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  • 5 reasons to include event-driven automation in your IT strategy

    In the new digital era, businesses need reliable and resilient IT services to make work less complicated. The next step for these organizations is event-driven automation. Read on to learn more about it and how you can use it to simplify operations.

  • Simplify IT Infrastructure with Automation

    It’s no secret that IT infrastructure automation can save time and money and reduce errors, but many organizations starting to automate are doing so piecemeal. In this e-book, explore 6 automation success stories thanks to a unified approach powered by Red Hat.

  • Automate your Hybrid Cloud at Scale

    Discover in this e-book how cloud automation—applying IT automation to cloud technologies—can help you overcome the operational challenges associated with moving to the cloud and managing these environments at scale.

  • From patchwork to platform

    As the complexity of modern infrastructure escalates, IT organizations need an automation strategy. Given the intricate relationships that exist among these complex environments, a unified automation platform is required. Read on to learn about key considerations you should make to ensure you find the platform best fit for your organization.

  • Enhance Security With Automation

    As the cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, security teams need to constantly explore new tools and strategies. To help share these strategies, this e-book highlights 5 success stories from Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform customers that use automation to integrate and scale their security solutions. Read on to learn more.

  • The Business Value of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

    Read this IDC report to uncover how key automation platforms like Red Hat Ansible can help lower costs, reduce unplanned downtime, deploy apps faster, and improve your teams’ productivity.

  • Accelerate your path to self-healing infrastructure

    With the enormous cost of infrastructure failures, it makes sense to automate crucial data center processes via self-healing infrastructure. Read on to learn how self-healing infrastructure can help you reduce operating costs, boost security and compliance efforts, and reduce harmful downtime.

  • The State of DevSecOps Automation

    In order to effectively scale their operation, many organizations are automating their DevSecOps. This e-guide presents 2 different articles focused on DevSecOps automation, each explaining different aspects of why so many organizations are automating, and what best practices they are employing. Read now to learn more.

  • Enabling Digital Transformation: A 3 minute survey

    Take this three minute, 8 question survey and great access to three great videos on how to approach this journey. In addition, enter into a drawing for 10 annual Netflix subscriptions!

  • The Complete Guide to Security & Cloud Automation

    The future of IT lies in the ability to automate certain capabilities that were previously manual and time-consuming – this saves companies precious resources and can prevent vulnerabilities related to human-error. This e-guide provides exclusive insight into cloud security and automation trends – read on to learn more.

  • Best Practices forSAP S/4HANA Migration and Implementation

    Migrating to SAP seems like an easy decision to most companies. Before jumping in, makesure to read through this e-guide to learn all about the benefits and setbacks yourorganization may experience throughout the process, from implementation to management.

  • Design Your App Modernization Strategy

    Once you determine that you need to modernize certain apps, the next step is figure out which method best fits your development, whether it's restructuring with PaaS or redesigning with APIs. In this e-guide, explore how to design an app modernization strategy that suits your business's architecture and cloud use.

  • Modernize Legacy Apps for the Cloud

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how organizations are modernizing legacy apps for cloud, mobile, and other digital transformation initiatives with 3 different approaches to modernization, containers, and PaaS.

  • Approaches to SAP HANA Adoption: ERP, Business Intelligence, and More

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how organizations across a variety of industries are leveraging SAP's in-memory platform to enhance reporting, analytics, self-service BI, ERP transformation, mobility, and more. Discover which approach to SAP HANA – on premise, in the cloud, or via mobile apps – is best for you.

  • Beginning Your Private Cloud Adventure with Openstack

    As cloud computing becomes the norm, and businesses are clamoring to deploy their own private cloud environments .In this expert guide, learn a little bit more about what Openstack's capabilities, as well as 5 of its most prominent features, some first steps to deployment, the role SDN plays in Openstack automation, and more.

  • Private PaaS: Unlock Faster, Agile App Development without Sacrificing Security

    In this e-guide, we help you weigh the benefits of private PaaS and offer advice on how to evaluate and test various PaaS offerings. Learn how to assess PaaS tools for compatibility with your existing infrastructure, integration into your app lifecycle management, alignment with compliance and governance, and more.

  • Abandoning the Narrative of Containers vs. Hypervisors and VMs

    IT pros often pit hypervisors against containers—but is the debate really that simple? In this expert-guide learn about the current state of these technologies, and why the 2 systems are far more productive when synchronized. Read on to see why containers currently out-perform hypervisors, how VMs are quickly closing that gap, and much more.

  • Getting to Know Server Memory Types and Breaking down VM Compatibility in the Evolving IT Space

    Discover how to protect server memory reliability, boost the performance of memory devices, and prevent VM corruption with the instruction on supporting simultaneous virtual machines in this guide. Read on as our experts demonstrate how to achieve cross-hypervisor compatibility, as well.

  • Why Hypervisors and Containers Make Virtualization Easier When They Work Together

    In terms of virtualization, IT pros often talk about hypervisors vs. containers, but is it really that simple? In this expert-guide learn about the current state of these technologies, and why the 2 systems work better together than apart. Read why containers currently out-perform hypervisors, how VMs are quickly closing that gap, and much more.

  • Your Guide to Server Virtualization Types

    As virtualization begins to play a larger role, trending toward becoming the new norm, it's important that you understand how to move forward. Access this expert e-guide to explore the different types of server memory, virtual machine compatibility, and virtualization file format.

  • IT Pros Make Smart Monitoring, Container Automation Devops Plan Priorities

    Are you ready to face the changes coming to the tech world in 2017? In this expert guide by Senior News Writer Beth Pariseau, learn why many CTO's are focusing on container automation and DevOps optimization this year.

  • Strategize IT Budget and Infrastructure Planning to Secure DevOps Pipelines

    Learn how to implement a collaborative, lightweight ITIL approach in your infrastructure, and adapt ITIL to suit your priorities by unifying ITSM and DevOps under one framework. Download now to keep a close eye on DevOps pipelines by strategizing your budget to secure container initiatives, and more.

  • A Hybrid IT Approach to Virtualization & DevOps Management

    Here, experts illustrate the evolution of multi-use virtualization tools, and you'll discover how to benefit from a hybrid approach that combines physical, virtual, and application visibility with automation and deep infrastructure analysis. Read on to also learn how DevOps is reshaping IT vendors' offerings.

  • Mobile App Infrastructure and the New "Mindset" of Node.js

    This e-guide details how Electronic Arts Inc. learned from their failed efforts and constructed a successful strategy for deploying cloud infrastructure for mobile apps. Additionally, learn from Red Hat CTO, Mícheál Ó Foghlú on how Node.js went exponential and how it's contributing to a new "mindset" when it comes to enterprise mobility.

  • Mobile App Development: Today's Platforms and Trends

    This e-guide provides 6 key considerations to keep in mind when searching for a mobile application development platform. Additionally, learn how cross-platform mobile development tools simplify the mobile application development process and discover the symbolic relationship between mobile devices and cloud computing through an in-depth Q&A.

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