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  • Personal Data Protection: Enabling Compliance with GDPR

    Protecting personal information and consumer integrity has become a high priority for the EU and a result, the GDPR was created. This resource outlines GDPR challenges, new compliance requirements, and 5 steps to evolve current data protection and compliance strategies.

  • Working Toward GDPR Compliance

    According to a SAS survey, 54% of large organizations are fully aware of the impact of GDPR, compared to only 37% of small organizations. This resource offers insight into the journey to GDPR compliance and explores where organizations stand in terms of their readiness.

  • GDPR: What it Means and How to Get Compliant

    GDPR will require an ongoing, organization-wide focus to ensure you protect your customers' personal data. Any organization that does not comply could be fined up to $22 million, or 4% of their global annual revenue (whichever is greater). Access this 5-step checklist to learn how to stay GDPR-compliant.

  • The Enterprise AI Promise: Path to Value

    The vast majority of organizations have begun talking about artificial intelligence (AI), according to interviews conducted by SAS. Tap into this report for more findings on how businesses stand in the AI revolution.

  • Making Sense of AI

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a popular buzzword on the nightly news – but how can you apply it to your business? Use this resource to discover the boundaries of AI as well as the limitations.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Executives

    Find out how to build upon the capabilities of AI as well as learn how to seamlessly integrate AI into your pre-existing analytics strategy.

  • The Next Step for Advanced Analytics: Data Science Platforms

    To help you survey the field of available options and pick the best data science platform for your business, this Gartner Magic Quadrant evaluates 16 of the top vendors and their offerings. From IBM and SAP to SAS and Quest, find out which platforms came out on top for advanced analytics, machine-learning, data integration, and more.

  • Discovering the Business Value of Streaming Analytics

    If you're looking to take advantage of the massive value buried in IoT data, access this article to learn about streaming analytics, how it differs from traditional analytics, and how it translates into rich, real-time insights.

  • Analytics in Action: Tackling the Big Data Headache

    Find out how to take the big data challenge and turn it into a golden opportunity for your company with new approaches to data management and analytics. Learn about 5 steps to maximize the value of Hadoop and your data warehouse, 3 use cases for predictive analytics, and more.

  • Forbes Insights: Using Big Data to Elevate the Customer Experience

    This resource explains how you can implement big data analytics to improve your customer's experience. You'll learn how best to tackle data integration challenges and how to share information with customers in an effective manner.

  • Customer Analytics: Taking the First Step

    In this white paper, learn about a program that can help you gain better customer insights through data visualization. Discover how intuitive dashboards, predictive analytics, and more can help you gain a better view of what your customers want; both now and in the future.

  • 3 Use Cases for Interactive Data Discovery and Predictive Analytics

    Explore how interactive data discovery and predictive analytics mitigate everyday data problems by allowing you to identify important trends and relationships in data sets. This also allows users to collaborate with specialists to create and select the best predictive models. Here are 3 use cases that show you how.

  • Streaming Analytics FAQ: What You Need to Know

    What are you doing to gain greater data insights and thus, improve your competitive advantage? Learn which technologies your peers are using to remain competitive, cut costs, and increase efficiency. (Hint: Streaming analytics is a huge game changer; we'll show you why.)

  • The Importance of Open Ecosystem Analytics

    In this white paper, learn more about why organizations are adopting these open source analytics programs, as well as what the SAS analytics ecosystem can provide.

  • Your Guide to Building Customer Loyalty with Analytics

    Happy customers mean a growing business, and for that reason, improving customer service with data analytics should be a top priority. Learn how you can get started on this journey by opening this white paper.

  • Complex and Always-On Big Data: Why You Need a New Approach

    Explore the 3 crucial trends currently shaping the fast-paced world of data management. Find out how to manage your data effectively throughout its entire lifecycle – not just when it's stored or analyzed – and uncover 3 steps to transform your strategies for the evolving data landscape.

  • 5 Steps to Maximizing the Value of Hadoop

    The International Institute for Analytics has compiled a list of 5 steps to maximizing the value of a Hadoop big data project. Uncover key considerations and recommendations for getting started.

  • What's Driving (and Preventing) IoT Success

    Find out what smart IoT users are saying about the 3 main drivers of IoT success. Also learn how to avoid 6 factors that undermine IoT initiatives.

  • Modernizing the Marketing Organization: 6 Real-World Examples of Marketing Analytics at Work

    Many marketing organizations today are modernizing and championing analytical transformations in their campaigns. Inside, discover 6 practical accounts of how to create a new marketing culture that adds value through data and analytics.

  • Your A-to-Z Guide to the Internet of Things

    Learn how to make sense of one of the most talked about trends in the tech world, so you can start the path toward tremendous value found in IoT big data.

  • Your Guide to Becoming a Modern Marketer

    As powerful as analytics is for transforming relationships with your customers, it is equally transformative for the marketing organization itself. Meet 3 modern marketers from SAS and discover marketing analytics examples, plus new ideas on how to become more analytical.

  • Better Together? Hadoop and Your Enterprise Data Warehouse

    Explore ways to overcome the challenges of moving your entire data warehouse to Hadoop. Plus, hear from big data expert Tom Davenport on augmenting small data projects with Hadoop big data initiatives.

  • 4 Use Cases Show Real-World Impact of IoT

    The IoT can bring big benefits. But how can retailers, the auto industry, government organizations, and manufacturers even begin to take advantage of it? Learn how these industries are squeezing value out of the IoT with analytics tools designed to stream source data and identify patterns in real time.

  • A Comprehensive Platform for Big Data Governance, Data Management, and Analytics

    IDC has estimated that since 2011, digitally generated data has been doubling by the zettabytes every two years. Discover 5 categories of big data that need to be analyzed and governed.

  • Data Management in Action: Solving Real-World Challenges

    Organizations certainly don't lack data, but simply having lots of it won't help you make faster, better decisions. Explore how SAS Data Management tools can help you overcome common barriers to seize the value in the wealth of data available to you.

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