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    Data is protection is the most important part of any modern cybersecurity and compliance strategy. Access this solution brief to learn how Comforte AG is helping organization protect their most critical and sensitive data.

  • The Importance of Security, Data Encryption for Cloud

    Download this essential guide to learn about the benefits of encryption and authentication tools, as well as best practices for securing company data.

  • Cloud Security: The Building Blocks of a Secure Foundation

    The shift to remote and now hybrid has necessitated cloud migration. Keeping your cloud secure is imperative in maintaining productivity and reducing risk as much as possible in our changing world. Use this guide to learn the elements of cloud security and how to build a comprehensive program.

  • Top 3 Data Privacy Challenges and How to Address Them

    Adhering to data privacy measures and implementing effective privacy management across an enterprise presents a number of challenges. Access this expert guide to learn 3 of these challenges and the steps you can take to address them.

  • Data Protection vs. Security. vs. Privacy

    Data protection, data security and data privacy are often used interchangeably – but there are key differences between these 3 practices that you don’t want to mistake. Download this e-guide to learn these differences as well as similarities and overlap from a compliance perspective.

  • Evaluate your Data Governance and Privacy Best Practices

    An increase in data breaches, a rise in data privacy laws and a decrease in consumer trust all lead to one conclusion: Organizations must evaluate how they’re governing data or face the business and legal consequences. Download this e-Guide to learn how to establish data governance practices that work.

  • The Importance of Ethical Data Use

    According to a recent KPMG survey, 97% of consumers said they believed data privacy was important, and 87% thought it should be a human right, but 54% of respondents didn't trust companies to use their data ethically. Access this e-guide to learn why ethical data use is so important and the risks you run in using data unethically.

  • Discovery and Classification

    Read on to learn how Comforte’s Data Discovery and Classification solution allows you to quickly find, classify, and control sensitive and complex data across a scaled enterprise, enabling better data security, governance, and compliance.

  • Data Security Platform Solution Brief

    With Comforte SecurDPS platform, your organization can gain a unique and powerful perspective for planning privacy compliance, implementing cloud migrations, and then measuring your breach risks in a quantitative manner. Access this solution brief to learn more about the benefits of Comforte SecurDPS platform.

  • Let's Talk About Data Security for Cloud & PII

    Comforte's data security platform secures all your sensitive data and information intended for applications using standard protocols, especially useful for aaS applications. Access this PDF to learn more about data-centric security and the benefits of Comforte's data security platform.

  • Let's talk about the POPI Act

    South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act or POPIA), part of a global movement to ensure human privacy rights while promoting the free flow of information, will begin being enforced starting July 1st, 2021. Read this data sheet to learn more about the POPI Act and what you need to do to ensure adherence.

  • Database and Big Data Security

    This report provides an overview of database and big data security market along with guidance and recommendations for finding the sensitive data protection and governance products that best meet your requirements. Read this 75-page report to enhance your understanding of the market and discover how to find a solution best-fit to your needs.

  • Evaluating Data-centric Protection Solutions

    Data is the lifeblood of any organization, and as such, it’s critical that any data-centric protection system works 100% of the time. Moreover, these systems must be vetted so you know you’re getting an agile, yet mission-critical tokenization service. Absorb this guide for evaluating and comparing tokenization solutions.


    Since the GDPR was enacted, organizations in the EU have had to tread carefully when it comes to security solutions. As it happens, the world is becoming more encrypted, and this encryption carries significant implications in data privacy. Access this white paper to learn about SecurDPS, an encryption architecture that keeps you GDPR compliant.

  • SecurDPS Discover and Classify

    Data is becoming a highly valuable resource. As such, organizations are taking meticulous precautions in order to safeguard their data against attacks. This solution brief introduces SecurDPS Discover and Classify, designed to automate data discovery and classification to enhance network and data usage visibility – read on to learn more.

  • Leading operator of Mexican hypermarkets achieves PCI-DSS compliance

    A leading Mexican hypermarket operator needed to achieve PCI-DSS compliance in order to remain operational. They wanted to do so while implementing robust security for protection for data at rest within their enterprise systems. View this case study to see how Comforte AG was able to help maintain compliance and security.


    PCI compliance has become especially important in today’s threat ecosystem. Because traditional security methodologies no longer do the trick, businesses are actively seeking out more modern solutions to compliantly keep cardholder datasecure. In this white paper, immerse yourself in SecurDPS, a tokenization and encryption system.

  • One of the World’s Largest Fashion Retailers Chooses Tokenization

    A major fashion retailer experienced a data breach when bad actors exploited gaps in their data security program. This prompted decision makers to invest in a more robust data security solution. By viewing this case study, you can learn how this retailer used Comforte’s data protection, encryption, and tokenization to bolster speed and security.


    Companies that receive personal information from California residents may require additional organizational and technical safeguards to satisfy the requirements of the CCPA. How can you make sure your business stays compliant? Examine this white paper to discover SecurDPS, a product that could help you stay within regulation.

  • Data-centric protection explained: Weighing the different protection methods

    Open up this 25-page eBook to learn about the guiding principles behind data-centric protection methodologies, and discover data-centric best practices for encryption, data masking, hashing, tokenization, and more.

  • 3 Ways to Reduce PCI DSSv3.2 Audit Scope

    Discover a quick reference guide summarizing PCI requirements and common technologies deployed to meet the requirements

  • California Consumer Privacy Act: The Need for Data-Centric Security

    CCPA is one of the latest in a series of new privacy regulations globe that affects businesses and comes with significant penalties. This whitepaper outlines the key steps necessary to prepare for CCPA and highlights the importance of data-centric security to ensure your organization is adequately prepared for 2020.

  • Securing Big Data Analytics

    Not only are the uses and benefits of big data expanding, so are the environments where it is collected and analyzed. Increasingly, data is ending up in the hands of cybercriminals. In this white paper, learn more about this fundamentally different approach to protecting sensitive data.

  • Global Payments Technology Company Achieves PCI Compliance

    An American multinational financial services corporation was looking for a comprehensive solution that adequately encrypted user data, didn't reduce network performance and complied with industry standards. In order to meet these goals, find out how they leveraged comforte's SecurDPS.

  • The Choice is Yours

    In this white paper, learn how by adopting a truly effective data security strategy, organizations can avoid damage and establish a rock-solid foundation for cybersecurity best practices that supports the organization's business objectives in all areas.

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