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  • Solutions - Data Migration with PeerSync™ Migration

    PeerSync Migration is designed to eliminate unpredictable post-migration final scans while offering quality replication, helping you minimize data migration-associated downtime. Tune into this short video to learn how this solution is meeting the needs of IT administrators who want an efficient and minimally disruptive migration process.

  • Solution Video - PeerGFS an Alternative to DFS-R

    Solutions like Microsoft DFS-R can help you unify your different file servers from their disparate locations. But some companies struggle to fully use these tools, according to Peer Software. Access this solution video to learn how PeerGFS can help you address the challenges of file management and replication in complex cloud environments.

  • Solutions - Data Center Synchronization

    Peer Software helps organizations protect, manage, and share data, both on-premises or in the cloud via continuous data synchronization across different storage platforms and locations. Access this short video to learn how to improve data availability and increase productivity through active-active, real-time data synchronization infrastructure.

  • Three Ways Peer Software Accelerates Your Journey to Microsoft Azure

    Tune into this brief video to discover how, as a Microsoft Azure Storage Validated Partner, Peer Software can accelerate your journey to Microsoft Azure.

  • Product Overview - PeerGFS for Multi-Site File Collaboration & Synchronization

    In this video, Spencer Allingham of Peer Software provides a high-level overview of their PeerGFS solution—designed to solve the challenges of file management and file replication in multi-site, multi-platform, and hybrid multi-cloud storage environments.


    To meet distribution and replication needs across multiple sites with different hardware, PeerGFS & Dell EMC VxRail combine to store, sync, and secure your valuable data. Access this short data sheet to learn how you can make virtual desktops, mission-critical applications, and remote office infrastructure faster, better, and easier to deploy.


    The Peer Global File Service is an enterprise-class software solution that helps customers solve data management challenges with file and object storage in multi-site, multi-vendor, and multi-cloud environments. Learn more about it in this white paper.

  • PeerGFSTM in Health Care

    Read the following datasheet to see how PeerGFS, a file storage management and replication solution from Peer Software, is helping doctors and health care workers across the globe easily manage remote health care data.

  • Migrate Mixed Storage Environments with Near-Zero Downtime

    PeerSync Migration powers complex storage migrations with their high-performance scanning and replication technology to ensure fast migration with minimal disruption. Read this datasheet to find out about Peer Software’s thousands of success stories, 4 key use cases, and 11 standout benefits.


    The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) was seeking a high-performance file sharing and collaboration environment with capabilities to locally maintain up-to-date file replicas. Download this case study to discover how, by partnering with PeerLink, the NNSA team was able to address these

  • Formerly “Falck Safety Services” Peer GFSTM for Enterprise File Collaboration

    Download this case study to discover how RelyOn Nutec, a leading safety training provider, partnered with Peer to implement a file sharing solution that offers robust replication capabilities, fast file access, cross platform integration, and other features that now support RelyOn Nutec in their efforts to roll out new services and drive growth.

  • Simplify File Management and Orchestration across Edge, Data Center, and Cloud Storage

    Peer Global File Service (PeerGFS) helps customers solve data management challenges with file and object storage in multi-site, multi-vendor, and multi-cloud environments. Access this white paper to learn how PeerGFS improves file management for the edge, enhances cloud backup/replication, and improves data center synchronization.

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