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  • How to Start Your Mainframe AIOps Journey

    Customer expectations are on the rise, but rapid data growth has made it hard for organizations to consistently deliver excellent digital experiences. That’s why many companies are turning to AI to evolve their IT operations and anticipate problems before they impact the business. Read on to learn how you can get started on your AIOps journey.

  • Bloor InBrief: Easytrieve Modernised

    Easytrieve is a low code report generator with the aim to give you better insights, support agile report development, and achieve greater ITOps efficiency. Access this white paper to learn more about Easytrieve.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to CA 1 Flexible Storage

    If you’re a CA 1 and virtual tape customer, you’re automatically entitled to upgrade to CA 1 Flexible Storage today at no additional cost. Tap into this infographic to learn the top 5 reasons why you should make the upgrade, including to store your data anywhere, protect against ransomware, maintain regulatory compliance and more.

  • CA 1™ Flexible Storage™ is here! Confidently store your mainframe data anywhere.

    Access this landing page to learn how you can confidently store your mainframe data anywhere by leveraging a cost-effective solution to protect your entire environment from ransomware and data breaches without the need for any additional hardware.

  • Mainframe Shifts in Cloud Storage Usage Report

    Understanding the motivating factors for use of cloud storage in mainframe environments offers some insights into the dynamics of IT operations. Tap into this research content to learn about the driving forces that are pushing companies to lean on cloud storage as mainframe environments continue to accumulate more data.

  • Full Mainframe Protection for the Entire Security Lifecycle

    If you’ve shifted to a hybrid IT infrastructure, then you’re familiar with the process of reassessing your security management. Throughout your reassessment, did you make sure to consider your mainframe? If not, this e-book can help. Read on to learn about modernizing your mainframe security with Broadcom.

  • Guide to Strengthening Mainframe Security

    Your mainframe houses sensitive data—data that threat actors work hard to exfiltrate through phishing attacks. In the face of this threat, how can you strengthen your mainframe security? Unlock tips in this guide.

  • The Future of Enterprise Reporting

    When it comes to enterprise reporting, there are many factors to consider such as supply chain risk, macro-economic issues, and more. These challenges impact enterprise reporting due to the growth in compliance rules and an explosion of data year over year. Read on to learn about a platform that makes mission critical reporting easier than before.

  • AppDev Modernization Roadmap eBook

    As you work toward choosing your modernization approach, examine the essential considerations outlined in this e-book to get started designing your ideal AppDev roadmap.

  • The Need for a Cost-Effective Solution to Mainframe Data Storage

    While many organizations are turning to inexpensive cloud storage, the need for advanced security of your sensitive mainframe data can be challenging to meet with a cloud solution. Access this blog post to learn how you can bolster your storage strategy with cloud solutions that reduce TCO and keep your data secure with pervasive encryption.

  • Understanding and Leveraging the Power of AIOps

    Broadcom’s AIOps solutions bring order and insight to complex IT environments by providing end-to-end visibility and management capabilities across domains and platforms. Access this landing page to explore 5 different case studies that highlight how AIOps can help you become more efficient and achieve operational excellence.

  • Busting Myths: Mainframe Phishing Attacks

    To effectively secure your mainframe, your business needs to separate mainframe myths from mainframe reality. This infographic busts 4 mainframe security myths. Keep reading and discover how phishing attacks are particularly dangerous to your mainframe.

  • Managing Mainframe Phishing Vulnerabilities

    It’s undeniably positive that mainframe security is typically mature. But this positive comes with a downside: complacency can cause your organization to overlook your mainframe in security planning. This is especially dangerous in the face of increasing, persistent threats like phishing attacks. What can you do? Review this white paper to learn.

  • Why Git for Mainframe

    Check out this blog post for a close look at Git's value for mainframe application development, and discover whether Git adoption should be a central theme in your modernization journey.

  • AIOps Real World Perspectives Roundtable

    Forward-thinking companies are looking for ways to work faster and smarter across teams and gain visibility throughout the hybrid IT environment. Watch this video to learn how you can help your organization stay ahead of the curve while managing growing IT complexity and digital demands by leveraging AIOps.

  • Your Git for mainframe cheat sheet

    Check out this infographic for your Git for mainframe 'cheat sheet', walking you through the workflow so your organization can move forward with confidence.

  • Git for Mainframe: Back to the Future

    Take a look through this blog post for the 3 primary drivers of change in mainframe application development, and discover essential recommendations for those looking to take a pragmatic approach to mainframe modernization.

  • Considerations for Mitigating Human-Centered Risk with Zero Trust

    Despite the myriad “Zero-Trust-in-a-box” solutions, “one size fits all” isn’t the answer – but making human behavior a part of your strategy probably is. Watch this webinar to explore key considerations for mitigating human-centered risk with zero trust.

  • Easytrieve Visual Studio Code Extension: High Level Overview

    Tune into this introductory video to unlock a high-level overview of how to manage the entire lifecycle of the Easytrieve development program using the Visual Studio Code extension with your mainframe.

  • Proactive Operations with Mainframe AIOps

    Organizations that can anticipate problems sooner, analyze situations faster, accelerate automation and better prioritize to reduce risk gain a competitive advantage in the face of change. Watch this video to learn how you can leverage AIOps to enable monitoring and management of hybrid applications from end to end.

  • Automatically Discover Your Mainframe Topology

    With Broadcom, you can view your entire mainframe hierarchy with just the push of a button. Watch this video for an introductory and instructional look at Broadcom's Mainframe Topology capabilities.

  • Git and Mainframe Development: Considerations for Enterprises

    Git is the de facto standard for version control for contemporary software development, with the mainframe’s secure large-scale transactional processing capabilities earning its reputation for reliability. Educate yourself on Git’s benefits and requirements to ensure a safe and reliable integration for your enterprise’s mainframe strategy.

  • How Senior Leaders Should be Thinking About Their Mainframe

    The threat landscape has expanded, and so should your mainframe’s security. Join Richard Bird, the father of identity security, discuss the importance of identity and why discuss the importance of your mainframe as a first line of defense. Watch the webinar to learn more.

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