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  • 5 Steps to SASE: A Journey to the Cloud

    When considering a move from traditional appliances and software to cloud-delivered SASE offerings for network security, Gartner recommends that a migration plan of short-term and long-term actions should be made. Learn about the 5 steps to consider as you build a roadmap for migration to SASE.

  • Fortune 10 Energy and Chemical Manufacturer Seamlessly Migrates from on-prem to SASE Cloud

    The world’s largest publicly traded energy provider and chemical manufacturer needed a cloud-based SaaS network security solution that could apply and deliver fast, secure connections in the most remote locations. Access the case study to learn how this challenge was solved with the help of iboss.

  • SASE Network Security that Enables Your Organization to Work from Anywhere

    Your data and applications are in the cloud; your security should be too. The iboss SASE Cloud Platform is a purpose built, patented, cloud delivered security gateway on a containerized architecture. Access the data sheet to jump-start your SASE transformation.

  • The iboss Cloud SASE Platform: Advantages over competing SASE solutions

    Appliance-based network security has become obsolete, and VPNs have been stretched beyond their original design. Now, network security functions can be delivered from the cloud, and VPNs and legacy on-prem hardware can be replaced with a modern cloud-first SASE platform. Download this white paper to explore iboss’ Cloud SASE.

  • Considering SASE? 5 Steps to Build a Successful SASE Roadmap

    SASE can provide your organization with a path to reducing network and security cost and complexity, while increasing security and connectivity, giving your users a better experience regardless of location. But how do networking and security teams start building out such a platform? Download this asset to learn 5 steps to SASE.

  • 5 Steps to Consider as You Build Your Roadmap for Migration to SASE

    SASE migrations are likely to be one of the major networking and security trends for 2021. Even Gartner is recommending that security and risk management leaders make migration plans. Read this e-guide to unlock 5 steps that can help you build your roadmap and accelerate your switch to a SASE cloud.

  • 5 Steps for Building Your SASE Roadmap

    Given last year’s circumstances, millions of workers have moved from offices to remote workspaces, and many organizations are embracing of the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) network architecture to secure their remote workforce. View this infographic to discover 5 steps to consider when building your SASE roadmap.

  • How SASE is Changing the Security Environment

    Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is emerging as one of the most effective ways of securing and managing remote user access to critical business applications – while still achieving lower latency, faster speeds and increased productivity. Watch this webinar to learn more about SASE and its impact on security.

  • Secure Access Service Edge

    Open this PDF for a look at the evolution of network security and where SASE is taking the market.

  • The iboss cloud Zero Trust Network Access (Z TNA) Private Access Platform architecture

    Organizations deploying and using legacy network security appliances to protect cloud connectivity and internet access are faced with the problem of the disappearing network perimeter. But zero trust network access can ensure fast, compliant and secure connections from anywhere. Download this white paper to explore zero trust in detail.

  • CASB Cloud Application Visibility & Controls

    The ability to apply fine grained controls and gain visibility into cloud application use is critical with the move of applications to the cloud. View this white paper to learn how you can apply these controls to your organization’s CASB.

  • The Business Value of iboss cloud Enterprise Security Solutions

    Throughout digital transformation efforts, enterprises need to keep a close eye on 4 main control points: Identities, applications, data and endpoints. How can you gain visibility without having to rely on legacy security? Download this IDC report to learn experiences that organizations have had using iboss cloud enterprise security solutions.

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