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  • Demo: Microsoft Windows 2008 Protection and Recovery Using FalconStor CDP

    Sponsored by: FalconStor Software

    Access this video demonstration for a detailed look at FalconStor CDP’s ability to protect physical servers and virtual machines, support direct attached storage along with iSCSI and fiber channel SAN connectivity and to work with clustered shared storage.

  • Presentation Transcript: The Basics of RAID

    Sponsored by: Nexsan

    A RAID is a method of ganging up, so to speak, a bunch of disk drives, such that the availability and/or the performance is actually improved. Read this transcript for more basics of RAID.

  • Presentation Transcript - Solid State Drives and their Rapid Advent in Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Atrato, Inc.

    I’m Deni Connor, Senior Analyst for Storage Strategies NOW. We are here today to talk about solid state drives, and their rapid advance in the enterprise. In this presentation transcript, I’m going to ask why the advent of SSDs and what is the problem that is being solved by them.

  • Benchmarking Enterprise SSDs

    Sponsored by: sTec | HGST

    This paper will demonstrate differ­ences in comparative SSD products. The analysis reconciles instanta­neous benchmark data to actual user performance, over time in a work­ing system under a true enterprise workload.

  • Making Cents of Tape vs. Disk: The Complete Guide on What to Choose and Why

    Sponsored by: Nexsan

    Since the cost comparison between tape and disk is obviously far more complex than the media itself, this brief outlines all the considerations necessary for a more complete understanding of the benefit and true cost comparison between tape and disk to help IT professionals choose and justify their backup environment.

  • Presentation Transcript - Maximizing Enterprise Backup and Dedupe Performance for Greater ROI

    Sponsored by: FalconStor Software

    Let’s take a look at disk and how it is fundamentally changing data protection. This presentation transcript explains how to leverage the advantages of disk for best possible backup performance and maximum ROI.

  • ESG: Data De-Duplication and Disk Backup Systems, Part 1: Technology Considerations

    Sponsored by: EMC Backup and Recovery Solutions

    Data de-duplication is a very important topic because it really changes the way we perform backups. Read this presentation transcript for a discussion on the various technology considerations when applying data de-duplication technology to disk backup.

  • RAID FAQ Presentation Transcript

    Sponsored by: Nexsan

    Please read this presentation transcript, in which Andrew Burton, features editor for, interviews Greg Shulz, Founder and Senior Analyst with Storage Dial Group, about RAIDS. Shulz will provide a synopsis of the different RAID levels, their characteristics and when to use each level?

  • 3PAR Thin Technologies

    Sponsored by: 3PAR

    3PAR Thin Provisioning software improves storage system efficiency and optimizes capacity utilization system-wide. No more up-front capacity allocation. No more dedicating resources for each application. No more paying to power, house, and cool disks you may not need for months or years to come, or may never actually need.

  • High-Performance Hybrid Arrays (HPHAs)

    Sponsored by: Adaptec, Inc.

    Built on Adaptec Unified Serial® (SATA/SAS) Series 5Z, Series 5 and Series 2 storage controller technology, High-performance Hybrid Arrays (HPHAs) provide for maximum performance at the lowest capital investment and operating costs.

  • ESG Report: Key Questions to Ask When Considering Deduplication and D2D Backup

    Sponsored by: EMC Backup and Recovery Solutions

    Please read this presentation transcript featuring the first of a two-part ESG e-Seminar Series on data de-duplication. In part one, Tony Asaro, ESG Senior Analyst, and Heidi Biggar ESG analyst, will discuss the various technology considerations when applying data deduplication technology to disk backup.

  • Tucson Police Department Moves To Digital Imaging With Linear Systems And LSI 3ware RAID Controllers

    Sponsored by: LSI Corporation.

    When the Tucson Police Department decided to equip its crime scene specialists with digital cameras, it chose Linear Systems Enterprise DIMS ImageServer for the ID Section’s server and storage needs. For its RAID protection, Linear Systems chose the LSI 3ware 9650SE controller card. Read on to find out the amazing results.

  • Configuring Deduplication for High Performance

    Sponsored by: DellEMC and Intel®

    This technical note discusses how to configure deduplication for primary storage policy copies on the Dell PowerVault™ DL2000 magnetic library to achieve high performance.

  • Backup School 2009

    Sponsored by: EMC Backup and Recovery Solutions

    This Advanced Backup School seminar presentation is guaranteed to provide you with time-tested advice and techniques that will make backup easier. Renowned backup guru W. Curtis Preston will review the basics - but will also be going into in-depth detail on the newest issues, technologies, and solutions surrounding backup.

  • Presentation Transcript - Applying Data Deduplication Technology to Disk Backup

    Sponsored by: EMC Backup and Recovery Solutions

    This presentation transcript is the first of a two-part ESG e-Seminar Series on data de-duplication. In part one, Tony Asaro, ESG Senior Analyst, and Heidi Biggar, ESG analyst, will discuss the various technology considerations when applying data deduplication technology to disk backup.

  • BACKUP REDESIGN: Do More with Less ... Really!

    Sponsored by: AppAssure Software, Inc.

    The call to protect corporate data in less time and for less money has inspired a whole new way of thinking about backup - a complete backup redesign. This paper explores a better way to backup and protect data and applications - disk-based application.

  • eGuide: Data Center Efficiency in 2009

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    In this HP-sponsored E-guide, learn how virtualization and open source systems management tools better enable a data center to weather tight economic times. Discover why it is critical to scale back data center energy use to limit long-term capital expenditure.

  • Remote Replication Best Practices for Oracle 10g Using XP Continuous Access White Paper

    Sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    The test results and information presented in this paper explain how to properly plan for and successfully deploy a remote copy infrastructure for an Oracle 10g database using HP XP12000 Disk Arrays and HP StorageWorks XP Continuous Access Software.

  • IBM BladeCenter S - Big Benefits for the Small Office

    Sponsored by: IBM

    The all-in-one configuration of the IBM BladeCenter S makes it a perfect fit in a small office. It integrates servers, storage, networking and I/O into a single chassis, which uses a standard electrical outlet...

  • XLS In Action

    Sponsored by: Qualstar Corp

    Webcast focusing on the benefits that low power consumption and reduced floorspace have on TCO when selecting new tape libraries like XLS.

  • S2A9550 Archive Solution Industry's Most Reliable SATA Storage Solution

    Sponsored by: DataDirect Networks

    Across many organizations, the rapid growth of data is outpacing storage budgets. SATA disk based archive storage is the perfect solution. Download this white paper to learn more about disk based archive storage and see if it will work for you.

  • Dell Exchange 2007 Advisor and Representative Deployments

    Sponsored by: DellEMC and Intel®

    This paper discusses in detail the sizing features implemented in Dell Exchange 2007 Advisor Tool and deployment guidance for three reference architectures of small, medium and large Exchange environments.

  • S2A Nearline SATA Solution

    Sponsored by: DataDirect Networks

    Looking for a solution that can balance your data and storage requirements in terms of reliability, accessibility, performance and costs? Download this white paper to learn how you can make your storage infrastructure more efficient and less expensive tod

  • CitiStreet Enhances Data Recovery Capabilities with Remote

    Sponsored by: Datalink Corp

    This case study looks at why Datalink recommended and ultimately implemented Network Appliance Fabric-Attached Storage (FAS) systems with disk-based WORM storage and replication capabilities for CitiStreet's distary recovery needs.

  • Metadata: Bringing Order and Value to Reference Information

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    Read this paper to understand how metadata can be used to make it easier to escrow, migrate, manage, and make sense of extremely large reference information archives.

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