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  • Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Help/Systems

    Are you prepared for your next audit? This webcast explores a new tool that expands job scheduling and server management to your server. Discover how this approach can help your organization pass its next audit with ease.

  • Optimizing IT Service Delivery: The Need for Linux System Management

    Sponsored by: Red Hat and JBoss

    One way IT organizations are handling the growing need to achieve IT efficiency is by implementing systems management functions in their business environments. As the business value of Linux based deployment increases, so does the need for Linux systems management. This IDC white paper will examine the key benefits of system management software.

  • Guide: Active Administrator

    Sponsored by: ScriptLogic Corporation

    Active Directory becomes very complex to manage in Windows networks. Administrators leave, users are given elevated privileges, applications require special accounts - very soon you have an Active Directory full of security weaknesses.

  • 8 Questions You Should Ask About Linux Systems Management

    Sponsored by: Red Hat and JBoss

    IT organizations are always looking for ways to save money and time without compromising on issues like security or compliance. Exploring the value of your systems management solution is a lot easier when you know the right questions to ask. We have a few suggestions for how to get started.

  • Red Hat Network Satellite: Management And Automation Of Your Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® Environment

    Sponsored by: Red Hat and JBoss

    Red Hat Network (RHN) Satellite server is an easy-to-use, advanced systems management platform for your Linux infrastructure. Learn the business benefits gained through increased productivity, reduced system life cycle costs, greater administration consistency, and enhanced security. This overview details the many features of each module...

  • Streamlining Systems Management: Red Hat Provides The University of Southern Mississippi With Time-Saving Solution

    Sponsored by: Red Hat and JBoss

    Managing close to 80 physical servers with limited technical resources can quickly become a challenge for any organization. learn how USM's IT team turned to Red Hat's 'Satellite' to provide a reliable, advanced, open source systems management solution to ease their systems management challenges.

  • Introduction to Virtualization E-Book, Chapter 2: Optimizing Server Virtualization

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Company and Intel

    Server sprawl and underutilization problems plague many data centers, with applications being assigned to a server that rarely uses any more than 5% to 10% of its computing capacity. This e-book explains optimizing server virtualization and server management and can help optimize a virtual server deployment.

  • Cisco Security Solutions - A Reference Guide

    Sponsored by: Cisco Systems, Inc.

    This reference guide shows why security matters now more than ever. A strategic security solution empowers organizations to maintain their reputation, meet regulatory compliance standards, protect business information, and optimize business operations. Read on and discover how Cisco can help you meet those objectives.

  • BMC Software Hybrid Copy Techniques

    Sponsored by: BMC Software, Inc.

    Because organizations are demanding 24x7 availability from their IMS, DB2®, and VSAM applications, it is imperative that those applications do not experience outages. Read this white paper to find out how BMC's Hybrid Copy techniques help for faster system recovery in the event of a local outage.

  • Presentation Transcript: Managing Windows with IT Search

    Sponsored by: Splunk

    Read this presentation transcript of the “Managing Windows with IT Search” podcast with Windows Specialist and Director of Product Management at Splunk, Johnathon Cervelli, to learn how IT Search can help you dramatically simplify Windows Systems Management.

  • Use of Virtualization Technology with SAP

    Sponsored by: VMware and Intel

    The arrival of VMware virtualization technology and the multi-core Intel® Xeon® processor specifically designed for virtualization helps upgrading the company's core business systems in a limited amount of time.

  • Zenoss Core: Open Source Monitoring and Systems Management

    Sponsored by: Zenoss, Inc.

    Network management and systems management professionals have more infrastructure than ever to manage. Existing systems management tools are incomplete, too expensive and/or too complex. Download this trial softwar and learn how Zenoss Core Open Source Monitoring and Systems Management can help.

  • Getting Started with LINQ to XML

    Sponsored by: Global Knowledge

    LINQ is an acronym which stands for Language Integrated Query. This new technology comes built into the .NET Framework 3.5 and can be used with any of the different languages that run under .NET. This paper serves as an introduction.

  • Siemens Increases Productivity, Reduces Deployment Time by 83 Percent

    Sponsored by: Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd

    Siemens IT Operations, had the challenge of connecting a myriad of dissimilar systems to overcome this problem they deployed Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2004 to integrate and manage a range of applications and business processes.

  • The "Hard Truths" About Managing Administrative and Application Identities

    Sponsored by: CyberArk Software, Inc

    This videocast will examine the "hard truths" around managing administrative and application identities and suggest a practical approach to include privileged identity management in your overall governance, risk management and compliance strategy.

  • Monitoring the Computer Room's Physical Environment

    Sponsored by: Sensaphone

    This paper addresses the greatest environmental threats to the functionality of small to medium computer rooms and presents the time and cost savings associated with the integration of a remote monitoring system.

  • Accelerate Application Development, Testing, and Deployment with VMware Software

    Sponsored by: VMware, Inc.

    This white paper explains how VMware software improves testing productivity and eliminates hardware bottlenecks for testing and deployment.

  • Lowering the Cost of Test with Integrated Switch Management

    Sponsored by: National Instruments

    National Instruments Switch Executive is a significant innovation in the design and implementation of automated test systems.

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