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  • Modernize Your Procurement Process

    Procurement fraud is threating organizations, especially those with siloed data and manual audits. Read this white paper to learn how SAS can help you combat this prevalent enterprise menace.

  • Improve Energy Forecasting with Advanced Modeling and Analytics

    In this white paper, explore how SAS can help those in the utilities industry boost the speed and accuracy of their forecasting models to predict future energy needs through data optimization, and review how SAS can help organizations increase forecasting process automation and flexibility.

  • Detect and Prevent Fraud Before Claims are Paid

    Fraud losses represent an increasingly complex and systemic risk that's affecting the profitability of every insurance company. In this white paper, learn how SAS takes an enterprise approach to fraud detection and prevention by delivering software either on-site or via the cloud.

  • Protect the Integrity of the Procurement Function

    Traditional procurement fraud detection methods are not keeping pace. In this white paper, learn about best practices and analytical techniques that are designed to take a different look at what's happening in procurement.

  • Insurers: Are You Ready for IFRS 17?

    With the information provided in this white paper, learn how to prepare for IFRS 17, and uncover 10 things to look for in an IFRS 17 infrastructure with expert insight from SAS.

  • Maximize the Value of IoT Data

    According to an SAS study, 55% of utilities say that using AI and IoT in coordination will be crucial for the long-term viability, success and growth of the industry. Read how this one company made use of in-house IoT analytics to decrease downtime and improve production efficiency.

  • SAS Model Risk Management

    The regulatory scrutiny being applied to model risk management is intensifying. As a result, banks need to maintain an inventory of models. In this white paper, learn how SAS Model Risk Management can help reduce the manual effort required to appropriately inventory, manage, document, communicate, monitor changes and audit firm-wide models.

  • The Future of Model Risk Management for Financial Services Firms

    In this white paper, discover how model risk management (MRM) groups are helping banks keep up with evolving regulations, and uncover the 5 essential features of successful MRM. To plan for the future of MRM, download this white paper today, and learn more about the technology fueling your MRM journey.

  • Complying with CECL

    The Financial Accounting Standards Board's Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) standard introduces a new model for the recognition and measurement of credit losses for loans and debt securities. In this white paper, discover findings from the SAS/GARP survey which gauged lenders' progress and concerns in gearing up for the new model.

  • Best Practices in Transaction Monitoring Scenario Threshold Tuning and Model Verification

    How can your bank lower the cost of compliance? In this white paper, discover the analytic techniques responsible for reducing the costs of compliance within AML banking programs, and explore how implementing a process of periodic model verification, threshold tuning, and validation, can optimize your banks AML compliance standards.

  • Detect and Prevent Identity Theft

    In this white paper, discover how advanced analytics can uncover the fast-growing incidence of synthetic identities today.

  • Enhancing AML Efficiency and Effectiveness with AI

    In this research report from Celent, get a better understanding of AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation's use in the financial sector, and discover how banks are using these technologies to deliver significant improvements in their anti-money laundering (AML) programs.

  • Fighting Financial Crime Amidst Growing Complexity

    In this white paper, explore how AI is improving the effectiveness of anti-money laundering (AML) programs through the use of machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA). And learn how applying AI, RPA, and machine learning can improve your AML operations with workflow automation and increased monitoring.

  • Customer Experience: The Flip Side of the Fraud Detection Coin

    In this white paper, explore how a new approach to deposit risk monitoring and risk assessment can help banks turn diverse customer data into real-time fraud and risk insights, and explore how a SAS fraud solution for deposit monitoring can help your financial organization achieve a better balance between customer service and security.

  • 6 Keys to Credit Risk Modeling for the Digital Age

    With this white paper, explore the 6 pillars of an effective and proactive credit risk modeling and decision system, and learn how to get bottom-line benefits with an end-to-end, fully integrated approach to risk management.

  • Six Best Practices to Ignite the Customer Experience with IoT

    Wouldn't you love to know what your customers wanted before they reached your business? With the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses no longer need to wonder—they have the ability to know. Get started building your IoT strategy for improved CX with advice from this e-book, and discover the 6 best practices you'll need along the way.

  • The Real-Time and Predictive Commerce Playbook

    In this e-book, discover how predictive and real-time analytics are helping businesses deliver better customer experiences, and learn how to get started with your real-time and predictive analytics implementation strategy.

  • SAS: A Comprehensive Approach to Big Data Governance, Data Management and Analytics

    With more data flowing into your business than ever before - it's easy to become overwhelmed. Start small and work your way up - read this white paper for a 101 overview of how to handle big data.

  • Data Visualization Techniques: From Basics to Big Data with SAS Visual Analytics

    To create meaningful data visualizations, there are some important basics you need to know. Read this white paper to find out what they are.

  • Making Sense of AI

    AI/machine learning (ML) technologies are here to stay, and we're all trying to make sense of it. Humans aren't being replaced, it's about automating tasks to aid in other human processes and free up resources. Read this white paper for a ground-up explanation of AI capabilities.

  • The 3 R's of AI Adoption: Refactor. Reinvent. Reimagine

    Read this white paper to learn how these 3 R's can smoothly transition your organization into the automated, AI-based future it deserves.

  • Data Management for Artificial Intelligence

    C-level executives are researching AI implementation for a wide variety of good reasons. Read this white paper to find out why.

  • Harvard Business Review: Adopting AI. AI Adoption - Industry Perspectives

    In this insight collection from Harvard Business Review, you'll learn about the (not so) science fiction realities that are just over the horizon thanks to current AI technology.

  • Forbes: AI Momentum, Maturity and Models for Success

    AI is working. Behind all the hype and noise is a tool that can solve real-world business problems. In this research report you will find a wide overview of how real businesses are handling the tool behind the hype.

  • How to Do Deep Learning With SAS

    Strong AI, also known as deep learning, trains computers to perform human-like tasks like speech recognition, image identification and making analytics-based predictions. Read this white paper to learn about the deep learning landscape and how it can change the way your business is run.

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