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  • “We Are Very Serious About Cyber Security And Through Our Security Ambassadors’ Program We Continuously Educate Our People About Cyber Risk. Lastpass Is A Core Tenant In Mitigating That Risk.”

    Seeking a tool that would provide a convenient way to share credentials (internally and externally) with trusted partners became Mary Kay’s priority. Read the case study to examine Mary Kay’s success with LastPass’ password management solution, which is now integral to their security awareness program.

  • Four Ways To Protect Your Business In The Cloud

    A modern BYO-anything workforce means more access points, hidden apps and hurdles to secure across the organization, including the cloud. Download this e-book to access best security practices for managing your remote employees, whether it’s access control, SSO, or onboarding and offboarding.

  • 3 Tips to Protect your Entire Organization with LastPass

    In today’s security environment, employees are increasingly at risk of becoming victims of malware or phishing attacks as cybercriminals exploit gaps in security such as weak passwords or lack of an authentication strategy. Download this infographic for 3 tips to protect your entire organization.

  • How to Use LastPass Business

    Learn everything you need to know about LastPass Business in this white paper, designed to eliminate password fatigue for your employees and improve password security for the company.

  • No Generation Is Immune To Password Mishaps

    Discover how each generation perceives their password safety compared to their actual password behavior in this infographic.

  • Identity 101 for SMBs

    Single sign-on, enterprise password management, and multifactor authentication solutions each provide important security and productivity benefits to an organization, but SMBs tend to have more limited budgets and resources. Download this e-book for a guide to the benefits and features of a holistic, all-in-one identity solution.

  • Save On Cyber Insurance With Lastpass

    Not only can password management solutions reduce the risk of cyberattacks, they represent a potential cost-saving opportunity for organizations faced with increasing cyber insurance premiums. Download this white paper to learn more about how you can save while delivering best-in-class security to employees with LastPass.

  • Eliminate Risk. Eliminate Frustration. Eliminate Passwords For Employees.

    80% of breaches can be traced back to a weak, reused, or compromised password, an alarming statistic that shines a spotlight on the risks and frustrations introduced by password use. Discover the benefits of passwordless authentication tools in this white paper.

  • Internet2 + Lastpass Simple And Affordable Password Management For Your Institute.

    For higher education institutions, LastPass and Internet2 offer turnkey, affordable packages designed to make it easy for higher education institutions in the US to provide secure password management for everyone on and off campus. Download this resource to learn more.

  • Psychology of Passwords 2022

    Connect with current password trends, predictions, and 3 key takeaways in this Psychology of Passwords report, as well as learn how to close the disconnect between cyber awareness and good password practices in your enterprise.

  • Take Your University To A Higher Security Level With Lastpass.

    University campuses present a unique challenge for cybersecurity. With flexible perimeters and constant traffic, it is crucial that every student has access online resources, while unwanted users don’t. This infographic presents 5 key reasons you should choose LastPass to secure your university’s campus. Read on to learn more.

  • Securely Work from Anywhere

    No matter how strong your access management is, a single compromised set of privileged credentials can spell disaster, leading to an endless search for superior IAM. Read this e-book to learn more about IAM for remote work, what it takes to build a stronger IAM strategy, and the benefits of a combined IAM approach.

  • Awareness Doesn’t Translate To Action

    Organizations spend millions of dollars on cybersecurity platforms, and even more money on training their employees around cyber awareness. However, training and awareness does not always translate to employees actually doing the right things. Read on to learn how to enforce better behaviors and protect your business.

  • Summary Of Key Lastpass Security Principles

    Now that so much of the workplace is accessed digitally, IAM and credential management have become crucial to cybersecurity. This white paper gives an in-depth look into how LastPass operates, and how they aim to provide effective credential access security through their key secuirty functions. Read on to learn more.

  • Knowledge Workers Have A False Sense Of Password Security

    According to a recent survey, 73% of respondents considered their passwords as being secure, while 62% were using the same passwords for multiple accounts.Confidence doesn’t equal security, and when workers are confident in an insecure approach, the risks are even higher. Download this infographic to learn more about key password security trends.

  • What’s The Big Risk?

    Insider threats account for 60% of cyberattacks. Employees with too much access can pose an insider threat, even if they themselves remain uncompromised. When employees’ credentials are unmanaged, organizations are left with an immense amount of unnecessary risk that can lead to a devastating data breach. Read on to learn more.

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