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    How did an owner increase his MSP’s valuation by $11.3 million in 6 months? By deploying Xcitium MDR to 9,000 endpoints. Read this case study to explore the math and circumstances that delivered these results.

  • EMA endpoint impact security brief

    IT professionals are struggling to keep up with increasing, and increasingly complex, malware attacks. To help businesses tackle this challenge, Xcitium (formerly known as Comodo Cybersecurity) developed ZeroDwell Containment, a technology that can neutralize cyberattacks. Read this brief for an analysis of the tool.

  • Xcitium Zero Trust and MDR featuring Gartner Research

    If you had the power to render useless the threats pervading the cyber landscape, would you use it? Your answer is likely yes. To transform this hypothetical into reality, Xcitium developed ZeroDwell Threat Containment. Explore this landing page to learn about the benefits that Xcitium’s technology can deliver for your business.

  • Xcitium: Don't Fear the Unknown. Contain It.

    Recent research from Gartner indicates the security services market has not slowed down, with a surplus of tools and solutions improving every day. But threat actors hold a critical, unfair advantage: they only need to be right once. Learn more about taking the next step for full cyber protection with Xcitium in this resource.


    Download this white paper to discover 6 reasons why you need Xcitium M(XDR), a uniquely differentiated MXDR service for endpoints, clouds, and networks.

  • Steel Manufacturer Case Study

    Despite having a very small IT team, discover how Xcitium’s ZeroThreat technology helped a steel manufacturer protect all of its IT infrastructure in this case study.


    While no one can stop malware and ransomware from entering your network, there are endpoint security tools designed to prevent any damage with proactive Zero Trust containment. Check out this data sheet to explore the key advantages of Xcitium Essentials,

  • Endpoint Security Trends

    As advanced threats push security controls to their limits, SOC teams are struggling to detect and respond, and the XDR movement has promised to address this issue. Explore endpoint security trends and insights gathered from a recent ESG study, including statistics on XDR adoption, in this infographic.

  • SOC as a Platform

    A considerable increase in MDR interest has introduced a new security services concept: Security Operations Center as a Platform (SOCaaP). Learn how you can convert your organization into a managed security services provider (MSSP) by simply adopting Xcitium SOCaaP in this white paper.

  • What Security Teams Want from MDR Providers

    Beyond traditional SecOps functions, MDR providers are now becoming full-scale security program partners that help guide the strategic operations of their partners. Learn what is expected from MDR providers by security teams in 2022 with this ESG e-book.


    Explore the capabilities of Xcitium security operations enter (SOC) Cost Savings Analyzer in this white paper, including how to calculate the costs of alert triage, false positives and a fully burdened SOC engineer in your organization.

  • School district needs all-in-one security with remote access capabilities

    Access this case study to learn how the Rosedale Union School District, along with Xcitium, makes its distance learning environment secure and flexible.

  • 2022 Competitive Strategy Leader

    Endpoint security tools are in high demand due to the increasing complexity and occurrences of ransomware, malware, and other cyberthreats. Access this Frost & Sullivan report to learn about the key features of Comodo’s Xcitium and discover why it earned recognition for its endpoint security capabilities.


    In cybersecurity, there are 3 types of files: the good, the bad and the unknown. Approaches such as antivirus, blacklisting and whitelisting can handle the known good and bad files, but what about the unknown files? Read this e-book to explore how auto-containment technology can save your business from hidden threats.

  • School district relies on Comodo’s security technology to contain and defeat unwanted malware

    Ensuring the protection of endpoint technology usage – from desktops to laptops, smart phones to tablets – from the threat of malware and other malicious attacks has become paramount. Access this case study to learn how the Perry Community School District partnered with Xcitium for its ESM platform and realized 5 key benefits.

  • Ransomware Lessons from REvil’s Return

    After the SolarWinds attacks exposed a giant backdoor into the networks of major organizations and government agencies, REvil launched a similar attack. Now, we have to answer the question of how businesses can manage to protect themselves without wasting time and resources to review of every file they download. Read this white paper to learn more.

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