAP system transformation.

  • Platform for E2E Processes and Digital Excellence

    For many years, Linux was the only open source component in the SAP community. Now, Red Hat is launching a complete open source platform. Learn about it and its capabilities in this eZine.

  • Formulating Cloud Strategy in the Hybrid Multi-Cloud Era

    In this 451 Research report, find new survey results from 744 IT decision-makers about their multi- and hybrid cloud strategies, as well as their plans for the next year. The report explores the results of deploying portable workloads to best execution venues (BEVs)—such as multi- or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

  • The Automated Enterprise: Transforming IT Operations to Support Modern Business

    This white paper discusses why IT automation is becoming the new norm for digital businesses. Find out what makes automation a strategic and foundational component of IT modernization and digital transformation.

  • IDC Intro for Red Hat Webinar Series

    This IDC webinar provides an in-depth overview of the state of the IT market for mid-sized enterprises today, including the SAP customer journey, the top technology bottlenecks, how containers are being used, and much more. Watch the webinar now to get informed.

  • 10 Reasons to Run SAP S/4HANA on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions

    Check out this infographic for 10 reasons you should run S/4HANA on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions.

  • Reducing Downtime for SAP HANA

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SAP are tailoring solutions for the needs of these business-critical applications. Check out this white paper to learn how Red Hat’s solutions offer 4 distinct benefits for SAP and SAP HANA high availability and DR.

  • Migrating SAP Workloads to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    Download this white paper for a step-by-step overview of how to migrate SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA workloads from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • Red Hat’s Darrell Jordan-Smith: Open Source Powers the Network Edge

    5G is not just a telecommunications technology — it is transforming diverse industries like energy, automotive, security, and financial services. In this Mobile Europe article written by Darrell Jordan-Smith, VP for Vertical Industries and Global Accounts at Red Hat, explore the impact of 5G and low-latency edge computing.

  • Speed Your Path to Digital Leadership with Red Hat & Intel

    Download this white paper to learn how Red Hat and Intel can help you accelerate your SAP migration by providing better data access, more accurate insights, and improved agility to support evolving business demands.

  • Best Practices forSAP S/4HANA Migration and Implementation

    Migrating to SAP seems like an easy decision to most companies. Before jumping in, makesure to read through this e-guide to learn all about the benefits and setbacks yourorganization may experience throughout the process, from implementation to management.

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