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  • How to secure buy-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

    If your organization is in the market for a cloud-based CRM, then you need a solution that advances your digital transformation journey, ensures compliance, and focuses on the whole business, not just one department. Read on to learn more about a solution that offers all of that and more.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for financial services organisations: key features and benefits

    The purpose of a CRM tool is clear, but in the financial services sector, it is not as simple. Financial organizations have complex processes and regulatory requirements that make it difficult to find the right CRM. Now, there is a solution that offers deeper customer insights and stays compliant with legislation. Read on to learn more about it.

  • Why we start with business value

    Digital transformation is an industry term that has taken over our rhetoric. Businesses are convinced they need to do it, but how? What is the value of transformation for your business? To answer that, you need help from experts who assess the big picture for organizations of all sizes. Read on to learn more about it.

  • Why technology alone is not the answer to meeting the data needs of NHS organisations

    When it comes to public sector organizations, digital transformation and enabling change is just as important as it is in private business. However, technology and domain knowledge are not enough by themselves. Read on to learn more about how a combination of technology and expertise helps you map and execute BI best practices.

  • Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management: Facing the challenge

    Dynamics AX officially cutting mainstream support last year meant an ERP upgrade was not a need, but a must for many organizations. However, there are still many who have not made the leap. Explore the perceived challenges that may be stopping organizations from pressing the button and how to overcome them in this blog.

  • How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations workspaces can make your day more efficient

    Companies still relying on legacy ERP systems often find themselves struggling with the lack of integration capabilities, leading to tedious and manual re-entry of data. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations provides helpful personalization functionality for workspaces to adapt the system to each user’s benefit.

  • 7 benefits of being more digital with Microsoft technology

    Explore the benefits of a full commitment to digital business transformation with Microsoft’s bevy of solutions in this blog.

  • Removing day to day problems to achieve your D365 benefits

    Executives across the globe can often be found looking over the shoulders of project managers in charge of the implementation of products like D365, looking for the real business results they were originally promised. Check out this blog for a breakdown of common BPM issues you can resolve today and get back on track.

  • How do I achieve business value from D365?

    Many organizations pour massive amounts of time and effort into the implementation of enterprise management solutions, only to find they are not achieving the business value they were hoping for. Learn how to gain measurable value outcomes quickly with these tips from Inciper.

  • Five interventions for process efficiency

    Read this blog from Inciper to access 5 common interventions to improve your operational efficiency and make a positive impact on your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations.

  • 5 ways a cloud based CRM can stimulate business growth strategies in the financial services industry

    Legacy CRM systems with masses of infrastructure on-site cannot support the growth of modern companies in the long run, which explains the recent wave of cloud adoption. Read this blog from Inciper to discover 5 ways a cloud-based CRM can stimulate business growth in the financial services industry.

  • How Microsoft Power BI can provide value as part of a Dynamics AX Upgrade

    With extended support for Dynamics AX ending in October 2021, many AX customers are planning or executing their Dynamics AX upgrades to Dynamics 365. This opens the opportunity for organizations to transition to a data and analytics strategy based on Microsoft Power BI. Read this blog to discover 2 key factors to data and analytics implementations.

  • How can a Microsoft Data Analytics Partner help with a Data and Analytics implementation?

    Power BI’s low barrier to entry, in terms of cost and usability, make it a great fit for organizations looking to gain insight from data to make decisions. However, this can quickly develop into a crippling issue as the solution ends up being as difficult to maintain as it was to implement.

  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Microsoft Catalyst

    Sometimes the beginning of a project, and the questions that may arise, is more daunting than the project itself. These concerns are what prompted Microsoft to offer the Catalyst program, designed to help businesses create a blueprint and business case for any IT project. Check out this blog to discover 5 things you didn’t know about Catalyst.

  • 5 mistakes to avoid when implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

    To take full advantage of the in-depth customer insights, reporting capabilities and integrated compliance offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, it is essential to choose the right implementation partner. Explore the top 5 mistakes organizations and their partners can make when implementing D365 in this blog.

  • An Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

    Explore the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service in this blog, which aims to seamlessly integrate with your existing sales and marketing tools to help provide personalized customer experiences and elevate employee effectiveness.

  • Digital Transformation vs Business Transformation?

    Organizations beginning on a change journey often ask the same question: What’s the difference between digital transformation and business transformation? Explore the comparison in this blog.

  • 5 Reasons Salespeople Don't Use Their CRM Systems

    The benefits of implementing CRM systems are often immediately visible to sales leaders, as they offer a single point of truth to monitor sales performance, but sales teams don’t always see the immediate value. Access this blog to discover how to combat these issues to drive CRM adoption in your business.

  • What are the benefits of a Field Service Portal?

    Customers today demand an effortless digital experience that makes it simple for them to raise and resolve issues and requests. But with Dynamics 365 Field Service Portals, your customers can schedule work orders, receive arrival times and give feedback all in one place. Check out this blog to learn more.

  • How Inciper’s Strategic Approach To Assurance Helped Ensure Success For Howden’s Dynamics 365 Implementation

    When building a completely new ERP from scratch, many businesses jump right into the deep end and find themselves struggling to keep their heads above water. To ensure the success of an ambitious implementation project, many companies look to

  • What should Microsoft Dynamics 365 managed services cover?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform supports enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and so much more. To make sure you are receiving the optimal service available, read this blog from Inciper, which highlights the top 4 areas your D365 managed services contract should cover.

  • 5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Data Visualisation Tools

    Decision makers in a business often need to quickly identify new patterns, growing trends, and simplify difficult concepts to make accurate observations. Data visualization tools are designed to help with this process, but they don’t always have what you need. Read this blog to discover 5 questions to ask when evaluating data visualization tools.

  • 5 Reasons to Begin Report Automation in 2021

    Not only is manual data extraction exhausting for staff weighed down by the challenge, but it’s also a waste of time, money and resources. Report automation is a simple, efficient way of generating business-critical information. Explore the top 5 reasons to automate your reporting process in this blog.

  • How to utilise Azure AI with RPA for Business Applications

    AI is a tool many businesses are now adopting to automate processes and maximize product sophistication, but many are unaware of recent developments that open up new use case opportunities. Read this blog to explore new use cases for AI and robotic process automation (RPA).

  • Power BI Tactical Vs Strategic

    Power BI’s low barrier to entry, in terms of cost and usability, make it a great fit for organizations looking to gain insight from data to make decisions. However, this can quickly develop into a crippling issue as the solution ends up being as difficult to maintain as it was to implement. To learn how to optimize your Power BI, read this blog.

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