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  • Understanding Team Roles and Responsibilities

    With so many ransomware factors, it is usually within the innocent context that someone simply clicks a link, infecting an organization’s entire network with malware. Understanding team roles and responsibilities is critical to deal with complex threats successfully. Read this e-book to access 10 tips for building a layered cybersecurity defense.

  • A new approach to ransomware protection

    Ransomware isn’t going anywhere, and hackers are still running rampant with the devastating attack method. In this video, experts discuss the growing threat of ransomware, exploring different strategies for protecting against it, and advocating for approaches built around people, processes, and technology. Watch now to discover more.

  • Zero In on Risk Reduction With Zero Loss Strategy

    Organizations need a solution that expands beyond zero trust principles to better plan, manage and reduce the impact of a ransomware attack. Access this white paper to understand what a zero loss strategy is and how Commvault products and services can help you achieve it.


    A ransomware attack is a classic example of a ticking clock. Organizations need to ensure the safety of data and the ability to recover data quickly. Access this e-book to gain a deeper understanding of ransomware and how it is used to attack businesses, including 6 different types of ransomware and 10 tips to help you minimize your exposure to it.

  • Zero-loss Strategy: A New Approach to Ransomware Prot

    A zero-loss strategy can help organizations plan, manage, and reduce the impact of ransomware. Access this ESG Showcase to learn how you can enable a zero-loss strategy for your organization to move past ransomware attacks with reduced risk to data and less downtime.

  • Greater Ransomware Protection with Data Isolation and Air Gap Technologies

    Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery software includes several layers and tools to protect and restore your data and applications. Check out this white paper to learn the key advantages and value of Commvault data protection with data isolation and air gapping in the fight against ransomware.

  • Commvault cyber threat protection and recovery

    Access this data sheet to learn about Commvault’s 7 steps to securing data, made possible by their multi-layered cyber threat protection and recovery solution.

  • Ransomware Questions to Ask for Optimal Backup Protection


  • Protect, detect, and recover data from ransomware – quickly and fully

    Access this white paper to discover how you can protect, detect, and recover data successfully to mitigate the risk of ransomware for your business using Commvault.

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