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  • New Requirements to be a U.S. Defense Supplier

    The government is updating industrial regulations including NDAA S. 889, 5G policy, and CMMC for national security and global competitiveness reasons. Complying with these will require a rapid review of supply chains. Watch this webinar to review the new regulations, and the challenges companies are facing to understand and comply with them.

  • Interos Video 4

    Process manufacturing teams are battling two fronts: first, the ever-growing threat landscape, and second, an endless number of new compliance and regulatory requirements. In this webinar, tune in as a panel of leading cyber and risk executives discuss what they’ve learned navigating these challenges in manufacturing. Watch the webinar here.

  • GFMI Panel: Supply Chain and Resilience for Financial Institutions

    Amid increased uncertainty, many financial institutions are re-evaluating their supply chains and looking for better ways to protect them. Watch this webinar for expert insight on why protecting the supply chain matters, and how to properly approach it.

  • Interos Video: Operational Resilience Map, Monitor, and Model your Entire Supply Chain

    Enterprises depend on their supply chains, and need to make sure they’re taking the proper steps to protect them.Watch this brief video to learn about the importance of managing supply chain risk, and how using a solution, like Interos’, can help ensure you’re safe.

  • How Did We Get Risk So Wrong and How Do We Fix It

    Watch this webcast to learn how a multi-factor and multi-tier approach to supply chain risk can help enterprises shift the value equation and build resiliency against current and future roadblocks.

  • COVID Resilience Report For Aerospace & Defense

    Between July and August of 2020, Interos surveyed executives in the Aerospace and Defense industry to assess the disruptions and vulnerabilities brought to light by COVID-19 and actions that organizations were taken to build resilience. Explore the survey results and the 5 core findings in this white paper.

  • The Future of Globalization: The Digital Revolution

    Check out this webcast to hear from Richard Haass, President of The Council on Foreign Relations, who will provide a look into the future of supply chain management, highlighting core technological shifts, the impacts they will have, and what most discussions of the future seem to miss.

  • Rethinking Cyber Risk in a Re-globalized World with Andrea Little Limbago, VP Research and Analysis

    The global pandemic has created seismic shifts in technology trends, particularly as they pertain to the global economy. Organizations are being driven to rethink their policies on security and risk. Engage this webinar, the Global Resilience Federation Virtual Summit on Security & Third-Party Risk, to explore emerging cyber risk considerations.

  • SolarWinds and the Supply Chain, the Threat We’ve Ignored for Too Long

    The SolarWinds attacks caught the entire country off its guard. What can security teams learn from them? Access this webcast to hear from Robert Brese, a VP and Executive Partner at Gartner, as he joins cybersecurity leaders to discuss fundamental changes that must be implemented to address the SolarWinds nation-state supply chain attacks.

  • Emerging Third Party Risks Threaten Operational Resilience In Financial Services

    After years of outsourcing non-core functions, and using services provided by affiliates, financial institutions often find themselves dealing with complex—and risky—supply chains. In this white paper, learn about third-party risk management (TPRM) and how it can help FSIs address these challenges, and ultimately improve operational resilience.

  • COVID Resilience Report for Financial Services

    Interos conducted a survey of 450 executives in procurement, logistics, compliance, and information technology to see what actions their organizations were taking to build resilience against future disruptions. Now, the results are in. Explore the new strategies and outlooks organizations have adopted as they venture into 2021.

  • Emerging Third-party Risk Threatens Operational Resilience In Insurance Companies

    As insurance companies invest in new technologies to improve the customer experience and enable product offerings, they are facing an increasing number of third-party and extended supply chain risks. Download this white paper to explore some of the biggest risks, and the steps you can take to mitigate them.

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chains and How Businesses are Preparing for the Next Shock

    In a year characterized by relentless upheaval, global supply chain vulnerabilities and disruptions have become a new area of focus. To assess the potential impacts of COVID-19 on supply chains, Interos recently surveyed 450 executives. Review their key findings in this white paper.

  • 5 Things You Don't Know About Section 889

    Section 889 has arrived. Part of the government’s broad push to limit exposure to China in the federal supply chain, the regulation prohibits the use of telecom and security technology from 5 China-based companies. See how this is predicted to impact global supply chains, and explore the top 5 things you don’t know about the regulation.

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