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  • Precisely Video 1

    As the explosion of data continues and legacy systems struggle to handle it all, businesses need to become more efficient when managing their data. Watch this webcast to learn how SAP process automation can help you eliminate the need for error-prone, time-consuming data entry and make your business more agile in an increasingly complex landscape.

  • Precisely Video 2

    To stay competitive in a constantly changing landscape, your organization needs the agility to pivot quickly when a new opportunity arrives. Watch this webcast to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between your processes and data and learn how SAP process automation in the cloud can help you unlock the business agility you need.

  • Precisely Video 7

    How can you achieve automation to drive digital transformation across your enterprise? There isn’t one tool that can solve all your automation needs. That’s why hyperautomation is the key. Watch this webcast to learn how the orchestrated use of multiple technologies, tools and platforms can set you up for transformation success.

  • Groupe L’Occitane Cuts Sap® Data Processing Time By 4X By Replacing Lsmw With Automate Studio

    While SAP has become vital for business operations, the system is often too complex and time-consuming for mass data management. Access this case study to learn how a global retailer was able to find a faster, easier alternative to SAP’s native tool and eliminate manual data entry by automating their processes – improving data quality and accuracy.

  • Best Practices For Sap® Automation

    Every digitization effort requires a plan. Read on to gain an understanding of what it takes to align your people, processes, and technology for SAP automation and learn about in-depth questions and best practices you can use to reach your ultimate destination - a land of faster processes, better data, and happier, more productive business teams.

  • Precisely Video 3

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are digitization trends that can help improve the efficiency of both your data and processes. And it’s not just efficiency. This webcast explores how machine learning can be leveraged to optimize your SAP instance. Tap in to understand the full power of ML in action.

  • Precisely Video 4

    Whether you are updating a single process within your department or looking to make a significant transformation across your business, every digitization effort should start with a plan. Tap into this webcast to learn about best practices for SAP automation as well as the requirements needed to speed up business and improve data quality.

  • Precisely Video 6

    Customer and vendor processes that share SAP master data objects can be difficult to manage in the best of times. Today, it has become even more challenging. Tap into this webcast to learn what you should look for in an automation platform and how you can leverage SAP automation solutions to build a more flexible landscape for your business.

  • Insights From Sap® Master Data Professionals

    This e-book is filled with lessons learned and sage advice provided from master data professionals on how best to succeed in your own materials master data initiatives. Read on to learn how you can digitize the complex master data processes that underly your business-critical operations to speed up your business while enhancing data quality.

  • An Easy, Flexible Alternative To Lsmw For Business Users

    For many organizations running SAP ERP systems, the Legacy System Workbench (LSMW) has become the main tool they use to perform data management tasks – however, that is never the purpose it was intended for. Read on to learn how you can ditch LSMW and upgrade your management capabilities with an easy 3-step-process to automate SAP data uploads.

  • 10 Ways Microsoft Excel® Can Speed Up Your Sap® Processes & Improve Data Quality

    Managing your SAP data can be a time-consuming and complex process. Fortunately, there is a way you can become more efficient and improve data quality with a tool that you are likely already using. Read on to learn about 10 ways you can leverage Microsoft Excel to speed up SAP data processes and improve outcomes.

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