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  • CockroachDB The Definitive Guide

    CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database built to handle the demands of today’s data-driven applications. This comprehensive O’Reilly e-book will walk software developers, architects, and DevOps/SRE teams through the ways CockroachDB can create scalable, seamless cloud applications. Access your copy to learn more.

  • What Is Distributed SQL?

    Download this free O'Reilly e-book on Distributed SQL Databases to learn why database technology has lagged behind other areas of application development, what Distributed SQL means, and how it helps support massive, global applications, what kinds of companies benefit from using Distributed SQL, and much more.

  • Programming AWS Lambda

    In this massive 279-page O’Reilly guide, find everything you need to know about programming AWS Lambda and deploying serverless applications with Java. Download this comprehensive guide here for reference.

  • Building Serverless Applications with Google Cloud Run

    In this massive 196-page O’Reilly guide, find everything you need to know about building serverless applications with Google Cloud Run. Download this real-world guide to building production-ready services here.

  • Kubernetes Adoption Trends 2021

    IT leaders across industries are modernizing their infrastructure to take advantage of the cloud, multi-cloud, and serverless environments. And many of their decisions are rooted in the adoption of Kubernetes—especially when it comes to handling data workloads. Explore how this has transformed 2021 Kubernetes adoption trends here.

  • The True Cost Of A Cloud Database

    The TCO of a database can be hard to calculate, with the picture clouded by licensing fees, support costs, downtime risks, and more recently cloud provider costs. Access this white paper to learn how you can best breakdown and understand database costs and optimize them.

  • 2021 Cloud Report

    The 2021 Cloud Report is already here. In this report, compare the three major cloud provider—AWS, Azure, and GCP—on industry benchmarks that reflect critical OLTP applications and workloads. Download the report here to better understand the performance tradeoffs present within each cloud and its machines.

  • Architecting For Scale

    Without the right scaling strategies in place, your application’s best day has the potential to become your worst, as virality has zero tolerance for downtime. This new O’Reilly guide dives into architecting for scale, exploring how to maintain high availability and manage risk in the cloud. Save the guide here for reference.

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