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  • AIOps Watchtower Platform Webinar

    Partitioned teams lead to siloed data and fragmented views of system health.In this 4-minute video, you’ll learn about an AI-enabled mainframe platform designed to make problem identification and resolution much quicker and simpler. Tune in now to find out how you can better monitor system health.

  • AIOps Watchtower Platform eBook

    Mainframe operations are drowning in data, making it hard to identify and resolve issues. Broadcom's WatchTower Platform uses AI and ML to streamline workflows, enhance visibility, and enable proactive problem avoidance. Learn how WatchTower can elevate your mainframe operations by reading the full e-book now.

  • AIOps Watchtower Platform Brief

    The Broadcom WatchTower Platform offers advanced mainframe observability with AI and ML, streamlining problem identification and resolution. It integrates tools, workflows, and data, enabling IT teams to shift from reactive recovery to proactive issue avoidance. Discover how in the full product overview.

  • Security_What Every Leader Needs To Know About Mainframe Cybersecurity

    In this video, Ravi Patil, Director of Product Management & Strategy at Broadcom, will explain how you can leverage mainframe security to establish a more effective defense strategy and protect your business from cybercriminals, including real-world stories of how threat actors are taking advantage of insecure networks. Tune in now to learn more.

  • Cross_Hybrid IT Modernization for the Mainframe

    This e-book explores how leading organizations are modernizing their mainframe infrastructure through a hybrid IT approach. Inside, you’ll learn how to blend the mainframe with cloud and other technologies to drive business value. Download the virtual roundtable report now to learn more.

  • CA1 Flexible Storage_Customer Success Story

    In this customer success story, you’ll learn how a major US school district was able to leverage Broadcom's CA 1 Flexible Storage solution to securely store over 500 TB of student data indefinitely, saving $1.2M annually. Read the full case study now to discover the potential benefits of the modern mainframe storage.

  • Infrastructure_BLOOR InfoBrief Easytrieve

    In this analyst report, you’ll learn how Broadcom has updated the mainframe reporting tool Easytrieve to help organizations overcome changing compliance demands, rapid data growth, and new reporting needs. Access the full report now to discover how you can reduce silos and get more out of your IT investments.

  • Cross_Mainframe Insights_Decoding the Mainframe Skills Gap_ Vitality POV

    To learn about what the future of the mainframe workforce has in store, check out this video featuring insights from Program Graduate of Broadcom’s Vitality Residency, Sephora Thurel.

  • Cross_Technology Economics Rubin Report

    This Rubin Worldwide research report shows how leading firms balance tech investments in public cloud, mainframe, and distributed computing. Inside, you’ll uncover essential attributes and metrics for informed investment choices. Access the full report now for strategies to tailor your technology asset mix.

  • DevOps_IDC InfoBrief-Harnessing VS Code for Mainframe

    Download this IDC e-book today to learn how VS code can help your organization accelerate agile development, bring modern functionality to the mainframe, and democratize access to mainframe development.

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