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  • Be Prepared To Transform The Sap Core Infrastructure

    SAP HANA transitions require a core infrastructure—one that’s versatile and well-integrated, including operating systems, drivers, virtualization tools, orchestration and management components, and more. Use this guide to ensure your infrastructure is sturdy enough for a successful SAP migration.

  • Evaluating Software-Defined Infrastructure Providers For Your Sap Implementation

    Whether you are migrating an existing SAP landscape or beginning a greenfield deployment of HANA, you’ll be bombarded with choices and potentially major business decisions across your journey. Inside this e-book, find key criteria to look for when choosing an open source software-defined infrastructure (SDI) partner and Linux provider.

  • The Business Benefits Of Choosing The Right Linux For Sap Systems

    The pressure to deliver innovative services faster doesn’t usually come with a budget increase. That means that, when choosing a Linux platform for your SAP environment, subscription costs, support prices, and additional features should be at the center of your radar. Use this guide to learn how you can optimize costs while innovating.

  • Becoming The Intelligent Enterprise

    Check out this white paper to learn how the SAP HANA in-memory database can be at the heart of your intelligent enterprise, maximizing flexibility for your infrastructure.

  • Preparing for S/4HANA: Key tips & best practices

    Download this expert guide for tips and best practices business leaders can use to prepare for SAP S/4HANA migration, and explore the key differences between S/4HANA and ECC.

  • The Promise of SAP S/4HANA

    It seems like everyone is making the move to SAP S/4HANA, but before you get started, it’s important to understand your key goals and drivers for the project. Explore some stats around adoption, and some common drivers for S/4HANA migration, in this infographic.

  • Carhartt: Saves millions with minimal downtime while building omnichannel

    Whether it’s to avoid downtime, ensure tight security, or improve customer experience, organizations across industries are finding their personal motivation to get to the cloud. Use this case study to explore how to create an omnichannel experience for your customers by embracing a cloud-first strategy, as Carhatt did with SAP S/4HANA.

  • Mukki

    Companies know that the first step to reducing complexity in any IT environment is consolidation. What many don’t realize is how an SAP migration can consolidate these core systems just as well, if not better. In this case study, explore how an SAP S/4HANA migration helped Mukki manage the complexity of their finance and accounting applications.

  • Key Considerations for Selecting a Commercial Linux Distribution for Embedded Solution Development and Management

    The embedded systems market is expected to grow 5.6% over the next six years. But what challenges and pressures do embedded system developers face? And how can application development be accelerated with Linux?

  • Roll your own—RYO or partner with a supported Linux distribution

    Embedded solution developers are often attracted to the "free" aspect of Linux and choose the RYO development route. However, an unsupported distribution might leave developers vulnerable to a wide range of hidden costs, risks, and time-consuming activities.

  • The Advantages of Virtualized Linux for Business-Critical Applications

    This expert paper explains how migrating from UNIX-based systems to Linux standard-based servers can simplify the virtualization of your critical applications, enabling improved performance, reliability and agility.

  • WebYaST data sheet

    Review this product overview and discover the benefits of utilizing WebYaST for the management of your virtual, software, or cloud applications. Learn the 14 key features, and the system requirements.

  • Endress + Hauser Success Story

    This white paper outlines how one organization successfully migrated to Linux and consolidated 14 physical servers to a single IBM System z mainframe. Inside, discover how your business can consolidate physical servers and realize other valuable benefits like rapid provisioning and easy management of virtualized Linux environments.

  • Improve Data Center Efficiency with Enterprise Linux Servers

    IT budgets are not expected to recover anytime soon, so companies need to adjust to the reality of using fewer resources to deliver business services. This white paper explains how you can accomplish this seemingly impossible objective by running your critical workloads on Linux.

  • Virtualizing Enterprise SAP Software Deployments

    Because SAP systems are critical to business operations, companies must ensure that they remain consistently available. This white paper explains how you can leverage virtualization to consolidate SAP servers without compromising the reliability of these crucial applications.

  • IDC link software appliances ease cloud application deployment

    Like most new technology, cloud computing does not come without a certain level of complexity. This white paper evaluates the key drivers for cloud computing and explains how certain software appliances can simplify cloud implementation and accelerate your initiative.

  • High Availability on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

    This white paper examines various high availability scenarios for running SAP on SUSE Linux. Determine which one is right for your enterprise and obtain detailed advice for properly enabling it.

  • SUSE Studio standard data sheet

    This data sheet discusses the key tasks involved in the application lifecycle. Learn how you can reduce time spent on deployment and routine maintenance with pre-configured templates.

  • SUSE lifecycle management server data sheet

    As if the process of building and installing software isn't difficult enough, deployed software systems require proper maintenance throughout their lifetimes. This data sheet describes a management server and its key characteristics that can assist in this process.

  • SAP on SUSE Linux Enterprise Simple Stack

    Because organizations depend on SAP applications to plan for the future, points of failure can have serious, long-term implications. This white paper offers detailed guidance to help you build and maintain a highly available SAP architecture based on the successful integration of SUSE Linux and x86-64 hardware.

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise for Server Data Sheet

    This white paper presents a high-performance Linux server that cost-effectively delivers critical business services. Learn how your organization can achieve benefits like lower server infrastructure software costs, faster updating and more.

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service Data Sheet

    This white paper outlines an enterprise-class Linux operating system that increases the flexibility and reliability of your IT environment. Inside, discover the top benefits of this system that is tailored specifically to meet your needs.

  • Agility, Security, Efficiency: How Enterprises Can Transform Their Businesses in the Cloud

    Access this white paper to discover an effective way to transition to the cloud with the use of custom-configured applications. Read on now to discover the ultra-flexible form factor of these applications can help provide benefits like cost containment, simple deployment, better security and more.

  • Migrating from Solaris to SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server

    Access this white paper to discover real-world examples of top businesses that have benefitted from Linux migration. Learn more about this ever-growing migration trend.

  • Success Story: The New South Wales Fire Brigades

    In this resource, learn how one organization moved its SAP applications to a virtualized SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to improve the availability and performance of mission-critical services while significantly reducing infrastructure costs.

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