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  • Backup Solutions For Today's Data Center

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Storage

    This expert E-Guide explores the different data backup and storage systems available, and which ones will really eat up your storage budget. Read now to learn more.

  • Expert Podcast: Cloud vs. Tape Backup

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    Check out this podcast to learn the basics of cloud and tape backup from Jon Toigo, CEO and Managing Principal, Toigo Partners International - and how these 2 storage mediums aren't necessarily interchangeable.

  • Tape Storage Systems Continue to Evolve with Long-Term Data Archiving Functionality

    Sponsored by: Spectra Logic Corporation

    This tutorial will cover the latest developments in tape storage systems and review the major differences between backup software vs. archiving software. The benefits of tape storage systems, including long-term data archiving will also be discussed.

  • Case Study: West Jefferson Medical Center Rearchitects Its Data Protection Infrastructure with NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup

    Sponsored by: Syncsort

    This buyer case study presents a medical center's deployment and use of NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup.

  • Transitioning from Tape to a Disk Backup Appliance

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    This E-Guide is here to help you make the transition from tape to disk as smooth as possible. Read on as backup expert Brien Posey offers insight into the 7 steps that you need to follow in order to have a fast, stress-free transition.

  • LTO tape technology continues to evolve with LTO 5

    Sponsored by: Spectra Logic Corporation

    Read this E-Guide today to discover why tape still plays a vital role in today's data-driven IT.

  • LTO-6 Tape Drive Pre-Purchase Program

    Sponsored by: Spectra Logic Corporation

    Check out this brief white paper to learn how you can gain access to the first available shipments of tape's upcoming LTO-6 release.

  • IDC Report: Backup and Recovery Challenges, Key Findings, and Purchasing Recommendations

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    IDC recently interviewed 10 European companies that have deployed EMC backup and recovery solutions. The purpose was to identify and quantify the resulting business value of each project, in order to calculate a cumulative ROI. Read now to learn the study's key findings.

  • Clipper NotesTM: In Search of the Long-Term Archiving Solution – Tape Delivers Significant TCO Advantage over Disk

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Putting to rest many of the claims that tape has passed its prime, this Clipper Note from The Clipper Group confirms that tape can be an important cost-saving storage technology for long-term archiving of big files in a tiered storage architecture.

  • Lowering Storage Costs with the World's Fastest Tape Drive

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Explosive data growth is causing storage costs to skyrocket, which is forcing IT organizations to look for more cost-effective archival and backup solutions. Oracle's StorageTek tape product family has maintained a market leadership position for many years and now includes the world's fastest and highest capacity tape drive.

  • Tape Vaulting: What You Need to Know About Tape Backup and Archiving

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    Check out this expert presentation transcript with storage industry analyst Lauren Whitehouse to learn about recent developments in tape that are keeping it relevant.

  • Should it Stay or Should it Go? 10 Steps to Leveraging Data on a Tape Backup System

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    Check out this white paper to discover 10 steps toward developing a tape-based data retention plan for your business. Discover the importance of knowing and defining your regulatory requirements, receive three keys to maximize your backup tape investment and more.

  • Eguide: Tape’s Reincarnation in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    Check out this E-Guide to learn whether or not tape can play a role in cloud backup and data protection operations. Discover the changing requirements of a cloud-based infrastructure, and learn how tape technology may be on track to help administrators maintain cost-effective backups.

  • Eguide: The State of Tape: Recent Developments in Tape

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this E-Guide, Rich Castagna discusses the current landscape of the tape market and its role in the data center today. Read on to learn the latest trends in tape systems, advanced drives life the T10000C and where the future of tape lies.

  • E-Guide: The State of Tape: Recent Developments in Tape

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    In this E-Guide, Rich Castagna discusses the current landscape of the tape market and its role in the data center today. Read on to learn the latest trends in tape systems, advanced drives life the T10000C and where the future of tape lies.

  • E-Guide: Selecting the data backup option that is right for you

    Sponsored by: Dell Compellent

    It is ultimately up to each individual health care facility to determine the data backup options that best suit their needs, so long as the overall solution adheres to regulatory requirements.Access this e-guide for an overview of pros and cons of different types of backups.

  • Archiving America's Pastime

    Sponsored by: Fujifilm Recording Media USA, Inc.

    This case study follows the design and implementation of the MLB Network's solution to today's archiving challenges - using highly-optimized tape systems, they were able to realize fully verified and auditable archives while saving $20,000 annually in equipment maintenance and management fees. Check out this case study to learn more.

  • E-Guide: When do You Archive? When do You Backup?

    Sponsored by: Veritas

    Backups aren’t archives and archives aren’t backups. So how exactly do you differentiate the between the two? This can help you distinguish these storage technologies from one another by comparing them and outlining how each works. Read on to learn when you should archive and when you should backup.

  • E-guide: Top Tips for Today’s Archiver

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    Check out this E-Guide from to learn how to choose a data archiving strategy and if using tape or disk is the best archiving method for your business. Also learn other archiving best practices to keep in mind.

  • IBM ProtecTIER and SAP: Critical Data Protection Without Disruption

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This comprehensive white paper describes IBM ProtecTIER’s fast performance, scalable capacity and replication for SAP backup environments. It also describes two real-life SAP and ProtecTIER deployments to see how IBM is meeting SAP backup needs in even the most challenging environments.

  • Tutorial: What's Truly New in Tape Storage Technology

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    Contrary to popular belief, tape storage systems still have a number of inherent benefits. Long-term data archiving, the ability to be easily transported offsite, relatively low cost – just to name a few. This tutorial features information about the latest developments on tape storage systems.

  • E-Guide: Tape's Second Life: Its Impressive Evolution & Role in the Cloud

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    Despite the rumors, tape remains a viable economic part of the data storage hierarchy due to its lower cost per GB, decreased operating expenses and reduced energy costs. This expert E-Guide will show you why tape may have a second life in cloud and how it can provide substantial backup for your organization.

  • The Complete Guide to Backup and Recovery for the SMB

    Sponsored by: Nexsan

    Small and mid-sized businesses are a market that has been underserved by data protection software, appliances and online backup services until the last few years.Yet, these organizations have the same needs as large enterprises to protect their data. Full-time, dedicated IT resources are often beyond their means.

  • E-Guide: Choosing a Data Archiving Strategy: Disk, Tape or Both?

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    Today’s organizations typically have three data archiving strategies they can choose from: disk archiving, tape archiving or a combination of both. This E-Guide offers insight into the advantages and disadvantages of each method, how to choose the best approach, and  the best and worst practices of data archives.

  • Presentation Transcript: Tiered Data Storage

    Sponsored by: Dell Compellent

    In this presentation transcript, Ashish Nadkarni, Senior Analyst and Consultant at Taneja, explores the three tiers that are typically the most beneficial for SMBs: primary, secondary, and tape.

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