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  • The Future of Self Driving Cars

    While self-driving cars show the promise of the future, the automotive sector is not quite there yet. Open up this exclusive E-Guide to explore the tests that manufacturers and firms conduct to ensure the safety of self-driving cars, and take a look at BMW's latest quantum challenge for the automotive sector.

  • HPC Buyers Guide Building a Modern HPC Environment

    Explore this e-book to learn about the major trends impacting HPC buying decisions; the challenges associated with legacy, on-premises clusters; the advantages of DIY cloud; and finally, how Rescale’s platform-managed HPC can help.

  • Dinex Reduces Time to Market of Exhaust Systems by 25%

    With only a few weeks to complete a rather large project, Dinex turned to the cloud for big compute resources. Access this case study to reveal if they were able to complete the project on time and please their client.

  • Big Compute 2021 State of Cloud HPC Report

    This report reveals key trends in how HPC hardware and specialized software are accelerating cloud adoption across science, engineering, and business. Open now to explore insight, statistics, and considerations from leading HPC practitioners.

  • Rescale Insight for HPC Business Management

    For optimized HPC in the cloud, IT leaders need full-stack control. Luckily, the right simulation platform can ensure IT leaders have a strong handle of capacity, compliance, security, economic transparency, and policy-based financial controls. Explore the key features of the Rescale Platform in this data sheet.

  • Motivations and IT Roadmap for Cloud HPC

    In a competitive market, enterprise companies can gain a critical advantage by transforming stagnant IT into a dynamic cloud HPC environment. Use this guide to explore the roadmap to the cloud, with a walkthrough the 3 most critical phases and common roadblocks.

  • AZothBio Accelerates New Drug Discovery Using Deep Learning on Rescale

    When AZothBio’s compute demands exceeded the capabilities of their on-premises hardware, they sought a solution that could support their complex and custom applications in a way that is simple and scalable. In this case study, learn how AZothBio used the Rescale platform to transform their digital capabilities for cutting-edge R&D innovation.

  • Accelerating Simulations for Smartphones: Silicon on the Cloud

    With the right cloud simulation platform, organizations can access a turnkey approach to delivering high-performance computing (HPC) workflows in the cloud and run and manage simulations as a service. In this case study, explore how one company used the Rescale Platform to bring down simulation time down from 7 days to 15 hours.

  • Nissan and Rescale: Innovation that Excites

    In this case study, explore how Nissan focused on innovative modern vehicle design and development while implementing best-in-class engineering and IT business practices for digital transformation.

  • How to Leverage cloud Computing Resources for Automotive Manufacturing

    HPC has enabled automakers to generate and optimize the design of software systems virtually, without having to rely on expensive and time-consuming hardware prototypes that could be physically tested. Use this guide to learn how to leverage HPC resources for your own manufacturing processes—and how a cloud HPC orchestration platform can help.

  • Zeleros Bolsters Engineering Productivity with Cloud HPC on Rescale

    In this case study, discover how Zeleros used Rescale to migrate their high performance computing (HPC) workloads, resulting in faster computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations at a fraction of the cost. Get the details here.

  • Get Your Organization Ready To Capitalize On Cloud HPC Benefits

    Access this Forrester white paper to learn how to prepare your organization to capitalize on cloud HPC benefits.

  • Intelligent Computing for Digital R&D

    As organizations look to enhance their digital R&D capabilities, it’s becoming increasingly clear that intelligent software-defined computing will transform the way IT leaders meet the needs of their end users. Open up this white paper to take a deep dive into intelligent computing for digital R&D, covering challenges, deployment and more.

  • 2021 State of Cloud HPC Report

    High performance computing (HPC) is now a mainstream reality. This survey report includes the top HPC insights from over 300 organizations, running 680+ applications on each of the major cloud providers. Explore the state of cloud HPC as of 2021 and learn how HPC can fit into your digital transformation strategy. Save the report here.

  • Optimizing HPC Spend and Performance

    Tune into this webinar to hear how an HPC expert defines the three pillars to HPC optimization and explores how IT can build a robust and secure continuous optimization engine, whether on premises or the cloud.

  • Avoiding the Pitfalls of Cloud HPC Management

    In the earlier days of cloud computing, the top adopters of HPC solutions were all in the public sector. Now, cloud HPC solutions have seen rapid growth across multiple commercial vertical markets. This webinar provides a brief overview of the state of cloud HPC and common HPC management pitfalls. Watch the webinar here.

  • Empowering R&D Through Digital Transformation

    Since the success of your company hinges on the products you bring to market and the speed with which you do it, your Research and Development (R&D) team should be a top priority. Use this guide to ensure that you’re investing in the right resources to better enable your R&D team. Save the guide here.

  • Enabling Large-Scale Multidisciplinary Design Optimization with the Cloud

    In this webinar, join Joaquim R. R. A. Martins, Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, and Eric Muir, Solutions Architect at Rescale as they get up to speed with the Rescale Intelligent Platform for hybrid and multi-cloud big compute. Watch here.

  • The Rescale Platform: The first intelligent control plane for hybrid and multi-cloud big compute

    Welcome to Software-Defined Big Compute. In this data sheet, explore the first intelligent control plane for hybrid and multi-cloud big compute. Explore the key features of the new platform, including intelligent automation, end-to-end HPC control and intelligence, and more. Download the data sheet here.

  • Performance & Efficiency: Automated Performance Management With Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Intelligence

    Learn how Nissan reduced maintenance costs by 55% and saw a 20% increase in productivity—all with a hybrid and multi-cloud management platform. This intelligent control plane helps IT leaders optimize the full-stack performance of high performance computing. Learn more about Nissan's success here, and the platform they used to get there.

  • HPC Buyers Guide

    Download this in-depth HPC buyers guide to dive into how your organization can build a modern HPC environment, covering major trends, optimization costs and more.

  • HPC Cost Modelling

    In this ebook, learn the 3 specific ways core hour pricing for high performance computing (HPC) fails and discover a new model for assessing the cost of an HPC practice that helps align business level objectives to HPC investments while also replacing cost per core hour with cost per workload.

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