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  • Designing the Infrastructure for Credit Risk Model Development

    Often times, in-house analytics and modeling deployments are not as fruitful as originally intended. This resource explores 5 best practices for avoiding common pitfalls and 5 tasks for scorecard development when setting up an analytics infrastructure.

  • Turning Compliance into an Opportunity

    Tap into this resource to discover how you can use a single, integrated platform to comply with IFRS 17 and get more out of contract and financial data.

  • Streaming Analytics for IoT Devices

    In an IoT world – and there are expected to be billions of IoT devices globally by 2020 – traditional approaches to data management might not cut it to sustain value from your data. Explore how you can use streaming analytics and visualization.

  • Automated Analytics for IoT

    Today's manufacturers must know which data is relevant and needs to be stored – and which data to ignore. Explore how manufacturers can automate this process.

  • Machine Learning: Reduce Payment Fraud Losses and Lower Costs

    Download this resource to explore how machine learning can help monitor behavior and analyze large amounts of data to detect payment fraud, as well as improve customer service

  • Statistics and Machine Learning at Scale

    Imagine you're trying to determine your business' projected sales for next year. Machine learning can work with statistical models to quickly help you evaluate and select the appropriate model for your business. Download this resource for more on machine learning and statistics, including real-world use cases.

  • Artificial Intelligence Use Cases in Financial Crimes

    The idea of machine learning has been around for decades, but it now can actually be applied to big data at a realistic price. That means it's time to start considering how your business could benefit from machine learning. Explore several ways machine learning can help your business.

  • The 5 Essential Components of a Data Strategy

    Companies like to say that they're treating data as a corporate asset now and no longer just 1 aspect of a project — but many still consider corporate strategies for data a novelty. Use this 5-step plan to craft a data strategy that can help you turn data into a corporate asset that provides tangible benefits.

  • MDM Common Challenges and Benefits

    Many businesses can't experience the benefits of embracing MDM. Download this resource for tips on how to overcome 5 common barriers to MDM success.

  • I Spy PII

    This white paper provides information on how to protect your business with a 5-step approach to data protection. Also included are snapshots of tools that you could add to your data protection toolbox.

  • Identify, Govern and Protect Personal Data

    A data breach could ruin your organization's reputation and negatively affect its bottom line. In this white paper, learn the 5-phase data protection cycle that could protect your organization's data – plus, additional best practices for protecting PII.

  • What It Takes to Be Data-Driven

    This in-depth Best Practices Report from TDWI examines how organizations become data-driven. It looks at patterns for building out infrastructure for managing data and driving analytics and examines the best practices of those organizations that are data-driven.

  • Redefine Your Analytics Journey

    This white paper explores how you can improve analytical value with a flexible, powerful environment that enables professionals to sift efficiently through the data analytic process. Provided are 5 steps to get you started.

  • A New Breed of Self-Service BI

    This white paper explores how traditional approaches to business intelligence may no longer be ideal and why it may be worthwhile to consider more interactive data exploration tools – dynamic reports, visualizations, user-friendly design.

  • The Power of Collaboration

    This white paper explores the benefits of a collaborative work environment and how integrating analytical software with your Microsoft Office tools can better facilitate teamwork.

  • Data Preparation

    If your business can't access consistent and trusted data quickly, you can't answer time-sensitive business questions and you might not able to respond quickly to market and customer requirements. Learn how business users can quickly prepare data for reporting and analysis without coding or help from IT.

  • Visual Investigator

    With more data at a business' fingertips than ever before, there's the opportunity to proactively investigate issues rather than be reactive and wait for an issue to emerge. Discover how data visuals can help proactively identify areas that need further investigation.

  • Using Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement

    This MIT Sloan Research Report details a statistical overview of the many competitive advantages organizations gain when prioritizing analytics for business insights. Learn about the challenges of using analytics, key trends and how to turn data into stronger customer engagement.

  • Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning

    Sophisticated data mining and machine learning software can help organizations solve important issues, and can be used by both citizen data scientists and business analysts if they have the right tools. Explore how a single data visualization tool can help both parties regardless of their data expertise.

  • Data Mining for Advanced Analytical Solutions

    In this white paper, receive a detailed overview of SAS Enterprise Miner and how it can help your business break through increasing volumes of data, find useful insights and act confidently to make fact-based decisions.

  • Get to Know Features and Benefits of Visual Statistics Technology

    This white paper explores the features and benefits of visual statistics technology, and how you can leverage it for better, more targeted outcomes.

  • 5 Data Management Best Practices for Analytics

    In this white paper, discover 5 key data management practices that support advanced analytics and deeper insights through improved data quality, data integration and data preparation.

  • Managing Fraud Risks in the Digital World

    New digital product and payment methodologies have presented fresh opportunities for fraudsters and different challenges for fraud managers. Access this resource to uncover how to stay secure and manage fraud risks in the digital world.

  • Simplifying Fraud Analytics

    According to SAS, as losses continue to grow, detecting and preventing fraud is consistently ranked among the top three investment and strategic priorities for insurance executives. Explore this resource to uncover 10 steps to detecting and preventing insurance fraud.

  • Bringing the Power of SAS to Hadoop

    In this white paper, explore how you can grow Hadoop's potential across your enterprise by leveraging analytics and data management software.

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