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  • Cisco Umbrella Enhances Support of DNS Encryption With DNS Over HTTPS

    In this blog, unpack what the latest DNS over HTTPS update means for Cisco Umbrella customers and discuss how to configure DoH in your network. Read on to learn more.

  • Security Resilience for The Unpredictable

    Companies are investing in resilience, but without a security system as resistant as the rest of the organization, these investments will inevitably fall short. Access the following portfolio overview to learn about the 5 dimensions of security resilience and unlock an overview of Cisco’s diverse array of security offerings.

  • How Cisco is Addressing Ransomware and the Log4J Vulnerability in 2022

    The Log4j vulnerability was one of the lowest points in many cybersecurity professional’s careers. Watch this webcast, in which Cisco discusses security concerns in the aftermath of Log4j, as well as the rapidly increasing ransomware crisis.

  • Cisco Umbrella Recording

    With companies incorporating vast amounts of digital resources into their infrastructure, security can seem overwhelming. Cisco presents an approach that unifies security, bringing all components together under one centralized entity: The Cisco Umbrella. Watch this webcast to discover the full benefits of Cisco security.

  • 10 Ways Cisco Delivers XDR Capabilities Today

    Security detection is getting harder as the attack surface increases, however adding a new SIEM or SOAR tool to a security environment can address today’s threats. XDR solutions were designed to help alleviate some of the challenges of this. Read this e-book to learn more.

  • Checklist: Tips 5 Tips for Enterprises Choosing Endpoint Protection

    Is your endpoint security ready for modern cyberthreats? Download this checklist to learn 5 tips for choosing the right endpoint protection, so your security teams can increase visibility for more effective network defense, get answers more quickly and automate repetitive manual tasks. Read now to get started.

  • Endpoint Security: A Critical Component of Zero Trust, SASE, & XDR

    Watch this webinar to explore why next-gen integrated security platforms offer the optimal solution to ever-changing and increasingly variable enterprise needs, and ultimately drive business success by enhancing operational efficiency.

  • The Importance of Endpoint Security in the Evolution of Modern Security Architecture

    The pandemic has accelerated the pace of change of IT infrastructure, requiring security architects to keep up with this rapidly changing environment. Access this ESG report to explore the importance of endpoint security solutions when considering converged security platforms.

  • Stop Ransomware and Other Cyberthreats with Cisco Secure Endpoint

    Access this interactive e-book to learn how Cisco Secure Endpoint strives to help your organization defend from threats such as ransomware through an integrated, cloud-delivered endpoint security platform.

  • EDR: Understanding the SecOps Value of an Ecosystem Approach

    As employees increasingly access corporate networks from remote locations, endpoint security managers must maintain security while juggling typical resource challenges. Download this white paper for a complete overview of Cisco Secure Endpoint’s intended benefits.

  • Extended Detection and Responses (XDR)

    Today’s attackers are exploiting multiple attack points, regular business activity is too easily misidentified as malicious and security teams are already up to their ears in legitimate threats. Download this e-book to unlock a complete overview of how XDR can enhance your security operations.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Cisco SecureX

    Read this Forrester Total Economic Impact analysis to see six specific use cases for Cisco SecureX. See how it reduced the time security analysts spent investigating and resolving security incidents and decreased the risk and cost of a data breach by providing better visibility to threats.

  • Top 5 Takeaways Security Outcomes Study: Endpoint Edition

    Now more than ever, effective endpoint protection is essential to the success of any cybersecurity program. The good news? This infographic has 5 key takeaways to help you learn how effective endpoint protection contributes to more successful security programs. Download the infographic now to get started.

  • See and Protect Users and Endpoints Everywhere - 48 minutes

    With more unmanaged devices connecting to the network and more users working from anywhere, security gaps are widening. Watch this webinar to learn how Cisco Umbrella aims to strengthen your security posture, protect your users and device wherever they work and more.

  • Security Outcomes Study: Endpoint Edition

    In today’s dispersed workforce, leveraging endpoint security into your enterprise has become paramount in network defense. Read this study to discover how endpoint security enables organizations to build more successful security programs.

  • NHS Management Experiences a Clear Advantage with Cisco Secure Endpoint

    In today’s threat landscape, defending your highly targeted personally Identifiable Information (PII) data against online criminals and safeguarding information from phishing attacks, ransomware, and data exfiltration can be a major challenge. Read this case study to learn how NHS Management was able to build a top-notch security program.

  • The Forrester Wave: Endpoint Security SaaS 2021

    With the pressure on security teams to migrate on-premises security products to cloud-managed, there has been significant uptick in client interest in SaaS-delivered endpoint security products. Open this Forrester report to see how each provider measures up and discover how to select the right one for their needs.

  • Threat Hunting with SecureX: Stop Cyberthreats Before They Start

    Cisco has integrated threat hunting into its offering, which can help to disrupt attacks before they materialize. By engaging Cisco to employ threat hunting, companies can proactively pursue, discover, and stop cyberthreats in their tracks. Access this interactive e-book to learn more about the next evolution in cybersecurity.

  • Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

    This Gartner Magic Quadrant report provides a deep scope into the EPP and EDR market and identified 19 key vendor strengths & weaknesses – read on to unlock the full report.

  • Cisco Secure Endpoint Buyer's Guide

    The endpoint is your frontline, and your adversaries keep finding new ways to penetrate it. If threats keep growing, why wouldn’t your security? Dive into this Cisco Secure guide to learn how to ensure your endpoint security strategy meets your needs for today with an eye for what’s coming tomorrow.

  • How a Wine and Spirits Distributor Protects its Data and Reputation with Threat Hunting

    Allied Beverage Group is a wine and spirits distributor out of Elizabeth, NJ. After building a state-of-the-art facility at HQ and implementing all-new IT infrastructure, they set out to accomplish a straightforward goal: Improve security. Access this case study to learn how threat hunting helped Allied Beverage reach their goal.

  • Marine Credit Union Bolsters Their Security with Cisco

    Marine Credit Union had a tough mission in front of them: Build top-notch security on a budget. They had to defend their highly targeted data against online criminals and nation states with the goal of safeguarding their members’ financial information. View this case study to discover how Cisco helped Marine Credit Union achieve their goal.

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