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  • What to look for when considering data capture and automation solutions?

    Download this eBook to be introduced to the power of automated data capture and discover how organisations are assessing data capture and automation solutions.

  • IBM® Cloud Pak™: Move critical workloads to the cloud with speed and security

    As 75% of non-cloud applications move to cloud environments, is your enterprise equipped to deal with the inevitable transition and drive innovation? Turn to IBM Cloud Pak™—an open, secure way to move core business applications to any cloud—to enable cost-savings while responding to changing business needs.

  • Is the cloud in your future? Why and how to plan your cloud migration

    Organisations today are identifying a range of advantages that cloud brings to their business – increased flexibility, scalability and cost. However, without sufficient homework about their cloud journey, roadblocks result in costly rework. This eBook helps you address gaps in your business and give you clarity on the right approach to the cloud.

  • Assembling Your Cloud Orchestra: A Field Guide to Multicloud Management

    The need for a simple multi-cloud management roadmap has never been stronger. Turn to this field guide and learn how to lower IT infrastructure costs, cut downtime, and reduce application outage and data loss.Don't get left behind. Grab the "Assembling your cloud orchestra" field guide today!

  • 3 power tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of poor cloud adoption

    The adoption of cloud technologies could backfire without a centralized and comprehensive strategy. This brief gives you fresh insights into the 3 pillars supporting app modernization. Identify the gold standards in cloud adoption and app modernisation and give your business the full benefit of the cloud paradigm with IBM Cloud Paks™.

  • Welcome to the New Age of Data Backup and Recovery

    Challenges like increased data quantities, diverse storage sites to protect, and vulnerability to cyber-attacks makes it crucial for organizations to reduce workload risk. Jump into this custom resource to read about the benefits of a unified backup and recovery solution aimed at tackling today’s dynamic data protection requirements.

  • Adopt, Implement and Realize the Full Potential of AI

    With the right storage architecture, you can efficiently organize and analyze data, as well as train advanced models to create AI-driven insights from that data. Access this custom resource to learn the 3 infrastructure attributes that AI projects demand and discover a storage solution that can provide this foundation.

  • Is Your MDM/EMM Measuring Up?

    Are your legacy MDM, EMM, or UEM solutions holding their value – or are they causing your endpoint management capabilities to fall behind? Learn how to measure your legacy endpoint management platforms against modern capability benchmarks and find out if they’re making the cut or not.

  • The Multiple Advantages of Data Storage Modernization

    By making timely investments in modern storage infrastructures from trusted vendors, organizations can remain in firm control of their future. Read this resource to learn how to leverage data as a differentiating asset and to discover the multiple advantages of data storage modernization

  • IBM MaaS360 Customer Case Study - RGS Nordic

    Headquartered in Copenhagen, RGS Nordic operates wastewater treatment facilities across Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Inside this case study, discover how RGS Nordic earned secure, highly compliant endpoint management in the cloud.

  • Ten Rules for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Click inside this guide to learn ten rules for BYOD to ensure that all security and compliance gaps are safely plugged -- while still maximizing all the productivity and user experience perks of a sleek, highly flexible BYOD policy.

  • The 13 UEM Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

    Save a copy of this Forrester report to read through the results of a 23-criterion evaluation of unified endpoint management vendors – and to find out which UEM providers come out on top.

  • Complexity in Cybersecurity Report 2019

    The evolving nature of security has led organizations to adopting a wide array of disjointed security tools. This overly siloed environment leads to complexity, which ultimately affects overall security efficacy. In this report, uncover results from a Forrester study into the current state of security complexity & the effect it’s having.

  • Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by MaaS360

    Download a copy of this Forrester Total Economic Impact study to take a closer look at the cost savings and business benefits enabled by IBM MaaS360 with Watson.

  • Reinventing Business with Automation

    Save a copy of this whitepaper to learn how automation has evolved as enterprises have transformed into digital organisations – and find out which users these changes are affecting the most, and why.

  • Can cloud-native development transform your customer experience?

    This report explores the impact of a cloud-native development model in an enterprise and understands the drivers, challenges and benefits of this model, as experienced by IT executives, development executives and lead developers. Check it out here.

  • Why Data Capture and Automation Are Key to Digital Transformation

    Access this e-book to learn the 5 ways data capture and automation are changing the way we process information today and the 3 crucial components to consider when weighing data capture solutions.

  • How to be a SOAR Winner

    As cyberattacks and malware threats grow increasing sophisticated, implementing an automated and orchestrated security environment is critical for detecting and defecting cyberthreats. Read on to learn about the eight most critical success factors in creating and sustaining an intelligently automated, orchestrated security team.

  • Gartner report: 2019 Market Guide for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Solutions

    The first market guide from Gartner to cover the SOAR solution market provides analysis and direction on the current state of the SOAR market, as well as recommendations and key findings to help security and risk management leaders evaluate how a SOAR solution can improve their security operations.

  • The Total Economic Impact of IBM Resilient

    Download the white paper on Intelligent Orchestration to learn best practices for building consistent IR processes and leveraging security orchestration and automation for guided response.

  • Six Steps for Building a Robust Incident Response Function

    In the white paper "Six Steps for Building a Robust Incident Response Function" IBM Resilient provides a framework for security teams to build a strong incident response program and deliver organization-wide coordination and optimizations to accomplish these goals.

  • The Future of Security Operations

    As technology changes and attack surfaces grow, security teams are forced to think differently. Leverage this resource to learn about the future of security operations and how your team can more effectively operationalize world-class security practices.

  • It's time to modernise your app portfolio and accelerate digital transformation!

    It's time to modernise your application portfolio and reap the benefits of the same. Are you equipped for the upcoming business transition that will accelerate your digital transformation, enhance developer experience and improve operational efficiency? Develop apps for today and tomorrow.Turn to IBM® Application Modernisation Field Guide.

  • The Cloud Adoption Playbook

    Though daunting, moving to the cloud simply requires a roadmap that identifies routes to successful adoption to ensure your business optimises productivity and gains a clear, competitive advantage. Leverage the Cloud Adoption Playbook to start your cloud adoption journey the right way!

  • 3 power tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of poor cloud adoption

    Cloud technology adoption continues to drive true digital transformation. Without a comprehensive strategy, your cloud journey could be costly and full of roadblocks. This executive brief gives you fresh insights into the 3 pillars supporting app modernisation. Helping you identify the gold standards in app modernisation and cloud adoption.

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