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  • On-Demand Webinar: The Importance of Cloud Governance

    Sponsored by: Concourse Labs

    Automated cloud governance is emerging as one of the most effective ways organizations can ensure security and compliance at scale as they migrate towards cloud environments. Watch this webinar to learn more about the importance of cloud governance, its role in digital transformation, and more.

  • The Six Steps to Effective Cloud Governance

    Sponsored by: Concourse Labs

    Without effective cloud governance, cloud migrations would present disastrous security risks – threatening an organizations financial health, regulatory compliance and reputation. This eBook provides 6 regimented steps to help organization achieve effective cloud governance.

  • Prevent Fraud and Phishing Attacks With DMARC

    Sponsored by: Mimecast

    The FBI estimates that between 2013 and 2018, cybercriminals stole more than $12 billion using business email compromise (BEC) attacks. To prevent BEC and phishing, organizations are turning to email authentication tools. Read this Forrester report, which analyzes the features and capabilities of Mimecast’s email authentication offering.

  • Automated Cloud Governance: The ONUG Collaborative

    Sponsored by: Concourse Labs

    As organizations continue to embrace cloud capabilities, ensuring security and governance across these new environments becomes more important than ever. This e-guide provides a comprehensive overview of the most effective way to achieve automated cloud governance (compliance & security at the speed of DevOps) – read on to get started.

  • McAfee MVISION Insights

    Sponsored by: McAfee

    Enterprises have reacted to the evolution of cyberthreats by increasing security budgets and adopting threat intelligence platforms, but neither of these strategies offer the desired results. They both require rigorous human intervention and produce only limited actionability. Read this white paper for an alternative way to take proactive action.

  • A Buyers’ Guide to SecOps

    Sponsored by: DWA UK - Vmware

    Endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools are emerging as a prominent figure in protecting an organization’s endpoints. Similarly, SecOps tools are quickly becoming critical in ensuring security across the DevOps lifecycle. Read this buyers’ guide for an overview of how to evaluate and select the right tool and vendor.

  • Analyst Report: Concourse Labs is Shaping the Cloud Governance Market

    Sponsored by: Concourse Labs

    With cloud growing in popularity, organizations need a way to ensure they meet security and governance requirements in their new environment – which led to the inception of the cloud governance market. Read this analyst report for 451 Research’s evaluation of Concourse Labs’ cloud governance offering.

  • How to Consolidate Your Cybersecurity Stack

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    As a result of rapid innovation by threat actors in the past decade, the number of layers in the average cybersecurity stack is now up to 47. This number wouldn’t seem so horrible if these tools worked well together, but they don’t. It may be time to consolidate your cybersecurity. Read this white paper to learn the framework for doing so.

  • Seven Strategies to Securely Enable Remote Workers

    Sponsored by: BlackBerry

    Remote work is becoming a "must-have" job requirement, and security architectures and network protocols are changing as a result. New security methodologies, like zero trust, are being more heavily considered, and network professionals must work to ensure productivity from anywhere. Read this white paper to learn 7 strategies for remote enablement.

  • Managing Digital Risk: The Security Challenge Beyond Your Perimeter

    Sponsored by: Mimecast

    Today’s security leaders are feeling the pressure of the threat that cyber risks present to their organization’s reputation. But managing digital risk can sometimes be resource exhaustive. Read this Mimecast guide for an overview of modern challenges and how to overcome them.

  • Surviving Common Office 365 Security Pitfalls

    Sponsored by: Quest

    Migrating from an on-prem active directory (AD) to a cloud-based directory, like Office 365, can put your users and organization at serious risk of a data breach – which can cost upwards of $4 million per incident, according to the Ponemon Institute. Read this e-guide for tips and guidance to securing your Office 365 migration.

  • Cybersecurity Automation for Dummies

    Sponsored by: Infoblox

    Automation is quickly becoming one of the most valuable capabilities for providing security across growing network landscapes. This eBook, Cybersecurity Automation for Dummies, provides additional insight and expert guidance regarding the role of automation in security programs.

  • Protecting the User: A Review of Mimecast’s Web Security Service

    Sponsored by: Mimecast

    Web browsers and email clients remain the most common points of entry and attack. Despite security awareness training and increasingly intelligent controls, unsuspecting employees are in the firing line for a bevy of developing cyber threats. Fight back – view this SANS report to read an review of Mimecast’s Web Security service.

  • Cloud Usage in the Financial Services Sector

    Sponsored by: McAfee

    The following report, Cloud Usage in the Financial Services Sector, provides a closer look at the results of a Cloud Security Alliance survey designed to identify the challenges, risks and best practices for the development, deployment and management of secure cloud services in the financial services industry – read on to view the findings.

  • A Simpler Approach to Endpoint Security

    Sponsored by: McAfee

    For today’s security teams, protecting endpoints has never been more difficult due to an expanding disparity between the growing severity of cyberthreats and the shrinking number of skilled security professionals. McAfee looks to remedy this gap – read their solution brief to see what they have to say.

  • Enterprise Network Security in a Post-COVID World

    Sponsored by: Cato Networks

    The current global situation did not create network reliability and security initiatives – rather, it merely exacerbated the need for them due to the increase in remote employees. Bandwidth has decreased, and vulnerability has increased, but there may be a way to kill both of these birds with one stone. See this brief to learn about SASE.

  • The Clock is Always Ticking: 24/7 Cybersecurity Monitoring Takes its Toll

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    65% of Security Operations Center (SOC) professionals say stress has caused them to think about quitting. Needless to say, security is stressful, but relief is possible. Read this white paper to explore the issue of increasing demands on security practitioners and to explore several avenues for automating and reducing workloads for team members.

  • Virtual Fireside Chat: Current Work from Home Paradigm

    Sponsored by: McAfee

    The security needs of the modern remote workforce require specific protection and access needs that differ from the pre-pandemic workforce that largely worked in offices. Watch this Virtual Fireside Chat to learn more about how security should shift its focus to account for these changing needs.

  • Keeping Tabs on a Constantly Evolving Threat Landscape

    Sponsored by: Dell SecureWorks

    Criminal threat actors aren’t just developing their tactics and techniques – they’re updating their ‘business’ strategies, too. Cybercriminal operators are adopting strategies often seen in the legitimate business world to increase return on investment (ROI) and operational efficiency. Jump into this white paper to learn more.

  • HPE Cyber Security Best Practices to Protect Your Business

    Sponsored by: TechData

    Cyberattacks have become an increasingly dangerous threat in recent years, growing in volume, complexity and severity. This solution brief offers Hewlett Packard’s cybersecurity best practices, including a 6-step cybersecurity approach with offerings that coincide with each step – read on to get started.

  • Cybersecurity in the Remote Work Era: A Global Risk Report

    Sponsored by: Keeper Security Inc

    One of the business functions most affected by the spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent era of remote work is IT security. Read this comprehensive research report, Cybersecurity in the Remote Work Era: A Global Risk Report, for a closer look at the new risks to look out for, how security postures have changed, and other key findings.

  • The Complete Guide for Preventing Costly Data Leaks for UK Local Governments

    Sponsored by: Zivver

    For local governments in the UK, a data leak can be catastrophic, not to mention expensive. This guide provides a deep dive into the risks that lead to data leaks and what UK councils can do to prevent them from happening.

  • Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

    Sponsored by: McAfee

    The spread of COVID-19 has caused dramatic changes in how organizations approach protecting their remote employees while facilitating productive work environments – affecting cloud service usage across on a global scale. For key findings and statistics, read the McAfee Cloud Adoption and Risk Report.

  • Accelerate Threat Resolution With DNS

    Sponsored by: Infoblox

    Security and risk (S&R) professionals rely on DNS for 3 priorities: early detection and blocking of threats, investigation and response to threats and quick identification of compromised devices. How can organizations get a holistic view of the importance of DNS to security? Browse this Forrester report to learn why DNS is crucial in DLP.

  • Securing Public Clouds: Understand the Cloud Shared Responsibility Model

    Sponsored by: Radware

    As organizations continue to adopt cloud services, one key issue remains – each public cloud user and provider has their own unique security policies and approaches, making it difficult to achieve standard, unified security. This white paper overviews the cloud shared security model, which aims to address these challenges.

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