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  • Backup Solutions For Today's Data Center

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Storage

    This expert E-Guide explores the different data backup and storage systems available, and which ones will really eat up your storage budget. Read now to learn more.

  • Virtualization Backup Tools

    Sponsored by: TechTarget Data Center

    This expert briefing offers information on how physical and virtual backups differ and offers advice for integrating these two essential processes. Download now to assess the drawbacks and benefits of backing up your VM, as well as key criteria for evaluating your market options.

  • Top 10 Attributes of an Effective Backup Appliance

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    This resource outlines how to eliminate the use of physical tapes with network-efficient replication. Read on to learn how you can provide fast and easy DR testing capabilities with technology.

  • EMC Best Practices in Data Protection Monitoring

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    This resource discusses the modern-day dilemma of multiple vendors in a backup and recovery environment and provides insight into one vendor's solution.

  • Storage Magazine: How to improve your virtual server storage setups

    Sponsored by: IBM.

    In this expert e-zine, featuring server virtualization and storage expert, David Davis, you will gain insight through the process of tweaking virtual server storage setups and discover ten tips that provide practical guidance you can use today to improve the performance of several virtual storage systems.

  • Enterprise Backup and Recovery Must-haves for Maximum Availability

    Sponsored by: SEPATON

    Watch this short and effective webcast to learn about a backup recovery solution that is fast, scalable and secure, ensuring that your backup data is protected and available whenever you need it to minimize downtime and maximize availability.

  • Reduce your Storage Costs with Oracle Database 11g

    Sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

    This tool illustrates typical storage costs associated with your data, as well as the time it takes to backup your databases. It allows you to compare the savings that are possible using compression technologies.

  • Presentation Transcript: Facing the Storage Challenges of the Future Enterprise

    Sponsored by: Red Hat

    technologies from Red Hat Storage have revolutionized today's industry - and are providing some impressive benefits while allowing for wider customer adoption rates. Download this presentation transcript to discover exactly what features and benefits these storage solutions have to offer.

  • Ontrack® PowerControls™ Software

    Sponsored by: Kroll Ontrack, Inc.

    You need to be able to recover data in your Exchange or SharePoint environment in a timely manner. This software accelerates restoration times by allowing you to search for and manage only the data that you need, eliminating the need to maintain a separate recovery server.

  • Integrated Backup vs. Traditional Disk Libraries

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This expert e-guide explores how new integrated backup appliances are being considered an option to traditional disk libraries and other products available today. Read now to learn more.

  • Symantec Vision 2012: 4 Highlights

    Sponsored by: Veritas

    This year’s annual Symantec Vision conference in Las Vegas offered focus groups, interactive labs, opportunities for certification and one-on-one sessions with Symantec software experts. Check out this brief E-Guide to learn the specific highlights and announcements made at this event.

  • Symantec CEO: "We'll Win in Virtual Backup and the Cloud"

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    In this interview with, Symantec CEO Enrique Salem explores the cloud’s role in modern backup and why he expects backup appliances will eventually make up the bulk of backup implementations. Read now to learn more.

  • 4 Backup Technologies to Help Meet Your RTOs

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    This expert E-Guide explores different modern backup technologies that can reduce the amount of data being backed up and help you meet your backup RTOs.

  • SMB Backup: Choosing the Best Solution

    Sponsored by: Symantec Corporation

    This latest Storage Magazine column by Lauren Whitehouse explores how to choose the best SMB backup solution, products in this space, and why disk backup is a good backup solution for SMBs. Also learn the top 5 tips for virtual server backup.

  • IDC Report: Backup and Recovery Challenges, Key Findings, and Purchasing Recommendations

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    IDC recently interviewed 10 European companies that have deployed EMC backup and recovery solutions. The purpose was to identify and quantify the resulting business value of each project, in order to calculate a cumulative ROI. Read now to learn the study's key findings.

  • E-Guide: Backing Up VMs: Avoiding the Top 5 Mistakes Made

    Sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®

    This E-Guide can help by outlining the 5 most common mistakes made when backing up VMs and how to prevent them.

  • NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup provides faster backups, faster restores, and lower total cost of backup for non NetApp data and virtualized environments. Read this brief review to learn more.

  • NetApp Modernizes Backup

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    NetApp has stepped up efforts to deliver a more comprehensive data protection solution for NetApp and non-NetApp storage environments. The company extended its capabilities via partnerships with Syncsort and CommVault, augmenting its base data protection features to meet current and prospective customer requirements.

  • CARCO Delivers Higher Customer Satisfaction and Saves $1 Million with NetApp

    Sponsored by: NetApp

    Holtsville, New York-based CARCO Group Inc. and its three divisions provide investigative, fraud detection, and risk mitigation services to large corporations, producing more than two million reports each year. This case study explores how CARCO deployed NetApp unified storage to support their virtualized infrastructure and file workloads.

  • E-Guide: Dedupe Discussion: Leading Vendor’s Software Boost & Where to Dedupe

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    This E-Guide talks about EMC’s deduplication technology boost from their acquisition of Data Domain in 2009, reviews the benefits of dedupe methods and offers some insight on how these methods apply to specific environments.

  • Deliver Dynamic Business Continuity for the Enterprise with Dell Compellent Live Volume

    Sponsored by: DellEMC and Intel®

    This whitepaper provides solutions to help avoid downtime from planned outages, balance workloads on demand, and easily shift resources across the cloud.

  • E-Guide: The Latest With Dedupe: Hardware vs. Software Methods & Remote Backup Capabilities

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    This E-Guide will help you differentiate the two options – and offer insight into what you need to consider during the evaluation process. Read on to find out how hardware and software approaches differ, what needs to be looked at when evaluating solutions and how to make the right choice for your organization.

  • Backup Acceleration with EMC NetWorker and Snapshot Management

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    By combining management of heterogeneous replication and snapshot technologies with backup operations, EMC NetWorker provides a unified "command-and-control" platform to deliver unparalleled performance and reduced complexity for mission-critical application and data protection. Read this white paper to learn more.

  • Backup and Recovery for Oracle Database 11g with EMC Deduplication

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    This white paper provides guidelines for the use of EMC Data Domain deduplication for Oracle Recovery Manager backup over a Network File System mount.

  • Unified Backup and Recovery with EMC NetWorker

    Sponsored by: EMC Corporation

    This white paper highlights the scope of NetWorker features that enable users to flexibly combine different backup and recovery technologies and techniques to meet both common use cases as well as unique data protection demands.

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