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  • How to Comply With the ISO 26262 Standard

    For the automotive industry, it can be nearly impossible to properly test code. That’s why coding standards are so imperative to enforce the safety, reliability, and security of vehicles. Perforce examines how a static code analyzer can help organizations stay compliant with ISO 26262 requirements. Read more now.

  • What is MISRA? An Overview of the MISRA Standard

    For developers in the automotive industry, software reliability is a top priority. The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) continues to analyze and publish works about coding standards and security, which are only becoming more important for developers today. Read Perforce's overview of MISRA and C/C++ now for a refresher.

  • 2019 State of Automotive Software Development Survey Results

    As the automotive industry transitions from hardware to software, development teams are still taking time to adjust. Perforce surveyed over 400 professionals about the biggest successes and top concerns in the automotive software industry. Check out the rest of the findings here.

  • The Buyer’s Guide to Web & Mobile Test Automation Tools

    Recognizing the value in test automation is key for development teams trying to cut out slow and tedious bottlenecks created by manual testing. Download this test automation buyer’s guide, and you’ll get all you need to know about test automation tools, which makes your buyer’s decision a whole lot easier.

  • How to Lock Down Git

    While Git allows for developers to collaborate, it can also contribute to loss of intellectual property & significant security issues. This white paper covers tactics designed to mitigate the risks of Git & discusses best practices for securing native Git. Download this report to get started.

  • The State of Medical Device Development in 2019

    Download this whitepaper to learn about the state of medical device development, and learn why 75% of teams that switched to hybrid Agile methods were totally satisfied with the results.

  • Mobile & Web Test Coverage Index

    Open this white paper to learn the devices and browsers you need to be testing on, how to get started with continuous testing, and how to save as much time possible with your testing process.

  • Static Code Analysis Tools Comparison: A Buyer's Guide

    Open this white paper to learn about your options for static code analysis solutions, and the 5 most important requirements you need to consider from integration with development platforms, to standards compliance checking.

  • AUTOSAR Basics: Introduction to the AUTOSAR Coding Guidelines

    Vehicles now hold more electronic systems than ever before. The pace of development is accelerating, and so too is the need to integrate more functions and control units. Learn about the AUTOSAR coding guidelines in this whitepaper, which could make for a much smoother coding journey for your developers.

  • How to Write Secure Code in C

    According to the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), 90% of reported security incidents result from exploiting vulnerabilities in software code or design. Don't let simple coding errors lead to hacking threats. Take a look at this whitepaper to learn 4 ways to ensure your code is secure.

  • Moving to Modern C++: Ensuring Safety and Security with AUTOSAR Coding Guidelines

    This paper delves into the AUTOSAR C++14 coding guidelines and examines how AUTOSAR differs from established coding standards. Access it here to learn if your team should adopt the AUTOSAR guidelines and how to transition from your existing coding standard.

  • 5 Effective Traceability Components for Embedded Systems Development

    For embedded systems developers, documenting and sharing requirements and changes among team members can be complex and costly, especially when using a traditional manual method. Read this whitepaper to learn how to mitigate these concerns with an integrated product development solution.

  • Transitioning to Agile in a Safety-Critical Environment

    It's truly impossible to keep up with competition if you're not using a faster development methodology such as Agile. Read this whitepaper to learn how to mitigate Agile adoption concerns such as documentation and version control, integrating Agile with your product, upper management buy-in, and much more.

  • Agile in FDA-Regulated Environments

    In this whitepaper, learn more about the benefits of Agile compared to Waterfall, and how better documentation with Agile processes can help strengthen compliance efforts.

  • Versioning Best Practices for Embedded Systems Development

    It turns out version control is the foundation for automated, streamlined product delivery. In this eBook, learn proven version control strategies that help teams ship products faster and achieve continuous integration and deployment.

  • DevOps Challenges and Version Control: The 2018 Report

    Read through these survey results to find what DevOps professionals are looking for in version control software, and learn about the bottlenecks in your DevOps process that a VCS will help you remove.

  • ClearCase to Helix Core Migration Planning Checklist

    Check out this version control checklist to see what capabilities you could gain from a new version control system, and how to orchestrate your migration.

  • IBM ClearCase to Helix Core Migration Guide

    If your organization is currently planning a version control system change, read this article on what you'll need to do to prepare for the migration.

  • Perforce Helix Core vs. Subversion

    Read this whitepaper to learn more about your options for high-performing and scalable version control systems, and why they have become absolutely critical for any DevOps team.

  • Subversion to Perforce in 30 Minutes

    Join Tom Tyler, Senior Consultant at Perforce Software as he shares practical tips to plan you migration, alleviate concerns, and prevent a wasteful, misdirected effort.

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