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  • Industrial Networks Require Trailblazing OT Cybersecurity

    Industrial networks include IT servers and unique, protocol-driven operational technology (OT) devices. Thus, security solutions for OT must be protocol-driven, and protocol communication must be analyzed to identify malicious threats. Discover more key considerations to support strong OT cybersecurity in this white paper.

  • Understanding Threat Detection and Response Capabilities in a CNAPP

    While public clouds offer some levels of protection, there are still risks with expanding into the cloud. When your attack surface increases, so too does the odds of your organization being attacked. However, with the right security posture and solution in the cloud, you can easily overcome this challenge. Read on to learn more about this solution.

  • Causes and Consequences of IT and OT Convergence

    The majority of OT networks are now connected to the internet, exposing them to the entire threat landscape. This greatly increases the attack surface and makes it easier

  • Exploring CNAPPs for Comprehensive AWS Cloud Security

    While cloud migration does allow for growth, cost efficiencies, and computing power, when it comes to security, there is still some work to do. Most cloud providers today offer a basic security package, but would you tell your customers that their data is protected by a basic security package? Read on to learn about CNAPP and avoid that situation.

  • Digital Transformation and Connected Systems Have Opened the Door to New Threat Vectors

    Read this white paper to explore the impact of IT/OT interconnectedness on cybersecurity and learn how you can protect your converged IT and OT networks today.

  • Top 3 Considerations to Simplify and Holistically Secure Your Application Journey

    Because applications nowadays can exist anywhere from the data center to the edge, organizations that are bringing them to the cloud are faced with more security and operational challenges than ever before. To help guide you through this uncertain migration, you need a partner to show you what to focus on. Read on to learn why.

  • 2022 State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report

    In Fortinet’s latest report on the state of operational technology and cybersecurity, it remains clear that organizations are still moving too slowly toward full protection of their operational technology (OT) assets, which are now increasingly connected to

  • Securing Application Journeys from Data Center to Cloud

    Discover in this white paper why organizations need to consider adopting an application journey strategy that is centered around solutions that deliver consistent security no matter where applications live.

  • Hybrid Cloud Network Security: An Essential Step in Your Application Journey

    58% of the respondents say that they will be running more than 50% of their application workloads on public clouds while the rest will continue to run in on-premises data centers, according to this year’s Cloud Security Report. Access this white paper to learn how you should protect your hybrid cloud environment.

  • Securing OT, Remote Access, and Converged SOC Operations

    Previously air-gapped OT environments are now increasingly connected due to DX initiatives and the growing need for highly skilled technicians to support dispersed industrial assets remotely. Discover how to secure your converged IT/OT networks as an industrial CIO or CISO, and how Fortinet Security Fabric can help, in this e-book.

  • Fortinet Secure Application Journey Solutions

    Discover in this data sheet how Fortinet Secure Application Journey solutions can help empower your organization with consistent, secured, and optimized tools to build, deploy, and run cloud applications across all deployments — wherever your applications will live.

  • Fortinet Secure Application Journey Solutions

    Discover in this data sheet how Fortinet Secure Application Journey can help your organization protect business-critical applications from attacks between all cloud and hybrid cloud instances, to help deliver the best application experiences possible.

  • Fortinet FortiGate Cloud-Native Firewall Service on Amazon Web Services

    To help your business bolster your IaaS security, ESG conducted an evaluation of Fortinet FortiGate Cloud-Native Firewall (FortiGate CNF), a managed firewall-as-a-service. Access the ESG report here to learn how FortiGate CNF can help you ensure network security is enforced throughout your cloud-based network.

  • IT/OT Convergence Enables Security Operations Synergies

    Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) networks are coming together because industrial digital transformation (DX) initiatives require sensor data from OT environments. Explore the benefits of IT/OT convergence and why top-performing asset owners are using it to manage their security environments in this white paper.

  • 2023 Cloud Security Report

    Misconfiguration remains the biggest cloud security risk, according to 59% of cybersecurity professionals surveyed in this Fortinet Cloud Security Report. Access the cloud security report here to learn about:The current state of cloud adoptionBenefits of the cloud security Challenges in the cloudKey priorities for cloud security

  • Empower Digital Transformation by Protecting Converged IT and OT

    Download this e-book to explore different technology solutions for addressing remote access security challenges and learn how to proactively limit risk in your OT networks.

  • How Ready is Your Network Firewall to Stop Cyberattacks?

    To make the best decisions for your network, you need to have a clear-eyed view of its present security efficacy. To help you gain that, Fortinet created a free network validation test. Explore this page to learn more about the opportunity.

  • Protect Hyperscale Data Centers From Cyber Threats

    For CIOs, data security means protecting not only data in the cloud but also data in data centers. And data center security consists of unique challenges. This overview delves into those challenges and explores how Fortinet can help your business overcome them. Continue on to learn more.

  • Key Factors Determining the Right Hybrid-Cloud Network Security for Your Application Journey

    Dive into this e-book for the 3 key factors to consider when selecting the right network security solution for your application journey.

  • Crucial Considerations When Enabling Secure Industrial Digital Transformation

    With the rapid adoption of new digital tools and services, internet-connected IT networks are increasingly intersecting with previously isolated OT networks, exposing OT systems to new threats. Learn how to seamlessly integrate security into OT environments and empower digital transformation in your organization in this e-book.

  • Critical Capabilities for SD-WAN

    In this report, Gartner analyzes SD-WAN vendors’ performances in 5 use cases, including WAN for small branches and security-sensitive WAN. Continue on to compare the major players in the SD-WAN market.

  • Seven Major Challenges Impeding Digital Acceleration

    In order to remain competitive, many businesses have shifted to dynamic hybrid networking environments. Unfortunately, this is a process often riddled with challenges. But being aware of these obstacles can help your organization overcome them. Download this white paper to unlock 7 major challenges that impede network acceleration.

  • Data Center Evolution Is Essential for Hybrid Network Architectures

    When your business shifts to a hybrid network architecture, your data center must evolve too. But how? Discover an answer in this white paper.

  • The Data Center of Tomorrow Starts Today

    As the network landscape has changed, so has the state of the data center. Today, businesses are challenged to deploy, manage and secure their data centers across hybrid architectures. This white paper is here to help your organization approach that undertaking. Continue on for guidance.

  • Improve Application Access and Security With Fortinet Zero Trust Network Access

    Gartner predicts that by 2023, 60% of enterprises will phase out traditional virtual private networks (VPNs) and use a zero-trust network access (ZTNA) model. In order to enable secure access from anywhere, simplify secure connectivity, and reduce the attack surface, Fortinet offers a ZTNA solution. Learn more in the whitepaper.

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