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  • Fast Analytics For Streaming Media: The Next Entertainment Frontier

    Check out this data sheet to learn requirements and suggestions for the future of streaming media and see how a SingleStore scale-out, super-fast distributed, relational database can help.

  • Streaming Systems

    Data streaming is the key to many of the most successful business models today—but while everyone has plans to stream large amounts of data, it can be hard actually processing that data. Access this O’Reilly e-book, courtesy of SingleStore, to learn more about the essentials of data streaming for your data-intensive processes.

  • Database Internals

    This O’Reilly e-book will help you sort through your various distrusted data systems and better understand how you can improve data-heavy application performance, even as you grapple with disparate data architectures. Access it today to learn more about mastering distributed storage, data, transactions and more.

  • 20x to 100x Faster Analytics Through Data Warehouse Augmentation

    How can you ensure your data warehouse offering accelerates analytics and performance by up to 100x while driving cost reductions? Access this white paper to learn how SingleStore’s unified database can deliver significant value for analytics and data pipeline processes while improving efficiency.

  • Eliminate Database Sprawl to Lower Cost and Accelerate Use Cases

    This Forrester webinar explores how reducing database sprawl can help you lower costs and accelerate your various use cases. Tune into this webinar to hear Noel Yuhanna, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester and Rick Negrin, Field CTO at SingleStore, discuss how organizations can navigate the dangerous world of database sprawl.

  • Fast Analytics In Financial Services

    Explore this e-book to learn how 4 top tier financial services organizations have leveraged SingleStore to drive fast analytics on any data, anywhere, to deliver actionable insights, and more.

  • Ludicrously Fast Analytics: A 5-Step Guide For Developers Of Modern Applications

    Fast analytics are making all the difference for today’s SaaS companies. In this e-book, you’ll learn how 3 developers accelerated analytics via SingleStore’s unified, powerful, and scalable database. Read on to discover how this DB handles growing data volumes, huge numbers of queries, and complex cloud architectures with ease.

  • Data Warehouse Augmentation from SingleStore

    Watch this webcast to learn how SingleStore enables fast analytics by augmenting leading data warehouses, how some of the industry leaders are driving 10-20x the performance through DW augmentation, and more.

  • SQL For Data Analysis Advanced Techniques For Transforming Data Into Insights

    Access your copy of this O’Reilly e-book SQL for Data Analytics, compliments of SingleStore, to learn how you can use SQL to improve your analytics capabilities—with benefits including getting more from the data you have on-hand in your database to democratizing access to insight across your organization.

  • Singlestore: Simplifying Data Architectures With A Unified Database

    This technical whitepaper explores the benefits of a unified database, from concurrent transactional and analytics workloads to faster query speeds at a reduced cost. Read on to discover the key features of the SingleStore unified database architecture, including scalability, cloud adaptivity, and simplified management.

  • Data-Intensive Applications: A C-Suite Guide

    Data-intensive applications are forming the backbone of your company—but how can you, as a business leader, understand the unique challenges these sorts of applications pose and adopt the right solutions? Download your copy of this C-Suite guide to understand the data and technology imperatives at the pinnacle of market transformation.

  • Data-Intensive Applications Need A Modern Data Infrastructure

    Read on to learn how SingleStore’s database meets the needs of modern data-intensive applications, with some organizations reporting benefits including query response times that drop from minutes to seconds, 35% decreases in TCO compared to a leading cloud DB, and huge performance improvements.

  • Moments That Matter: How The Modern Database Powers Data-Intensive Applications

    Access this white paper to learn how SingleStore’s modern database, optimized for the cloud and fine-tuned for data-intensive applications, is letting organizations supercharge their performance at a fraction of traditional costs.

  • Real-Time Analytics in the Cloud – Three Case Studies

    Recent advancements in technology and data strategies mean that every company can now harness the power of their data for real-time analytics—and that’s more necessary than ever in a fast-paced, digital world. Tune into this webinar to learn how SingleStore delivers real-time analytics in a variety of IT environments for all kinds of businesses.

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