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  • High Performance Computing Built for the Cloud

    90% of R&D leaders find accelerating new technologies to support new product development to be difficult, despite it being a top priority, according to Gartner’s R&D Leadership Council report. Access this white paper to learn about 5 strategies that help organizations accelerate engineering innovation.

  • The Future of Self Driving Cars

    While self-driving cars show the promise of the future, the automotive sector is not quite there yet. Open up this exclusive E-Guide to explore the tests that manufacturers and firms conduct to ensure the safety of self-driving cars, and take a look at BMW's latest quantum challenge for the automotive sector.

  • The Rescale Platform: The first intelligent control plane for hybrid and multi-cloud big compute

    Rescale has officially announced the Rescale Platform, the first intelligent control plane for hybrid and multi-cloud big compute. Explore the key features of this platform, including intelligent automation, end-to-end HPC control and intelligence, and more. Download the data sheet here to see if the Rescale Platform can help your IT teams.

  • Big Compute 2021 State of Cloud HPC Report

    This report reveals key trends in how HPC hardware and specialized software are accelerating cloud adoption across science, engineering, and business. Open now to explore insight, statistics, and considerations from leading HPC practitioners.

  • AZothBio Accelerates New Drug Discovery Using Deep Learning on Rescale

    When AZothBio’s compute demands exceeded the capabilities of their on-premises hardware, they sought a solution that could support their complex and custom applications in a way that is simple and scalable. In this case study, learn how AZothBio used the Rescale platform to transform their digital capabilities for cutting-edge R&D innovation.

  • Dinex Reduces Time to Market of Exhaust Systems by 25%

    With only a few weeks to complete a rather large project, Dinex turned to the cloud for big compute resources. Access this case study to reveal if they were able to complete the project on time and please their client.

  • Accelerating Simulations for Smartphones: Silicon on the Cloud

    With the right cloud simulation platform, organizations can access a turnkey approach to delivering high-performance computing (HPC) workflows in the cloud and run and manage simulations as a service. In this case study, explore how one company used the Rescale Platform to bring down simulation time down from 7 days to 15 hours.

  • Motivations and IT Roadmap for Cloud HPC

    In a competitive market, enterprise companies can gain a critical advantage by transforming stagnant IT into a dynamic cloud HPC environment. Use this guide to explore the roadmap to the cloud, with a walkthrough the 3 most critical phases and common roadblocks.

  • HPC Buyers Guide Building a Modern HPC Environment

    This guide will help ensure your organization understands the pros and cons of the HPC options available and introduce HPC managed service solutions for on-premise, cloud clusters, as well as a hybrid solutions. Access it here.

  • Nissan and Rescale: Innovation that Excites

    In this case study, explore how Nissan increased operational efficiency by leveraging a HPC platform. Access it here.

  • How to Leverage cloud Computing Resources for Automotive Manufacturing

    High Performance Computing has been utilized for years by auto manufacturers to improve everything from aerodynamics to break systems and fuel efficiency. Read how one manufacturer moved their cumbersome and costly HPC system to the cloud and realized a 30% increase in productivity

  • Zeleros Bolsters Engineering Productivity with Cloud HPC on Rescale

    High Performance Computing (HPC) in the fields of engineering and aerodynamics has come a long way from the days of using command prompts and slow benchmarking times. Read how one of the most innovative train manufacturers in Europe is using cloud-based HPC to boost their productivity by moving their high-end, complex computing needs to the cloud.

  • Get Your Organization Ready To Capitalize On Cloud HPC Benefits

    99% of respondents indicated their enterprises are open to shifting more HPC workloads to the cloud, according to Forrester. Security concerns and performance levels are key elements to address before making the move. Access this Forrester white paper to learn how to prepare your organization to capitalize on cloud HPC benefits.

  • Intelligent Computing for Digital R&D

    Traditional infrastructure models lack flexibility, performance, and efficiency to meet the changing demands of modern R&D computing needs. Access this white paper, to explore the core ideas and new trends in Software-Defined Compute (SDC), and how Rescale automates SDC for IT and HPC organizations.

  • Performance & Efficiency: Automated Performance Management With Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Intelligence

    IT leaders need to maintain efficiency and performance of cloud-based specialized architectures to run workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud resources. Access this brief to explore how Rescale’s intelligent control plane for hybrid & multi-cloud computing helps businesses optimize the full-stack performance of high-performance computing.

  • Rescale Insight for HPC Business Management

    For optimized HPC in the cloud, IT leaders need full-stack control. Luckily, the right simulation platform can ensure IT leaders have a strong handle of capacity, compliance, security, economic transparency, and policy-based financial controls. Explore the key features of the Rescale Platform in this data sheet.

  • Empowering R&D Through Digital Transformation

    The success of a company hinges on what and how they bring products to market. This means that IT leaders need to invest in resources that will better enable R&D teams. Access this infographic to explore 5 reasons why you should put extra focus on enabling R&D and how this can accelerate your time-to-market and lead to superior products.

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