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  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Enables Datacenter Life-Cycle Automation

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

    Read this paper for a description of the emerging automation and integrated management requirements facing datacenter management teams today and to learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is helping customers meet these challenges.

  • What you Need to Do Coming out of a Downturn (and How to Actually get it Done)

    Sponsored by: Infor

    Now is the best possible time to re-engineer your organization for peak performance. With just a few smart moves you can position your organization to come out of the downturn even more successful than before and for years or decades to come. Read on to learn more about these 6 smart moves that will ensure success.

  • Online Trial: Rational System Architect

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Try IBM® Rational® System Architect® V11.3, which enables business managers and IT professionals to plan, model, and execute changes to improve their business strategy and process as well as the IT systems and infrastructure that support them, enabling successful enterprise planning and transformation.

  • Dell Asset Recovery Services

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    To protect your company's assets and reputation, Dell's Asset Recovery Services help ensure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands while also promoting environmental stewardship through our efforts to achieve zero-landfill and zero-export policies.

  • Asset Management to Support Product Lifecycle Management

    Sponsored by: IBM

    Leading-edge manufacturers are discovering that they can improve production efficiencies and manage MRO expenditures by integrating their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems.

  • The Business Impact of EAM

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The Business Impact of Enterprise Asset Management provides a straightforward, jargon-free look at the way Enterprise Asset Management is changing the world of business.

  • Reducing Desktop Power Consumption: How IT and Facilities Can Both Win

    Sponsored by: Faronics

    This paper examines how Power Save helps companies meet their environmental objectives. It uses intelligent energy management to ensure workstations are available when system resources are required, while conserving power during downtimes.

  • Going Beyond Email: Marketing Software with Targeted In-Product Messaging

    Sponsored by: Macrovision, makers of AdminStudio 

    Read this white paper to read about the problems with using email as a marketing tool and how Product Managers can use in-product messaging, a new vehicle for promoting software, to successfully market via email.

  • FLEXnet Connect

    Sponsored by: Macrovision, makers of AdminStudio 

    FLEXnet Connect is the only solution that keeps you connected to users by electronically delivering applications, updates, and messages directly to their systems - keeping your software up to date, your support costs down, and your customers happy.

  • Berner Foods Case Study

    Sponsored by: CDC Software - Ross Enterprise

    Manufacturers need to meet evolving requirements for safety and quality. There is also a need for a technology infrastructure with the flexibility to enter new markets. Read this study to learn about improving operations, quality control, suppl...

  • Supporting the Lean Value Stream with Technology Solutions

    Sponsored by: Infor

    Supply chain-based organizations are under constant pressure to produce more value with fewer and fewer resources. Learn how organizations can eliminate production waste, allow for faster reaction to change and better manage their supply chains.

  • Is Your Data Protected?

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Vantara

    Attend this Podcast to learn how protecting your organization's data can also help improve operational efficiency and operational resilience.

  • IT Asset Management and Inventory Tracking

    Sponsored by: BOSS

    DiagWin Professional inventories all software and devices employed by every Windows-based computer on your network with sufficient detail for you to make decisions related to enterprise standards and compliance, end-user capabilities and requirements.

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