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  • The Buyer’s Guide For Value Stream Management Software

    Read this e-book for an introduction to the concept of VSM and the significant opportunities it presents, and learn how to identify a VSM software platform that will enable teams across your organization to capitalize on these opportunities.

  • 2022 Value Stream Management Trends

    Value stream management (VSM) holds the keys for aligning the entire organization around customer value and driving efficiencies along this path. To kick off this endeavor, read the following 2022 Value Stream Management Trends report. You’ll find inside current VSM adoption levels, benefits received, and top challenges encountered.

  • Broadcom VIDEO

    Identify, align, rally, execute and evolve—the five steps to Value Stream Management (VSM). Lack of understanding of how to make value stream a reality is the leading reason that VSM is not being adopted. Watch this webcast, led by Broadcom Software’s Chief Transformation Officer Laureen Knudsen, to learn how to get real value from VSM.

  • Next Level Unlocked

    Value Stream Management (VSM) has emerged as a business practice that enables improved end-to-end flow of value. Explore Broadcom Software’s landing page to learn more by accessing key resources, including the comprehensive guide “The Buyer’s Guide for Value Stream Management Software.”

  • 5 Steps to Value Stream Management for Business Leaders

    Value Stream Management (VSM) has emerged as an essential solution for helping organizations collaborate more effectively and execute against strategy more efficiently. Access 5 key steps to unlocking the full power of VSM in this e-book.

  • 5 Steps to Value Stream Management for Agile and Development Leaders

    Value Stream Management (VSM) has emerged as an essential solution for helping organizations collaborate more effectively and execute against strategy more efficiently. Access 5 key steps to unlocking the full power of VSM in this e-book.

  • Your roadmap to mainframe DevOps modernization

    Use this eBook to assess the broad set of mainframe DevOps modernization opportunities that can help your organization unlock real business value.

  • The road ahead: DevOps and the transformation of the mainframe

    Check out this video for a close look at the future of mainframe DevOps, and the tools and strategies that are becoming necessary to pave your organization's path to DevOps success.

  • Should Git adoption be at the center of your mainframe modernization journey?

    Check out this blog post for a close look at Git's value for mainframe application development, and discover whether Git adoption should be a central theme in your modernization journey.

  • Combine machine and human intel for better business outcomes

    What is the key to managing and integrating data across your hybrid IT environment? Read this e-book to understand how AIOps can help you surface the hidden relationships across IT silos by integrating your data and enabling outcome-drive automation across your environment.

  • AIOps: Detect business issues before they become problems

    Forward-thinking companies are looking for ways to work faster and smarter across teams and gain visibility throughout the hybrid IT environment. Watch this video to learn how you can help your organization stay ahead of the curve while managing growing IT complexity and digital demands by leveraging AIOps.

  • How to prep for data breaches lurking on the horizon

    Anytime intelligent hackers conduct a series of high-profile breaches, security professionals raise their eyebrows and are on high alert. Tune into this recorded roundtable session to discover actionable steps that can improve your company’s security posture from 3 field experts.

  • Your Git for mainframe cheat sheet

    Check out this infographic for your Git for mainframe 'cheat sheet', walking you through the workflow so your organization can move forward with confidence.

  • Back to the future: Preparing for mainframe application modernization

    Take a look through this blog post for the 3 primary drivers of change in mainframe application development, and discover essential recommendations for those looking to take a pragmatic approach to mainframe modernization.

  • AIOps: Augment your hybrid IT environment

    How can you enable your company to analyze issues and diagnose root causes faster? Watch this video to learn why companies are turning to AIOps to unlock visibility into real-time insights, discover hidden relationships between management silos, and determine where to prioritize data management efforts to make the greatest business impact.

  • Key considerations for mitigating human-centered risk

    Despite the myriad “Zero-Trust-in-a-box” solutions, “one size fits all” isn’t the answer – but making human behavior a part of your strategy probably is. Watch this webinar to explore key considerations for mitigating human-centered risk with zero trust.

  • Automate business processes to be faster with AIOps

    Organizations that can anticipate problems sooner, analyze situations faster, accelerate automation and better prioritize to reduce risk gain a competitive advantage in the face of change. Watch this video to learn how you can leverage AIOps to enable monitoring and management of hybrid applications from end to end.

  • Accelerating delivery speed by adopting open practices for mainframe

    Watch this video to learn how adopting open practices for your mainframe platform can help your organization accelerate delivery speed and reduce time to market.

  • Analyst report: The potential ROI of AIOps from Broadcom

    How can you automate busy work to free up IT professionals to pursue higher value activities? Read this Forrester report to understand the potential ROI of AIOps from Broadcom and learn how you can leverage it to enhance infrastructure and application performance and visibility while eliminating manual processes.

  • Automatically Discover Your Mainframe Topology

    With Broadcom, you can view your entire mainframe hierarchy with just the push of a button. Watch this video for an introductory and instructional look at Broadcom's Mainframe Topology capabilities.

  • Easytrieve Visual Studio Code Extension: High Level Overview

    The Easytrieve developmental program empowers developers with modern, shift-left capabilities that eliminate repetitive tasks, and even developers new to the mainframe can now work with familiar, open-source tooling. Tune into this video to gain a high level overview of managing the entire lifecycle of the Easytrieve developmental program.

  • Git and Mainframe Development: Considerations for Enterprises

    Git is the de facto standard for version control for contemporary software development, with the mainframe’s secure large-scale transactional processing capabilities earning its reputation for reliability. Educate yourself on Git’s benefits and requirements to ensure a safe and reliable integration for your enterprise’s mainframe strategy.

  • Broadcom Full Mainframe Protection for the Entire Security Lifecycle

    Do you know what your mainframe is trying to tell you? Download a copy of Broadcom's latest eBook 'Full Mainframe Protection for The Entire Security Lifecycle' to find out.

  • How Senior Leaders Should be Thinking About Their Mainframe

    The threat landscape has expanded, and so should your mainframe’s security. Join Richard Bird, the father of identity security, discuss the importance of identity and why discuss the importance of your mainframe as a first line of defense. Watch the webinar to learn more.

  • Navigating The Unpredictability Of It Security, With Stuart Mcirvine

    Tune into this episode of the Conversations with Dez podcast to join Broadcom Director of Product Management Stuart McIrvine as they discuss the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, the role of mainframe security in the larger cybersecurity picture, Broadcom’s efforts to make the world a safer place, and more.

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