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  • Infographic: 6 file transfer best practices

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    File sharing is a critical everyday practice across the enterprise. The wide-scale adoption of IM and collaboration tools, as well as cloud-based file-sharing sites, has made the process of sharing data easier -- but also less secure -- than ever. Here are six secure file transfer best practices to avoid exposing confidential data.

  • Top 5 digital transformation trends in 2022

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    As organizations move out of crisis mode, CIOs are rethinking their digital transformation strategies. Here are five key areas CIOs are focusing on as we move out of crisis mode and into the future, with Intelligent search, CDPs, AIOps, DevOps/Agile/ITSM claiming the spotlight.

  • Building the Business Case for Enterprise File Sync-and-Share

    Sponsored by: Nasuni

    Based on market research, this guide uncovers the many purchase drivers nudging organizations in the direction of EFSS. Read on, as the content inside covers the features businesses are looking for in EFSS, the business problems EFSS can solve, the risks of going without EFSS (9 are detailed inside), and more.

  • Compare enterprise file-sync-and-sharing software and deployment options

    Sponsored by: Insight

    Download this e-guide to take a look at different EFSS technologies and cloud deployment models. You'll learn how different vendors stack up in terms of security, user experience, collaboration capabilities, file synchronization and more.

  • The Evolution of Enterprise File Sync and Share

    Sponsored by: ibm box

    Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) tools have evolved significantly over the past few years. Given these changes, it can be difficult to know exactly which business needs any given tool will meet. Read on to gain an understanding of the changes happening in EFSS, the market, which deployment model is best for your organization, and more.

  • How Enterprise File Sync-and-share is Changing the Backup Game

    Sponsored by: Intermedia

    Cloud-based file sync and share is becoming more popular as employees use their own devices to access corporate data. This e-guide details why organizations are turning to consumer cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration services to keep their company's data safe.

  • Cloud Enterprise Content Management: Streamlining Mobile Business Processes

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Cloud-based ECM makes content available anywhere and anytime, a key feature in the era of proliferating mobile devices. But while identifying these benefits is one thing, actually implementing them is another. In this e-guide, we explore the challenges you face when adopting cloud ECM and the capabilities you can unlock like cloud file sharing.

  • Object Storage Architecture Removes File Crawl Issues

    Sponsored by: Cloudian

    In this expert guide, find out the many differences of object storage that make it that much more efficient and economical fit for your enterprise, such as active or cold archiving, search, analytics, and more.

  • Where's the Collaboration in Enterprise Collaboration Tools?

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Content Management

    Enterprise collaboration tools can help generate sales, reduce costs and connect dispersed workers. So why are many companies hesitant to use them? In this e-guide, you'll ensure strong governance policies are at the heart of your enterprise-wide collaboration strategy and learn the secrets of collaboration success.

  • In Effort to Keep Up, ECM Looks to the Cloud

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Content Management

    In this handbook, discover how the cloud is driving enterprise content management and collaboration trends, the technologies different companies are turning to in order to go completely paperless, and more.

  • Computer Weekly – 9 June 2015: The file-sharing face-off: Box or Dropbox

    Sponsored by: TechTarget

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the two most popular tools for cloud-based enterprise file sharing and assess the relative merits of Box and Dropbox. We talk to some of the early pioneers in developing smartwatch apps. And we find out why IT security spending is shifting from prevention to detection and response. Read the issue now.

  • GPFS Advisory for Sales Engineers

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this video, Scott Fadden of WW Technical Marketing explains what administrators need to know about GPFS, including how it affects storage architectures and the critical management considerations to keep in mind.

  • How Box Balances Security with Usability

    Sponsored by: Box

    In this in-depth e-guide, explore the differences between Box and Dropbox for enterprise-use, and learn how online file-sharing apps are attempting to strike the perfect balance between usability and securty.

  • What to Look for in Secure File Transfer

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Security

    In this exclusive guide, you will discover how secure file transfer products work and determine which will be the best fit for your particular environment. Read on to learn about the key features of secure file transfer and get insight into a file hosting service.

  • Enterprise File Sync and Sharing Solutions: An In-Depth Comparison of Key Market Players

    Sponsored by: Citrix

    EFSS capabilities continue to standardize, forcing players to differentiate mobile content and collaboration.Read on to learn about these unique capabilities and how these competitors stack up against one another.

  • Security best practices for file-based data movement— an IT practitioner’s guide

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this white paper, discover the best solution used to execute file transfer activities—in a safe and secure manner.

  • A Managed File Transfer Center of Excellence – Taking a strategic approach

    Sponsored by: IBM

    This infographic highlights a technology that helps establish a customer-centric managed file transfer architecture that improves time to revenue through quicker customer onboarding. Use the 4-step adoption strategy in this paper to help lead your team to success.

  • Accellion vs Box: 5 Key Reasons Enterprises Select Accellion

    Sponsored by: Accellion, Inc.

    Read this whitepaper to learn how Accellion's private cloud answers the need for a mobile, scalable, flexible file sharing solution that extends and reinforces enterprise security policies and controls.

  • Best Practice in Managed File Transfers

    Sponsored by: IBM

    In this Aberdeen Group report, learn about 7 key capabilities of enterprise-class managed file transfer solutions that will help support collaboration between individuals, and integrate business processes within and between enterprises.

  • Share, Store, Sync, and Secure Data on any Device Anywhere

    Sponsored by: Citrix and Microsoft

    ShareFile is a secure data sync and sharing service that allows IT to mobilize all enterprise data and empower user productivity anywhere. Download today's featured data sheet to review all the key functions and benefits that can be reaped from this technology.

  • The Keys to Securing Data in a Collaborative Workplace

    Sponsored by: Dropbox for Business

    This white paper introduces 5 steps you can take to secure file sync and share so that employees can enjoy the benefits of collaboration without fear of data loss.

  • Evaluating File Sync and Share Security

    Sponsored by: Dropbox for Business

    This white paper outlines the twelve questions you need to ask vendors to ensure you're getting the most secure file sync and share service possible.

  • File Sync and Share Requires Planning and Caution

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Storage

    File sync and share can boost productivity, but cause security issues. IT can regain control with the right deployment model and a corporate-sanctioned online file-sharing service.

  • Enterprise File Sync & Share Checklist

    Sponsored by: Code42

    This informative whitepaper explores some key strategies for choosing your mobile collaboration and file transfer platform.

  • The File Transfer Security Evolution

    Sponsored by: Globalscape

    This white paper highlights 4 key features of a managed file transfer solution that is business-ready and meets increasing user demands for convenience.

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