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  • Improve customer strategy with predictive routing

    Customer experience is neither a single interaction nor a series of them; it’s an end-to-end customer journey. This guide aims to help your team make sense of customer interactions, including what to know about the predictive routing model and how customer experience platforms help you contextualize data. Download the guide here.

  • Your ultimate chat solution checklist

    When it comes to customer experience, there’s one constant truth: The better you understand your customers, the more positive their customer journey can be. With AI, getting to know your customers is easier than ever. In this checklist assessment, learn how to build a chat strategy with the predictive engagement your customers need. Start here.

  • Predictive routing in action

    Your KPIs are the definition of your customer service success. It’s important to do all you can to drive business outcomes and meet—or exceed—performance expectations. That starts with using technologies like AI-powered predictive routing. Learn about predictive routing, and how it can help you deliver a top-notch CX in this brief.

  • The Future of Customer Experience in Retail

    Open up this report to examine how the retail customer experience has been changed forever by the events of the past year, what implications this has had for retailers and what further changes to prepare for in 2021 and beyond.

  • The State of: UK Insurance Contact Centres

    Smartphones have transformed customer service, especially for the insurance industry. Explore the state of UK insurance contact centers, and how they’re using digital technologies this infographic.

  • 8 Considerations for Exceptional Customer Engagements

    The customer experience has never been more important to insurance agencies. In fact, it’s fast becoming the key to competitive advantage in almost every industry. Explore 8 crucial considerations for exceptional customer engagements, and tips for providing truly customer-centric experiences in this eBook.

  • BFSI in the age of the connected customer An industry snapshot by Genesys

    In this eBook, explore some of the biggest customer service trends in BFSI today, how you can act and respond effectively to them, and where we expect 2021 will take us next.

  • Move the cloud with confidence

    Genesys has helped more than 700 companies redefine their customer experience technology by facilitating a quick and painless move to a cloud-based contact center. Explore their current offerings, and the 4 steps to a successful migration, in this white paper.

  • Customer Experience Leadership During Covid-19

    COVID-19 has had profound impacts on many organizations’ customer experience strategies. In this CX Leader of the Year report, examine how leading customer experience programs and managers have adapted during the pandemic—and what you can learn from them. Download your copy to learn more.

  • Build your ideal workforce engagement management solution

    With new and highly demanding generations entering the workforce, companies face the challenge of offering captivating employee experiences — or getting left behind. Read this eBook to learn about workforce engagement management solutions, and how they can help you keep up with employees’ changing demands.

  • Genesys Cloud

    Customer experience is hugely important in every industry—but you can’t provide the best experiences if your channels and data are siloed. The Genesys Cloud solution can help by centralizing all your contact center interactions, regardless of channel. Learn more about it, and how you can get started, in this eBook.

  • 2021 Contact Centre Buyer’S Guide Trends Driving The Essentials For Modern Customer Experiences

    Access this buyer’s guide to explore how digital engagement, remote work and operations, collaboration tools, and more are re-defining modern contact centes in 2021 and beyond..

  • Genesys Video

    Check out this on-demand live session to learn about Genesys Predictive Engagement, a solution designed to help you anticipate individual customer needs and personalize their experience across all channels.

  • Practical Guide To Managing Change In Your Contact Centre

    Transitioning from an older, on-premise call center system to a modern cloud application is an opportunity for quick success, if you have a comprehensive change management strategy.Access this guide to learn the essential components of change management as it relates to contact center migration.

  • Succeed With A Single Source For Contact Center Infrastructure And Workforce Engagement Management

    Download this ebook to discover the benefits of choosing a single vendor for call center infrastructure and workforce engagement management, including lowering TCO, improving workforce efficiency, increasing your competitive advantage, and more.

  • Twelve Signs You’Re Ready To Upgrade To A Cloud Contact Centre

    Download this resource to discover 12 ways you could benefit from a cloud contact center, including increased operational efficiency, smoother data integration less IT complexity, flexibility, and more.

  • Journey Mapping — Chart The Moments That Matter Most

    Read on to learn how you can take data-driven action based around customer behaviors to increase satisfaction, boost engagement, and reduce support costs.

  • Genesys Prescriptive Migration

    Check out this white paper to learn about Genesys PureBridge Cloud Program, a solution that is specifically designed to ease the transition to the cloud from traditional, on-premises systems.

  • A Look at 5 Contact Center Automation Tools

    In this expert e-guide, learn about what you need to consider when making contact center purchasing decisions, 5 contact center automation tools to know, and the top 5 benefits of speech analytics.

  • The Recent Shift in the Contact Center Market

    The unified communications and collaboration industry has been going through major changes in the last few years with the advent of UC consolidation. In this e-guide, learn about how contact center software provider Genesys went through a shift in 2016 after planning to boost its cloud-based services by acquiring new UC capabilities.

  • Let's Chat: 4 Limitations of Automated Agents in the Contact Center

    In this e-guide, experts reveal four chatbot challenges. Learn how to overcome each one, so you can focus on driving innovation in the contact center.

  • Manage Your Contact Center For More Meaningful KPI's

    In this expert e-guide you'll find some helpful hints as to how you can identify the proper metrics needed to produce meaningful contact center KPI's. In addition, read 7 dos and don'ts of call center management to help you nourish your agent's best CRM practices.

  • Why Omnichannel Experience Delivery is a Full Contact Sport

    Expert consultants and users from eBay and Boingo Wireless discuss contact center technology trends, mistakes, and best practices. Discover ways to upgrade your existing infrastructure to enhance the customer experience and help your company run more efficiently.

  • Four Steps Toward Virtualising Your Contact Centre

    The first step to wowing customers is an organised and efficient contact centre – but how can a business overcome legacy infrastructures to support customers? View this whitepaper now to learn about virtual contact centres, their benefits, and 4 essential steps to streamline your customer experience.

  • Best Practices for Improving Back Office Workforce Efficiency

    70% of customers report that they have ended a relationship due to poor customer service, a statistic that demands companies be at the top of their capabilities. View this in-depth whitepaper to discover an extensive 7 step guide to streamlining workforce efficiency, ultimately keeping customers happy.

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