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  • PCI and GDPR Data Protection Requirements Met with Zero Downtime

    Bankart is a card payments processing center which has several files and databases in their network that contain cardholder data, all of which need to be protected from threats. In this case study, learn how Bankart was able to protect the sensitive data by using comforte's SecurDPS.


    68% of industry influencers cited data security as the biggest challenge in moving to the public cloud, according to a recent report. Download this e-book to learn how Comforte’s data protection suite is designed to provided data protection enhancements and business benefits.

  • COMFORTE - Data Security Platform

    The growing complexity of digital business ecosystems, data exposure risks, and meeting evolving compliance requirements are pushing today’s business to their limits of what’s possible. Download this e-book to learn about a data security platform that is designed to simplify operations and improve security.


    Comforte’s SecurDPS Connect can help accelerate data-centric protection of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in modern applications and hosted application workflows, rapidly reducing potential exposure and the risks associated with it. Open this solution brief to learn more.


    Zero Trust is a methodology, a set of design principles, and a change in defensive mindset. Your first decision is deciding where to start your Zero Trust implementation. Read this fact sheet to learn more about Zero Trust and data-centric security.


    Verizon has issued their comprehensive 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report. If you haven’t given much attention to the report in the past, now is a good time to check it out. Open this summary of the report to gain some expert advice and insights on data protection.

  • COMFORTE - Discovery and ClassificationSB_comforte_Data_Protection

    Comforte’s Data Discovery and Classification solution can enable organizations to detect and analyze all usage of data and its lineage without relying upon organizational knowledge of the existence or location of that data. Open this solution brief to learn more.

  • Cross-regulatory Compliance for Payment Service Providers: How to Find the Right Strategy

    Payment service providers, especially those that operate internationally, must comply with a slew of data protection regulations from various geographies. This white paper explores the overlapping requirements of PCI DSS and GDPR as an example for developing a cross-regulatory compliance strategy.

  • Leading Canadian bank achieves compliance for themselves and their customers through data protection

    Comforte enables Canada’s largest bank to minimize the impact of data breaches, to achieve compliance with regulations like PCI DSS and to offer additional value to their customers by taking them out of PCI scope, hence saving them costs. Access this case study to learn how it was done.

  • Enterprise Tokenization with SecurDPS

    Classic perimeter defense, anti-virus solutions and access control are reducing the vulnerability of your business to malicious attacks. However, threat actors have been successful in bypassing those controls. Download this white paper learn how can help you to take complete control of your sensitive data.

  • Global Payment Service Provider Achieves PCI Compliance and Protects the Data of their Customers via Tokenization

    Comforte has enabled one of the world’s largest Payment Service Provider (PSPs) to protect sensitive data associated with billions of cards and therefore achieve compliance with data privacy standards and regulations like PCI DSS and GDPR. Access the case study to learn how it was done.

  • Data-centric protection explained: Weighing the different protection methods

    Given the alarming frequency of data breaches reported worldwide, it is evident that classic perimeter defenses and intrusion detection are becoming less and less effective. Step in data-centric security. Download this e-book dive into the notions of data-centric security, protection methods, and more.


    Tap into this white paper to explore the new Nacha data security rule as an example of how leveraging the right approach to tokenization can be used to meet these moving targets.

  • Major Oil Company Chooses Tokenization to Achieve PCI Compliance

    A large oil company responsible for a vast POS network spanning 14,000 gas stations was struggling to achieve PCI compliance. After searching for a new tool, the organization decided to implement SecurDPS. Find out why they chose SecurDPS and the benefits they experienced after installation in this case study.

  • SecurDPS Enterprise Fact Sheet

    Protecting sensitive data is a continuous challenge for organizations as threats persist in today’s dispersed workforce. Download this white paper to learn how a data-centric security platform is designed to protect data at its earliest point of entry into your systems.


    The latest iteration of EU legislation regarding personal data is the GDPR, applies to many more organizations than the DPD and the repercussions for non-compliance are significantly more severe. Download this white paper to access a roadmap on how organizations can effectively protect personal and cardholder data.


    Comforte’s data security platform can help secure your sensitive data and information intended for applications using standard protocols, especially useful for SaaS applications. Access this PDF to learn more about data-centric security and the benefits of Comforte’s data security platform.

  • Evaluating Data-centric Protection Solutions

    Data is the lifeblood of any organization, and as such, it’s critical that any data-centric protection system works 100% of the time. Moreover, these systems must be vetted so you know you’re getting an agile, yet mission-critical tokenization service. Absorb this guide for evaluating and comparing tokenization solutions.

  • How Data Security Enables Cross-Regulatory Compliance

    Understanding current regulatory expectancies and complying accordingly is crucial to the survival of any business storing potentially at risk data. Read this white paper to learn about recent international data protection regulations and discover how you can develop a data-centric compliance strategy.

  • Mercury Processing Services International Secures Growth

    Mercury Processing Services needed a solution that would properly protect all types of data not just for the sake of compliance, but also so that they would have another layer of protection from potential hackers. In this case study, learn about Mercury's experience using comforte's SecurDPS to protect their data.

  • Thailand's Government Savings Bank

    Thailand's Government Savings Bank (GSB) needed an easy-to-implement solution that would map out sensitive data across a large and highly complex network and render that data unreadable, all without affecting service levels. In this case study, learn how GSB was able to achieve next level security after deploying comforte's Data Protection Suite.

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