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  • Understanding and Leveraging the Power of AIOps

    Broadcom’s AIOps solutions bring order and insight to complex IT environments by providing end-to-end visibility and management capabilities across domains and platforms. Access this landing page to explore 5 different case studies that highlight how AIOps can help you become more efficient and achieve operational excellence.

  • AppDev Modernization Roadmap

    Mainframe applications are the bedrock of your business and many others. However, appdev is raising velocity expectations, making mainframe modernization a necessary decision to ensure long-term vitality of mission-critical applications. This e-book provides guidance on how to design your mainframe modernization roadmap. Access the e-book here.

  • Busting Myths: Mainframe Phishing Attacks

    To effectively secure your mainframe, your business needs to separate mainframe myths from mainframe reality. This infographic busts 4 mainframe security myths. Keep reading and discover how phishing attacks are particularly dangerous to your mainframe.

  • Avoid the Hook: Cultivate Effective Phishing Resilience

    Protecting your business from phishing attacks requires not only a technical understanding of the cyberthreat but also a psychological one. Along with exploring the drivers and psychology of phishing attacks, this webcast delves into how you can address the challenge. View now to unlock guidance from a panel of cybersecurity professionals.

  • Managing Mainframe Phishing Vulnerabilities

    It’s undeniably positive that mainframe security is typically mature. But this positive comes with a downside: complacency can cause your organization to overlook your mainframe in security planning. This is especially dangerous in the face of increasing, persistent threats like phishing attacks. What can you do? Review this white paper to learn.

  • Mainframe Databases are a first-class citizen of DevOps

    Access this blog post to understand why mainframe databases need to be a part of every enterprise’s DevOps strategy and learn how Broadcom has enhanced its tooling to ensure application developers and DBAs can realize the benefits of the DevOps shift-left approach.

  • Elevating Db2 Monitoring to SRE Tooling in DevOps

    Access this blog post to learn ways you can monitor your Db2 for z/OS test and production environments and integrate mainframe performance testing and benchmarking into your DevOps pipeline with BROADCOM.

  • DevOps Modernization Roadmap

    Use this eBook to assess the broad set of mainframe DevOps modernization opportunities that can help your organization unlock real business value.

  • Mainframe DevOps: The Road Ahead

    Check out this video for a close look at the future of mainframe DevOps, and the tools and strategies that are becoming necessary to pave your organization's path to DevOps success.

  • Why Git for Mainframe

    Check out this blog post for a close look at Git's value for mainframe application development, and discover whether Git adoption should be a central theme in your modernization journey.

  • Shift-left DevOps Database Operations With Db2 Schema Provisioning

    How can you prevent the DBA role from becoming a bottleneck and enable developers to quickly access the Db2 resources they need? Read this blog post to learn how you can automate DBA functions and integrate them fully into your DevOps pipeline by leveraging solutions from Broadcom.

  • Combine Machine Learning and Human Intelligence to Drive Operational Excellence

    What is the key to managing and integrating data across your hybrid IT environment? Read this e-book to understand how AIOps can help you surface the hidden relationships across IT silos by integrating your data and enabling outcome-drive automation across your environment.

  • AIOps Real World Perspectives Roundtable

    Forward-thinking companies are looking for ways to work faster and smarter across teams and gain visibility throughout the hybrid IT environment. Watch this video to learn how you can help your organization stay ahead of the curve while managing growing IT complexity and digital demands by leveraging AIOps.

  • The Next Solarwinds: Are You Prepared?

    Anytime intelligent hackers conduct a series of high-profile breaches, security professionals raise their eyebrows and are on high alert. Tune into this recorded roundtable session to discover actionable steps that can improve your company’s security posture from 3 field experts.

  • Your Git for mainframe cheat sheet

    Check out this infographic for your Git for mainframe 'cheat sheet', walking you through the workflow so your organization can move forward with confidence.

  • Git for Mainframe: Back to the Future

    Take a look through this blog post for the 3 primary drivers of change in mainframe application development, and discover essential recommendations for those looking to take a pragmatic approach to mainframe modernization.

  • How to Empower Application Teams With Automated Db2 Testing

    Automation is critical for achieving reduced costs and supporting DevOps. Read this blog to learn how you can automate the provisioning of schemas to enable developers while maintaining DBA control.

  • AI Technology with Domain Expertise to Augment IT Operations

    How can you enable your company to analyze issues and diagnose root causes faster? Watch this video to learn why companies are turning to AIOps to unlock visibility into real-time insights, discover hidden relationships between management silos, and determine where to prioritize data management efforts to make the greatest business impact.

  • Considerations for Mitigating Human-Centered Risk with Zero Trust

    Despite the myriad “Zero-Trust-in-a-box” solutions, “one size fits all” isn’t the answer – but making human behavior a part of your strategy probably is. Watch this webinar to explore key considerations for mitigating human-centered risk with zero trust.

  • Easytrieve Visual Studio Code Extension: High Level Overview

    Tune into this introductory video to unlock a high-level overview of how to manage the entire lifecycle of the Easytrieve development program using the Visual Studio Code extension with your mainframe.

  • Versioning, Managing, and Automating Db2 DDL Changes with Endevor

    Read this blog post to understand how you can version, manage and automate Db2 DDL changes with Endevor to normalize the way developers interact with your mainframe to build powerful, scalable and secure applications.

  • Proactive Operations with Mainframe AIOps

    Organizations that can anticipate problems sooner, analyze situations faster, accelerate automation and better prioritize to reduce risk gain a competitive advantage in the face of change. Watch this video to learn how you can leverage AIOps to enable monitoring and management of hybrid applications from end to end.

  • Embrace Open for New Strategic Value

    Watch this video to learn how adopting open practices for your mainframe platform can help your organization accelerate delivery speed and reduce time to market.

  • The Total Economic Impact of AIOps from Broadcom

    How can you automate busy work to free up IT professionals to pursue higher value activities? Read this Forrester report to understand the potential ROI of AIOps from Broadcom and learn how you can leverage it to enhance infrastructure and application performance and visibility while eliminating manual processes.

  • Guide to Visibility Anywhere

    According to a recent report, 67% of IT staff surveyed cite internet and cloud network paths as monitoring blind spots. Open this guide to learn how you can earn the metrics, alerts and visibility you need to increase the efficiency of your teams.

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