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  • Optimizing Parts Savings And Wrench Time With Streamlined Inventory And Maintenance Management

    Trinchero Family Estates, an industry-leading winery, recognized a challenge: the business’s growth was outpacing its maintenance systems’ capabilities. The winery sought Accruent’s help. Browse this case study to learn how Accruent’s Maintenance Connection enabled 6 successes for Trinchero Family Estates.

  • Providing Autonomy To A Local Authority

    Essex County Council needed a flexible booking tool to conduct business effectively in its many meeting rooms. To solve this problem, the council sought help from Accruent EMS. Dig into this case study to explore 6 benefits that EMS facilitated for Essex County Council.

  • Increasing Visibility And Control Over Field Service And Workflow Processes For Data-based Decision Making.

    As Mitton Mechanical Services’ client portfolio and workforce grew, the business recognized that it needed to scale up its field service management capabilities. To do so, Mitton Mechanical Services adopted Accruent’s vx Field and vx Maintain services. Take a look through this case study to discover 6 results of the partnership.

  • Co-operative Group (Co-op)

    The UK’s Co-operative Group (Co-op)—a food retailer, funeral services provider, major general insurer and more—recognized that it needed to transform its system. The business adopted Accruent’s vx Maintenance and vx Observe to achieve this goal. Browse this case study to unlock 6 benefits of the Co-op’s digital transformation.

  • Iot Remote Monitoring, Control And Energy Management

    How can you improve equipment performance, optimize maintenance operations and maximize energy efficiency? Accruent developed vx Observe, a service that enables remote monitoring and control of equipment. Read this product overview to discover 7 benefits of vx Observe.

  • Cmms, Eam, Who Cares?

    This blog article digs into similarities and differences of EAM/CMSS, and outlines what you should focus on when choosing an asset management system. Read on to learn how you can development strategies and practices to back up your asset management plan.

  • Lucernex: Lx Projects Mobile

    Lx Projects Mobile, part of the Lx Projects construction project management solution, is a mobile app that helps enable construction teams to easily manage key tasks via their mobile device while on site. Keep reading to learn more.

  • A Checklist For Selecting The Right Scheduling Platform For Your Organization

    There's a lot that comes into play when selecting a scheduling platform that best suits your business. This white paper, A Checklist for Selecting the Right Scheduling Platform for Your Organization, explores some ways to find a good fit. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Vx Observe: Energy Management & Iot Remote Monitoring

    To meet business performance objectives, organizations must operate at full capacity—which is why Accruent developed vx Observe to help businesses streamline maintenance and bolster equipment performance. On this landing page, explore 5 benefits of the IoT remote monitoring tool.

  • Lx Transaction Management

    Is your real estate organization losing money because of a limited view of upcoming real estate transaction decisions? To aid businesses facing this challenge, Accruent’s Lucernex developed a real estate transaction management tool: Lx Transaction Management. Browse this product overview to unlock Lx Transaction Management’s 7 capabilities.

  • Iot Remote Monitoring, Control And Energy Management

    As businesses search for ways to optimize their maintenance operations, many are adopting remote monitoring services. Dig into this product overview to explore 6 benefits of vx Observe.

  • Strengthening Your Cre Portfolio In Uncertain Times

    What’s the best approach for getting in front of a potential recession? Explore what you can do to protect your commercial real estate (CRE) portfolio. Access this blog article to explore several strategies for getting in front of a potential recession and optimizing your real estate portfolio in today’s shifting market.

  • 5 Ways Facilities Managers Can Drive Energy Savings

    More than 40% of the world’s electricity is consumed by buildings. To commit to corporate sustainability programs, many businesses are searching for ways to cut energy and utility expenditures. Accruent compiled 5 ways to do so for facilities management teams. Browse this blog to unlock the suggestions.

  • The Flexible Workplace: 2022 Trends And Best Practices

    Looking to create a flexible work plan that benefits your workforce, customers, and business? Keep reading to discover how to successfully manage hybrid work for the modern office.

  • Definitive Guide To Asset Maintenance Software Return On Investment

    To drive business forward and maximize performance, companies need frictionless, efficient workspaces, but how do we get there? Here are 7 trends to expect to see play a key role as we move forward.

  • How Energy Demand Response Programs Reduce Consumption And Lower Costs

    Energy prices are rising—leaving companies searching for ways to reduce energy consumption and lower costs. To help businesses achieve these goals, Energy Demand Response programs have emerged. Browse this blog to learn about 2 such programs: Load Response and Price Response.

  • Technology, The Hybrid Workplace, And The Employee Experience

    As many businesses adopt a hybrid work model, creating a flexible, seamless experience is key to ensuring employee satisfaction. Considering this goal, Accruent’s Chris Smart chatted with Meta’s Director of Workplace, Chirag Kadiwar. Read this blog to access 8 takeaways from the conversation.

  • Event Management Software For Top-notch Gatherings

    Event management requires keeping track of many moving parts. To aid organizers, EMS developed an event management software suite. Browse this landing page to access a product demo and to understand 6 capabilities of EMS’s event management software suite.

  • Is Your Private Company Ready For Asc 842?

    This blog article looks at lessons learned by companies who have already adopted ASC 842 and what key areas you need to address during your compliance journey. Read on to learn how you can achieve ASC 842 adoption.

  • How The Pandemic Put Customer Loyalty Up For Grabs

    This blog article explores how retailers today are adapting to customer needs, such as grocery delivery, and why the race is on to provide the best experience at the lowest price. Read on to learn how you can retain and capture customers in today’s competitive retail market.

  • The Pre-startup Safety Review (Pssr): What You Need To Know

    There is often a temptation to rush the PSSR process or skip key elements of PSSR due to time constraints or budget pressures that is often an ongoing issue in asset-heavy facilities. Access this blog article to explore common PSSR oversights and learn how you get PSSR right.

  • What Is An Event Management System?

    Events occur constantly at college and university campuses, making effective planning, execution and reporting of these events crucial for organizers. To simplify the event management process, Event Management Systems have emerged as worthwhile tools for planners. Explore this article to learn 7 important features of an Event Management System.

  • Understanding The 5 Phases Of A Plant Turnaround Process

    80% of turnarounds are over budget by more than 10%. As plant turnaround, or plant shut down, continues to be a common occurrence in heavy-asset industries, asset owners must prepare for this difficult, costly process. Dig into this blog to learn about the turnaround process’s 5 phases and each phase’s associated challenges.

  • Reducing Errors With Streamlined Data Handover Between Engineering And Maintenance

    When Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc), a teaching hospital in the Netherlands, decided to transform its data sharing strategy, the organization selected Meridian as a partner. Read this case study to learn how Meridian, through a centralized system, empowered Radboudumc with global access to more than 115,000 documents.

  • 10 Steps To Choosing The Best Cmms Provider

    To streamline maintenance operations, many businesses are adopting a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). But how does a business select the right vendor? Read this white paper to access 10 steps for choosing a CMMS provider.

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