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  • Container Segmentation Strategies and Patterns

    This SUSE e-book explains what segmentation means in a cloud-native, container based world and how you can design a segmentation strategy that works for you.Access the e-book here.

  • 10 Steps to Automate Container Security Into the CI/CD Pipeline

    Security with modern cloud-native pipelines is a challenge. This guide explores the security issues facing DevOps and security teams and identifies ten integration points where container security can be automated into the pipeline. Access the guide.

  • Key Considerations for Securing Containers

    This SUSE eBook details how to secure your containers, including:Explaining the challenges with technology, people & processesThe 3 key areas to focus on for securing your container supply chainHow to implement Zero Trust architectureAccess the container security guide here.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Rancher Prime Enterprise Kubernetes Management Platform

    Rancher Prime is designed to help simplify the management of your Kubernetes clusters at scale. This Total Economic Impact (TEI) report from Forrester examines the possible ROI you could realize with Rancher and provides a framework for you to evaluate the financial impact of the platform if you choose to adopt it. Access the Forrester TEI report.

  • An open source secure foundation for SAP success with Google Cloud

    One of most popular software applications that is considered mission-critical for many organizations is SAP. For those organizations that have embraced the cloud, SAP is able to help you do more with less with the right set up. To do that, you need partners with experience and success. Read on to learn who that is and how they can help you.

  • Maximize the value of SAP S/4HANA with Google Cloud and SUSE

    This white paper explores how SUSE SAP solutions and Google Cloud are designed to help you:Overcome migration challengesCapitalize on Day 2 opportunitiesOptimize your SAP & cloud budgetAccess the paper here to learn more about SUSE SAP and Google Cloud.

  • Simplify How You Manage Edge Infrastructure

    This white paper explains how SUSE’s cloud native edge solution is designed to simplify edge management by using a GitOps-based edge infrastructure and utilizing easy-to-use automation across all layers of your stack. Access this white paper to learn more about how SUSE Edge simplifies your edge infrastructure management.

  • Find Value At The Edge: Discover Your Innovation Opportunities And Bring Them To Life At The Edge

    Challenges with implementing your applications at the edge are extremely common. To help you simplify your edge operations and find value in the technology, this Forrester report provides actionable insights how to overcome edge challenges. Access the Forrester report on edge computing here.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of SUSE Solutions For SAP Environments Powered By Intel Technology

    This Total Economic Impact (TEI) report from Forrester examines the potential ROI you can realize from deploying the SUSE and Intel Server Platform for SAP environments. Access the TEI report here to explore if SUSE’s SAP solutions are a good fit for your organization.

  • 6 Reasons Why Harvester Accelerates IT Modernization Initiatives

    You know about digital transformation, but did you know that IT modernization needs be a part of that initiative? Analysts have said that IT modernization is the “north star” that businesses should move towards, but with so many challenges in the way it can be difficult. Not anymore. Read on to see 6 ways to accelerate your modernization journey.

  • Diving Deep into Kubernetes Networking

    If your organization deploys and monitors apps in data centers or the cloud, then you are probably already aware of Kubernetes. To have a successful Kubernetes deployment, your network must be robust enough to control interactions at several layers. Read on to learn more about networking in a Kubernetes environment and why it matters to you.

  • The Enterprise Linux Playbook

    Selecting the right Linux platform is a crucial decision for your organization. To help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the top 4 Linux platforms, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Canonical Ubuntu, and Oracle Linux, this e-book compares all their capabilities. Access it here.

  • The Definitive Guide to Moving SAP S/4HANA to the Cloud

    This definitive guide to SAP migration to the cloud answers all your questions and more, providing details like:A cloud readiness checklist An analysis of each of the big 3 hyperscalers (AWS, GCP & Azure)Success stories from enterprises that have already made the moveAccess the guide to SAP cloud migration here.

  • Bridging the Legacy-to-Cloud-Native IT Journey with Harvester

    Digital-first business is forcing organizations to adapt to more environments, culminating in a mix of virtual machines and containers running in the cloud, at the edge, on converged and hyperconverged platforms, and on traditional on-premises infrastructure. Read this IDC report to learn how to best manage these environments.

  • Zero Trust Container Security for Dummies

    Containers have quickly become mainstream components in software development. However, these new deployments are vulnerable to cyberattacks that could decimate your business. This Zero Trust Container Security for Dummies guide teaches you how to get started on the zero trust journey for your organization’s container environment. Read it here.

  • Distributed Cloud Series: Cloud-native Applications

    73% of organizations are currently developing cloud-native applications based on microservices architectures, according to this ESG study. The report goes on to explore how businesses are approaching cloud-native application orchestration and the pros and cons of microservices-based, containerized application environments. Read the ESG study here.

  • Distributed Cloud Series: Application Infrastructure Modernization Trends across Distributed Cloud Environments

    This ESG report looks to understand the state of contemporary application infrastructure environments across distributed cloud environments and analyze the trajectory of infrastructure strategies spanning both on- and off-premises locations. Read the report here.

  • Distributed Cloud Series: Digital Ecosystems

    This ESG report seeks to understand the current state of the edge computing environment, including budgets and prioritization and get an accurate picture of edge infrastructure, network, security, and data environments. Access the study here.

  • Stupid Simple Kubernetes

    Understanding Kubernetes and microservices architectures is essential for software development success in today’s world. In this Stupid Simple Kubernetes eBook, you’ll learn the basics of Kubernetes, its components & building blocks, how to build a stable, easily manageable microservices architecture and more. Access the eBook here.

  • From automotive to software-driven mobility Digitized. Innovative. Industry-leading.

    Today’s auto industry has new manufacturers and existing ones taking on the challenge of CASE: Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Electric driving. The next 5 years will be a defining moment as automakers focus on software integration and digitization of vehicles.

  • Manufacturing: an Adaptive Road to Digital Transformation Activate the full benefits of Industry 4.0

    With continued disruptions to the global supply chain, businesses face new pressures and threats. To survive, digital transformation is a necessity. In fact, 91% of industrial companies are investing in digital factories, but only 6% have reached their goals. Read on to learn about 4 key objectives that will define success for manufacturers today.

  • Power the future of Telecommunications Realize the 5G promise by becoming a connected provider

    For telecommunications companies, 5G represents a major opportunity – but to realize its full potential, organizations need to tighten their networking and security practices. Read this e-book for a closer look at the implications of 5G and the future of telecommunications.

  • Life-saving outcomes from digital innovation at Pharma Develop freely. Harness speed. Grow at scale.

    This whitepaper explores the emergence of cutting-edge AI and digital technologies into every aspect of the pharma industry in the midst of Covid-19. Read on to discover how software-led pharma companies can overcome key challenges such as preventing security breaches, maximizing ROI and reducing operation costs, and gaining supply-chain agility.

  • Reinventing financial services with data Securely integrated. Customer-centric. Resilient & compliant.

    The need to reinvent business and operational models in the financial services sector is urgent. Whether you’re a traditional bank, insurer, or capital market company, an open-source platform can help you take back market dominance. Access this eBook to learn how open-source platforms are already transforming financial services.

  • Power the future of Telecommunications Accelerate retail transformation end to end

    Retailers are racing to meet the rising expectations of a post-pandemic consumer base with innovative retail transformation technology. Read this resource to learn about 5 key considerations when looking for retail transformation solutions, how to

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