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  • Understanding Data Streams in IoT

    There is huge value in being able to respond to product feedback immediately – before it's too late. Read this white paper to learn all the potential benefits of IoT and event stream processing – then decide if SAS is the provider for you.

  • SAS Viya Enables Real-Time Analysis of Streaming Soccer Data

    Read this case study to discover how one business took advantage of AI, machine learning and predictive analytics to become one of the world's fastest-growing sports analytics companies and topped their industry.

  • Analytics Turns Service Repair Data into Cost Savings

    Big data doesn't mean anything unless you have the means to analyze it and implement the findings into your business model. Read this case study to learn how American Honda Motor Co., Inc. uses SAS Analytics, Enterprise BI Server and Forecast Server to increase profits every year.

  • Your Strategic Guide to Data Governance and MDM

    Master data management (MDM) is a practice that can streamline data pulling and utilization to improve overall business efficiency - internally and externally. SAS has created a strategic guide that encompasses everything you'll need to know for a smooth transition into full MDM implementation. Download this e-book now for more information.

  • SAS Data Management

    SAS Data Management helps make sense of your big data. Utilizing a simple point-and-click GUI, regardless of the data source (Hadoop, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.), users can easily access all data from one centralized source. Download this resource for more information.

  • Better Customer Service via Machine Learning

    A common challenge for a customer-centric organization is that many teams within the organization are capable of providing a top-tier CX, but require access to all the relevant data and insights a company can have. Read this case study to learn how Rogers Communications worked around this with the help of SAS.

  • The SAS Data Governance Framework

    Consider the demands placed on governance by streaming data analytics, the IoT, Hadoop and requirements of regulations like CECL or GDPR, and ask yourself, "Is my business prepared for growth?" Read this e-book to find out.

  • Managing the Intelligence Life Cycle

    SAS Intelligence and Investigation Management offers a lifecycle approach to intelligence management, which means organizations can configure workflow and supervisory processes to meet their own needs. Read this e-book to see if SAS will work for your business's data management needs.

  • SAS Event Stream Processing

    SAS Event Stream Processing is a real-time dashboard that lets you monitor live event streams from a single location. The practicality of real-time data analysis is limitless. Review this fact sheet to see what it can do for you.

  • Operationalizing Analytics for Intelligent Fraud Detection and Case Management

    Account takeover fraud in banking is up nearly 300% year over year, web applications fraud is up 200% and fraud of government services and payments is up 30%. Read on for information on how machine learning and analytics can stop these attacks early.

  • Developing Scenario Segmentation and Anomaly Detection Models

    Effective peer grouping (or segmentation) and anomaly detection can enhance existing AML monitoring programs and find customer outliers that would not normally be picked up by traditional heuristic pattern-based rules. Read this eBook for advice on keeping up with the influx of regulatory pressures.

  • Power Your Digital Transformation with Guided Analytics

    Communicating with customers is the easy part – getting the right messaging, medium and timing is the real challenge. Find out if SAS Customer Intelligence is the solution for you.

  • Using Data to Create Outcome-Based Customer Experiences

    Customers expect organizations to provide personalized experiences and interactions. Therefore, in order to deliver a satisfactory customer experience, organizations must analyze the right data. Read this white paper to learn how your organization can deliver the highest quality customer experience possible.

  • SAS Analytics for IoT: Connected Customer

    From wearables to cars, to store beacons, IoT has the potential to enhance customer loyalty programs. SAS reports that IoT devices will increase to 20 billion by 2020. How can organizations take advantage of this trend? Read this resource to learn about how SAS could help organizations use IoT to enhance their customer loyalty programs.

  • Channeling Streaming Data for Competitive Advantage

    What's your plan to analyze data in real-time? With the speed of modern businesses, you can't afford to be much slower than that. You might want to explore streaming analytics. Read this 13-page white paper for more details on streaming analytics.

  • Analytics to Fight Tax Fraud

    Fraudsters are becoming more and more sophisticated with their cyberattacks, especially when it comes to tax fraud. Download this white paper to explore how machine learning and analytics can help tax agencies fight cybercrime.

  • SAS Analytics for IoT: Smart Cities

    With IoT devices taking over, it's not enough to simply collect data from connected citizens, sensors and products, but you need to analyze that data immediately. SAS Analytics for IoT is designed to help turn IoT data into real-time insights. Download this resource for the benefits, including automating your IoT infrastructure.

  • Welcome to the Analytics Economy

    Download this white paper to examine how the analytics economy is already affecting businesses and society, and how a collaborative analytics approach can help your organization thrive in this economic evolution, as well as some of the challenges in maximizing the value of data

  • Using SAS Marketing Optimization to Improve Credit-Line Optimization

    Download this white paper to learn how you can maintain regulatory compliance while effectively managing a credit-line increase program, and review how you can evaluate, assess and optimize the credit limit decision.

  • Emerging Market Risk Challenges and FRTB

    Download this white paper to learn about current market risk challenges that concern regulators, and selected steps they are taking, such as Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB), along with further actions planned.

  • Top Five Ways Your Bank Can Benefit from IFRS 9 and CECL

    Download this resource for the top 5 ways your bank can benefit from IFRS 9 and CECL.

  • Reduce Card Fraud, Lower Costs and Increase Customer Confidence

    Learn how your organization can reduce card fraud, lower costs and increase customer confidence, today.

  • Designing the Infrastructure for Credit Risk Model Development

    Often times, in-house analytics and modeling deployments are not as fruitful as originally intended. This resource explores 5 best practices for avoiding common pitfalls and 5 tasks for scorecard development when setting up an analytics infrastructure.

  • Turning Compliance into an Opportunity

    Tap into this resource to discover how you can use a single, integrated platform to comply with IFRS 17 and get more out of contract and financial data.

  • Making AI More Human: Embedding Ethics in AI Systems

    AI has made it possible for applications to classify images, for cars to drive themselves, for people to use chatbots for customer service purposes, and more. However, AI also could also potentially have negative consequences. Read this e-guide to learn about how scientists plan to embed human ethics into AI systems.

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