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  • Startup Hammerspace Launches with Hybrid Cloud-era NAS Virtualization

    Sponsored by: HammerSpace

    Startup Hammerspace has come out with a product that aims to give customers access to unstructured data, anywhere and on-demand. Read this e-guide to learn more about Hammerspace, key use cases for this solution, and more on how it aims to simplify multi-cloud storage.

  • Do You Have the Right Storage Solution?

    Sponsored by: Logicalis

    Download this infographic to discover one method of protecting your company against hardware failures that could result in data loss and downtime with an all-flash solution that integrates predictive analytics to not only accelerate data accessibility but to identify, and proactively resolve, any potential issues.

  • The Definitive E-book on Enterprise Data Backup and Recovery Architectures

    Sponsored by: Druva Software

    This e-book compares on-premises data protection with hybrid, hosted, and native cloud backup options to help you determine which method is right for your organization. Download here to see how they stack up, and the value each provides.

  • Business Continuity at What Cost?

    Sponsored by: StorageCraft Technology Corporation

    Attend this session with Sean Derrington, Sr. Director of Product Management at StorageCraft, to find out how to integrate SLA-oriented converged data protection and on-prem and cloud fail-safe recovery for comprehensive and cost-effective BC.

  • Product Overview: StorageCraft OneXafe

    Sponsored by: StorageCraft Technology Corporation

    Download this product overview for the highlights, features, and configurations of a converged data platform that removes the need for siloed point solutions and minimizes costs incurred from standalone hardware and software offerings.

  • Deeply Integrated Data Protection, Scale-out Storage, and Cloud-based Recovery

    Sponsored by: StorageCraft Technology Corporation

    The complexity created by multivendor environments that consist of multiple backup point products often result in an incomplete view of the data protection workflow. For businesses looking to protect their data in heterogeneous environments, read on for a converged data protection platform that combats these challenges.

  • Angelo State University Simplifies Refresh Cycles With Druva inSync

    Sponsored by: Druva Software

    Find out how Angelo State University was able to simplify its refresh process, maintain continuous data protection, and reduce data restore and backup times by 75%.

  • Overview: Iron Cloud from Iron Mountain

    Sponsored by: Iron Mountain

    Iron Mountain is now a player in the cloud space with their data management platform Iron Cloud. Just what exactly is Iron Cloud, and what does it offer in terms of backup, archiving, and data migration services? Read on to find out.

  • The Economic and Operational Benefits of Moving File Data to Object-Based Storage

    Sponsored by: Western Digital

    This IDC Spotlight examines the role of object-based storage solutions in today's market, as well as the operational and economic benefits of moving file data to object-based storage. Access here for 8 of these tangible benefits, including more robust compliance, rich metadata management, simpler DR, and more.

  • Addressing the Changing Role of Unstructured Data with Object Storage

    Sponsored by: Western Digital

    451 Research surveyed 200 enterprises about their use of object storage. Download your copy to see some of the standout object storage use cases, such as to support privacy initiatives like the GDPR and AI and machine learning platforms—all of which require granular identification and management of both structured and unstructured data.

  • Construction Management Company Moves to Cloud-Based File Sharing

    Sponsored by: Egnyte

    Download this case study to see how Balfour Beatty was able to address some of their most pressing challenges related to lost data, unrecoverable backups, securing content, and more with a cloud-based content collaboration and file sharing platform.

  • Egnyte Connect vs Box

    Sponsored by: Egnyte

    When looking at enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) solutions, IT must evaluate a range of factors to determine which platform will best suit their organization. Download this white paper to break down the features of two offerings from major EFSS vendors, Box and Egnyte.

  • Blurring the Line Between NAS and Archiving

    Sponsored by: Nasuni

    This Gartner analysis addresses the trade-offs of traditional archive selection and presents a cost-effective alternative in the form of cloud file services, which provide near-infinite archive capacity. Read on to see how cloud file services fulfill data access and retention requirements.

  • Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

    Sponsored by: Forcepoint

    ESG Lab evaluated the Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to validate how it secures the use of any cloud applications across an organization's users and endpoints. Discover how Forcepoint CASB helps organizations minimize security vulnerabilities in three key areas.

  • Thin Client: Streamline Data Security With Lean, Cloud-Connected Devices

    Sponsored by: TechData & LG Business Solutions

    Thin clients have evolved quite a bit since their early days. Today's designs are much more modern, with space-saving features that lighten the load, reduce costs and power productivity—all while enhancing data security. Read on to discover what the future of thin clients holds and how your organization stands to benefit.

  • Construction whitepaper: A Blueprint for Success

    Sponsored by: Egnyte

    In this case study learn how Egnyte Connect's file-sharing and collaboration platform fully integrates with cloud and on-prem repositories, allowing construction companies to overcome a myriad of collaboration challenges.

  • Customer success story: Hybrid approach to file sharing

    Sponsored by: Egnyte

    In this case study find out how a hybrid approach to file sharing allowed Devcon Construction to overcome the limitations of a cloud-only FSS solution.

  • Costs and Benefits: File Sync and Sharing Architectures

    Sponsored by: Egnyte

    Download this white paper for holistic insights into the impact of different FSS technologies in terms of cost, productivity and risk.

  • VxRail Cybersecurity Solutions Overview

    Sponsored by: Dell EMC and VMware

    Access this sheet for an overview of a resilient hyper-converged infrastructure option ideal for keeping virtualization environments secure. The system includes extensive levels of encryption to protect the confidentiality of data in use, in motion, and at rest; safeguard the entire data store, and protect VMs.

  • Dropbox Business Security Features

    Sponsored by: Dropbox

    Download this whitepaper for a detailed overview of leading content management system, Dropbox Business, and their back-end policies, as well as options available to admins, that make it a secure tool for unleashing teams' creative energy.

  • Privacy and Data Protection in Dropbox

    Sponsored by: Dropbox

    Download this white paper to learn about how leading content management system Dropbox maintains data security while providing a comprehensive collaboration platform to create, edit and store content.

  • The Relevance of Archiving for Business Transformation

    Sponsored by: Hitachi Data Systems

    This paper offers an intelligent archiving method with which archiving apps can automatically move data residing on any tier of storage to a fully integrated and highly available archive platform that enables you to rapidly repurpose data. Read on for a detailed look at this strategy and additional benefits.

  • Data Quality: The Hidden Enabler of Security and Compliance

    Sponsored by: Informatica

    Data privacy, protection, and compliance programs all come down to the quality of data. Read this white paper to learn about how having high-quality data can improve and protect your business.

  • Healthcare IT Security Evaluation Guide

    Sponsored by: Cylance

    Healthcare IT staff plays a critical role in safeguarding PHI. Prioritizing data protection can be difficult for IT departments primarily focused on maintaining technology for vital day-to-day operations. Discover how you can protect healthcare technology by using AI to solve cybersecurity challenges.

  • How to Achieve Breakthrough BC/DR While Controlling Costs and Complexity

    Sponsored by: Pure Storage

    This custom white paper outlines a new active/active stretched cluster technology with transparent failover that allows companies of all sizes to achieve the highest levels of business continuity. Designed to work with all-flash arrays, read on for the complete description of its features.

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