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  • Top Managed Workspace Services, Compared

    To quickly and efficiently rollout a digital workspace platform, many organizations have turned to managed workspace service vendors to save their IT teams some serious man hours. Dive inside this Magic Quadrant report from Gartner to find out how today’s top managed workspace service vendors stack up against one another.

  • What Wipros Intent-Based Networking Means for Your Organization

    In this short video, learn about Wipro's IBN, powered by Cisco DNA, and how it can help align your network with the business intent of sales executives.

  • ASSA ABLOY: Implementing on Demand Hybrid IT Infrastructure

    Find out how ASSA ABLOY, a world leading provider of locks, doors, gates, and entrance automation products advanced their digital transformation goals with the help of scalable, on-demand hybrid IT infrastructure.

  • How Wipros Intent Based Networking Simplifies Network Administration Tasks

    The self-learning, self-adapting and self-driving nature of IBN can give IT administrators the must needed shift from the traditional network architectures to a fully automated infrastructure that can scale at the speed of business intent. In this video, learn more about IBN and how Wipro’s IBN can help simplify network administration tasks.

  • How to Make Your IT Organization Digitally Fit

    Inside this article, learn valuable design principles for adapting your IT organization’s structure to fit today’s technology needs – and find out how to avoid becoming stuck inside dated IT organization siloes.

  • An App Centric Approach to Network Performance Management

    Organizations are moving to an application-centric approach to networking to enhance productivity and customer experience. In this blog, learn why network engineers need access to tools and solutions that provide in-depth network performance visibility, with a focus on application experience to achieve this objective.

  • How to Manage Cloud Costs

    The bad news: Cloud cost management is unnecessarily complicated. The good news: Luckily, cloud bills are complex in a few predictable ways. In this article, learn about the 3 main problem areas in cloud cost management, and how a structured and informed approach can help your organization remove these obstacles while saving money.

  • Cloud-Native Transformation Through an Industrialized "As a Service" Model

    The application-specific integrated circuit faces dramatic fluctuations in demand – during peak times, there’s a 2-4x increase in compute and storage demand. For eSilicon, a hybrid IT model wasn’t granting the elasticity required. In this guide, learn about eSilicon’s decision to transition to Google Cloud. Download the guide here to learn more.

  • The Journey to VDI Maturity

    Many enterprises have relied on VDI to power anywhere from hundreds to thousands of users across their organization. Inside this resource, learn more about the maturity roadmap of VDI – and discover best practices to keep your VDI deployments up to speed with digital transformation.

  • Wipro elevates its BoundaryLess DataCenter to BoundaryLess Enterprise with business-first strategy

    Groundbreaking initiatives, like Wipro’s BoundaryLess Enterprise, have enabled line-of-business users and IT professionals alike to play key roles in IT management and infrastructure. In this 451 Research report, find an in-depth analysis of Wipro, including a SWOT analysis, competitor comparisons, and areas of growth. Download the report here.

  • Digital Workplace: New Ways of Working

    Inside this article, uncover the five steps for building a digital workspace strategy that is agile, user-centric, secure, and highly flexible to match today’s employee demands.

  • SD-WAN: Unbox Your Branch Office

    While cloudification has successfully moved applications to a central location, the people who need to access these apps are distributed across the globe. It’s no longer possible to have an IT staff member in each branch. In this blog, learn how virtualized branch networking can help to address these shortcomings.

  • 15 disruptions that add value to your cloud environment

    Businesses are now embracing disruptions in the hopes of gaining a competitive advantage in their market. This blog outlines 15 disruptions that can add value to your cloud environment – from TechOps to serverless computing. Read the blog here to learn how pursuing disruption can help your business get the most out of the cloud.

  • Desktop and Application Virtualization to Improve Security Compliance

    Read through this article to explore key VDI investment metrics like ROI, TCO, and others that organizations like your own are using to weigh virtual desktop solutions as a pathway to achieve a fully flexible workforce.

  • Thinking Right About AI

    While AI is a useful enterprise tool, it is often overused as a buzzword by those who don’t fully understand how AI works, how intensive it is to integrate, and what its limitations are. Read on to learn what other AI implementation roadblocks you might encounter.

  • Transforming Enterprise Access Network to Software Defined

    The dynamics of user traffic are changing, especially with more IoT devices coming into the access network, along with content-heavy social media, voice, video and data, which puts a lot of stress on the access network. In this blog, learn how Software Defined Access (SDA) can help ensure faster, more secure network access for users.

  • Designing a Zero-Downtime Experience for Your End Users Using Digital Lockers

    Learn about digital lockers and how they can streamline your workforce’s endpoint management processes. Plus, find out how they can help enable a zero-downtime experience while being cost-effective.

  • WAN Transformation the Path to a Cost Effective Future Ready Enterprise

    In just a few years since its emergence, SD-WAN adoption has sky-rocketed, making the technology a mainstream force to reckon and on its way to becoming the future of network optimization. In this blog, learn about 5 trends that are likely to dominate the SD-WAN space.

  • The Business Case for SD-WAN

    Traditional MPLS, used to manage branch connectivity and network traffic, isn’t cutting it anymore. In its place, SD-WAN is mainstreaming. Major enterprises are busy examining SD-WAN as a means of dealing with growing network traffic. In this blog, learn everything you need to know about SD-WAN.

  • Leveraging Social Media to Drive Retail Sales and Enhance Customer Experience

    Read this article for an examination of three considerations for social media: social media driving revenue, customer experience and tracking and using social media measurement tools.

  • Optimize Customer Experience to Achieve Competitive Advantage

    Outsourcing Center and Wipro performed a survey that aimed to gauge how banking institutions are doing with their customer experience initiatives. While not a complete picture of how these financial institutions are progressing with their customer experience efforts, survey results point to some general trends and beliefs in this important area.

  • Which Off-line CRM solution for Field Force?

    This paper explores four different choices available for offline CRM solution based on SAP platform, namely SAP CRM Mobile Solutions for Laptop users, SAP CRM on Blackberry on other PDA's, CRM Online solution accessed over internet, Offline recording of information using SAP Interactive forms by Adobe.

  • EMC's Comprehensive Approach for Building Proven Information Infrastructure Solutions

    In this paper, Wipro Technologies focuses on the methodology EMC follows for building its Proven Solutions for organizations of all sizes and domains. This paper also demonstrates the methodology using an example of the solution development process for Microsoft Exchange in physical and VMware environments.

  • Reverse Logistics Management-- An Effective Strategy for Revenue Maximization in CPG Industry

    This paper presents an overview and introduction to reverse logistics and how to manage reverse logistics in the CPG industry in an efficient manner.

  • Painting the CPG Supply Chain GREEN

    This paper offers a solution for businesses to achieve balance between profitability and sustainability by leveraging the platform of packaged implementations.

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