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  • NewRocket Maximizing Enterprise Resilience with Visibility and Trust

    If skepticism of data quality has made you hesitate making business decisions, you’re not alone: 75% of executives do not have a high level of trust in their data. One of the best ways to improve visibility and trust of your data is to unify around one platform. Watch this webinar to learn more about how you can maximize enterprise resilience.

  • NewRocket EXL Case Study

    EXL, a global analytics and digital solutions company, was struggling with disparate and disjointed visibility and asset management. Looking to address these issues, learn why EXL chose NewRocket to pioneer their asset management transformation.

  • NewRocket NFCU Case Study

    As a highly regulated organization in a rapidly changing world, Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU), the largest credit union in the United States, knew it had to be prepared for anything. In this guide, learn exactly how NFCU overcame resilience roadblocks and jump-started its resilience journey.

  • Building Visibility: Are You Controlling Your IT Assets Or Are They Controlling You?

    Are you controlling your IT assets or are they controlling you? Join an assortment of NewRocket expert speakers as they map out a comprehensive path to refined IT asset management. Their guidance will help you recalibrate your approach and chart a course toward a safer, more resilient organization.

  • How to Demolish Silos and Grow Resilience

    Most of today’s organizations struggle with information and data silos that can affect their daily processes and objectives. This can be harmful for many reasons, but can mainly hurt your company’s resilience. So, what can businesses do to break down these silos? Tune into this webinar to learn more.

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