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  • Model Risk Management: Special Report 2019

    Organizations, especially financial service providers, are adopting model risk management (MRM) tools to automate tedious, time-consuming tasks to allow IT teams to focus their efforts on high-level, strategic initiatives. In this white paper, join risk management industry leaders as they engage in a Q&A to highlight the benefits of MRM tools.

  • Reducing Government Budget Deficits by Attacking Fraud, Waste and Abuse

    Government fraud is at an all-time high and growing rapidly. In fact, research shows that it accounts for roughly 10% of overall government spending. But what if governments could minimize deficits by eliminating fraud, waste and abuse? Download this white paper to discover the benefits of an enterprise approach to fraud.

  • AIoT: How IoT Leaders Are Breaking Away

    The Internet of Things has become a proven business tool in recent years, and its effectiveness is only improved with AI integration. In fact, 90% of companies heavily using AI for IoT capabilities reported exceeding expectations for value. Read this IDC white paper to learn how the AIoT is emerging as a leading solution.

  • Get The Most From Your AI Investment By Operationalizing Analytics

    Many organizations blindly approach their analytics without ever aligning them with business goals and KPIs. Download this AI analytics guide, which dives into 7 steps to fully operationalize your analytics, and how to get the most out of AI analytics.

  • Operationalizing Analytics for Business Value

    In a recent TDWI survey, operationalizing analytics was cited as the key factor for analytics success. Download this TDWI Pulse Report to learn about the importance of operationalizing your analytics models, and how doing so helps you make insightful decisions and gain business value.

  • Data, Analytics, and AI: How Trust Delivers Value

    In this research report from SAS, discover how to build trust in your data by gleaning insight into what over 2,400 business leaders around the globe are doing to enhance their analytic capabilities. Additionally, review how to close the 'trust gap' in your data, drive data literacy, and explore the best data use cases per industry.

  • Procurement Integrity Powered by Continuous Data Monitoring

    In this white paper, explore the increasing regulatory pressures putting procurement fraud in a bright light, and review how to combat procurement fraud within your organization with SAS software.

  • AI is at the Forefront of Reducing Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism

    Inside, explore how advanced analytics can be used to identify patterns of fraud and potentially suspicious activities, and review what AI and machine learning can do for your anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) programs.

  • Government Procurement Offices: Improving Fiscal Responsibility Through Data Analytics

    In this white paper, explore how to achieve longstanding fiscal responsibility and compliance with proper data management and analytics. Review how data management and analytics solutions can give procurement officers deep insights into their agencies processes and portfolios, and more.

  • The CIO Perspective: Technology Views From Top IT Leaders

    View this white paper to explore why CIO's in banking, medical, insurance, and more have chosen SAS to lead their data analytics initiatives. Review SAS product features and benefits, and learn how SAS can help your organization best orchestrate its analytics journey.

  • 5 Steps To Accelerate Value From Your Industrial IoT Data

    How do you turn your IIoT data into a competitive advantage for your business? Inside, explore 5 steps proven to help you accelerate value from your IIoT data, and discover why should consider SAS Analytics for your IoT needs.

  • What is next-generation AML?

    Anti-money laundering (AML) has been a hot topic for financial institutions for decades—now, there's talk of advancing this tech to the next level using AI and intelligent automation. Read this white paper to find out the current state of AML, and for 10 keys to success with next generation AML.

  • How to Maximize the Impact of Your Analytics

    Read this research paper to learn more about the disconnect in analytics deployments—as well as other interesting statistics that were uncovered from this SAS study.

  • Artificial Intelligence In Banking and Risk Management

    How real are the benefits of AI? Inside, review the costs, benefits, and risks of AI with insight from over 2,000 GARP/SAS survey respondents. Review the top use areas of AI in the modern day enterprise, and explore how AI can help your organization flourish.

  • The Secret to IT Success? Enabling Choice and Control

    In this white paper, discover what constitutes a high-performing analytics platform. Uncover how a high-performing analytics platform can benefit your existing organization, and review your software options with SAS.

  • Balancing Fraud Detection and the Customer Experience

    Digital channels are a must-have in the financial industry as customers flock to the businesses that can offer speed and convenience. But there's a dark side. The relative anonymity of digital channels opens up new doors for fraud. In this white paper, learn how organizations can verify a true identity and identify high-risk behavior in real time.

  • How to Succeed With Fraud Analytics

    Leading-edge analytics and hybrid modeling techniques are finding threats faster and more accurately than ever—and embedded machine learning enhances every step of the process. Read this white paper to learn the 4 flavors of fraud analytics and how you can succeed with them.

  • Leveraging Analytics to Combat Digital Fraud in Financial Organizations

    Delve into this white paper to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and solutions around financial fraud in the digital age.

  • Protect the Integrity of the Procurement Function

    Traditional procurement fraud detection methods are not keeping pace. In this white paper, learn about best practices and analytical techniques that are designed to take a different look at what's happening in procurement.

  • The Real-Time and Predictive Commerce Playbook

    In this e-book, discover how predictive and real-time analytics are helping businesses deliver better customer experiences, and learn how to get started with your real-time and predictive analytics implementation strategy.

  • How to Do Deep Learning With SAS

    Strong AI, also known as deep learning, trains computers to perform human-like tasks like speech recognition, image identification and making analytics-based predictions. Read this white paper to learn about the deep learning landscape and how it can change the way your business is run.

  • Operationalizing Analytics for Intelligent Fraud Detection and Case Management

    Account takeover fraud in banking is up nearly 300% year over year, web applications fraud is up 200% and fraud of government services and payments is up 30%. Read on for information on how machine learning and analytics can stop these attacks early.

  • Making AI More Human: Embedding Ethics in AI Systems

    AI has made it possible for applications to classify images, for cars to drive themselves, for people to use chatbots for customer service purposes, and more. However, AI also could also potentially have negative consequences. Read this e-guide to learn about how scientists plan to embed human ethics into AI systems.

  • Case Study: How the Orlando Magic Improved Fan Experience

    Fan experience is crucial to satisfaction. Discover how the NBA uses analytics to improve tickets, concessions and more.

  • Case Study: How SunTrust Caught Up With Analytics

    SunTrust's outdated tech had it falling behind competitors. Find out how it caught up with automation and optimization.

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