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  • EcoDataCenter Utilizes Sustainable Energy

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    From achieving a remarkably low power usage effectiveness to optimizing the use of their hydroelectric power, EcoDataCenter was able to get the most out of their colocation data center design with the help of Schneider Electric. Access this video to learn more.

  • Powering down: Keeping datacentre energy costs in check

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the outside influences that could potentially impact on datacentre power and management costs in the years to come, while also taking a closer look at some of the latest thinking and best practices around datacentre energy efficiency and cooling today.

  • Fast Track to Your Microsoft Hyper-Converged IT Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Fujitsu

    With a promise of 2.4x greater efficiency, reliance on local storage, and rack space reduction, PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct offers a cost-efficient alternative to siloed storage systems. Download this datasheet to discover 9 advantages of this HCI system.

  • Boosting Performance and Cutting Costs Through Virtualization

    Sponsored by: Fujitsu

    Enter DOO previously depended on nine aging physical servers, which were costly to maintain and prone to failure. Read this case study to learn how they ultimately tackled these issues using Fujitsu’s Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.

  • Integrating Colocation Services with Business Operations

    Sponsored by: Quality Technology Services

    Dive inside this case study to learn how Alvarez & Marsal – an international professional services firm – utilized QTS’s Service Delivery Platform to earn insight into their global data center environments 24/7 and from any location and device, resulting in serious cost savings and reduced strain on their on-premises maintenance teams.

  • How Real-Time Digital Platforms Fuel Remote Data Center Management

    Sponsored by: Quality Technology Services

    Tune in to this hands-on webinar to learn how to enable capabilities like AI, virtualization, automation, and more with digital data center toolkits. Plus, find out how to enhance power utilization and rack visibility while monitoring your data center remotely with 3D visualization technology.

  • A Practical Guide to Data Center Design and Planning

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Dive into this informative guide to uncover practical steps, clear methodologies, calculator tools, and reference designs to help simplify and shorten your data center planning processes – and increase the overall quality of your build.

  • How the Deployment of Hyperconverged Infrastructures Benefits Business

    Sponsored by: OVH

    Download this paper to dig into 6 main benefits of building your own HCI platform and to decide if this is the most suitable investment for your company.

  • Cloud-Scale Engineering

    Sponsored by: VMware International Unlimited Company

    In this webcast, learn how VMware and Intel’s co-engineering efforts can help enterprises solve business problems around disaster recovery, security, application development and more.

  • Best Practices and Business Results for Organizations Based in Germany

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and Intel

    Download this eBook to read through peer-based primary market research intended to compare the characteristics, capabilities, and outcomes of leading German organizations adhering to the six identified data center best practices.

  • Unleashing the Power of AI Initiatives with the Right Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and Intel

    To thrive in a newly digitized world where AI is being used to drive business innovation, your enterprise will be storing and computing immense levels of data. Open up this IDC Technology Spotlight report to learn how to structure your compute and storage resources to meet the growing demands of AI and intelligent technologies in business.

  • The Trusted Data Center and Server Infrastructure: Best Practices for Mid-market Organizations Webinar

    Sponsored by: Dell Technologies and Intel

    Dell, Intel, and ESG recently completed a survey of 1,650 IT leaders, all at organizations with less than 1,000 employees. The results are in. This webinar explains what separates data center leaders from data center laggards, and why the difference matters in terms of compliance, cost, and more.

  • Practical Guide to Ensuring Availability at Edge Computing Sites

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    As the consequences of IT downtimes grow more dire by the day, enterprises are quickly looking for ways to improve the availability of their existing edge locations.Discover specific ways to improve the availability of edge computing deployments inside.

  • Liquid Cooling Technologies for Data Centers and Edge Applications

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Dive inside this informative paper to uncover the fundamentals of liquid data center cooling, including a look at the five main direct-to-chip and immersive liquid cooling techniques and how they compare versus conventional air-cooling methods.

  • Arrow Solution Play: Intel Data Center Blocks for VMware vSAN

    Sponsored by: Arrow Electronics, Inc.

    Download this e-book for an in-depth look at an HCI solution, Intel Data Center Blocks for VMware vSAN, which is designed to streamline on-premises cloud storage deployments while optimizing resource utilization.

  • Computer Weekly – 26 May 2020: Can Lady Gaga and Madonna get people to take IT security seriously?

    Sponsored by:

    In this week's Computer Weekly, after hackers threatened to release data from a US law firm's celebrity clients, will people finally take cyber security seriously? Designing software for older users makes systems better for all – we examine how. And the IT chief at TSB explains how the bank recovered from its 2018 IT disaster. Read the issue now.

  • Datacentres of tomorrow: What the future holds

    Sponsored by:

    In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the technologies that are being widely-tipped to become a mainstay of datacentres in the future. At the same time, it also touches upon some of the new and emerging technologies that look set to shake-up the way datacentres are managed, monitored, powered and cooled as well.

  • Accelerate Your Path to Private Cloud Agility, Scalability and TCO

    Sponsored by: Arrow Electronics, Inc.

    Want to accelerate your path to the private cloud, and reap the agility, scalability, and TCO of similar deployments? Check out this infographic from Arrow Electronics, which explains how Intel’s Data Center Blocks for cloud ensure optimal cloud performance and provide a simple means of streamlining your private cloud adoption.

  • Considerations for Selecting a Lithium-ion Battery System for UPSs and Energy Storage Systems

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Dive inside this paper to learn about the key variables that should drive your battery decisions, including important battery metrics to know, the differences in battery design characteristics, and more.

  • Essential Guidance on DCIM for Edge Computing Infrastructure

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Jump inside this paper to learn the essential DCIM functions for managing small, unmanned edge computing sites. Plus, learn about the attributes of next-gen DCIM solutions that are best suited for remote environments.

  • Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud

    Sponsored by: Arrow Electronics, Inc.

    The following resource spotlights the Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud solution that can simplify your on-premises cloud storage infrastructure deployments. Read on for further information on key benefits and competitive differentiators.

  • Why Choose Intel Data Center Block Solutions from Arrow?

    Sponsored by: Arrow Electronics, Inc.

    This data sheet highlights the Intel Data Center Blocks solution, pre-configured with essential hardware and software components, and pre-validated to accelerate time to deployment. Download your copy to view 8 key technologies included in the stack and to learn the benefits it could bring to your company.

  • Three Types of Edge Computing Environments and their Impact on Physical Infrastructure Selection

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Depending on the environment in which they are deployed, edge deployments may be susceptible to variable conditions like humidity, security, and others that require additional planning. Inside, learn about the three classifications of micro data center environments their accompanying physical infrastructure best practices.

  • Security in the Data Center: Physical and Cyber Converge for New Opportunities

    Sponsored by: Digital Realty

    Inside this white paper, learn about the physical and cyber security challenges facing today’s data centers – and discover how enterprises are leveraging services like colocation to increase their security capabilities and reduce risks.

  • Digital Remote Monitoring and Dispatch Services’ Impact on Edge Computing and Data Centers

    Sponsored by: Schneider Electric

    Jump inside this paper, which catalogues the seven trends that are re-defining remote monitoring and field service requirements to keep pace with the growth of data center power and cooling infrastructure.

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