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  • Flexible IT Models Drive Efficiency and Innovation

    ESG recently conducted a survey to understand whether, and to what degree, an organization’s adoption of technologies and processes that enable flexible IT service delivery are correlated to IT and business benefits, as well as key challenges they may face by lagging behind. Open up this white paper to uncover key findings from the study.

  • Delivering on Demand: Momentum Builds Toward Flexible IT

    To better understand the challenges IT leaders are facing, and how they are working towards acquiring the assets they need, Forbes Insights surveyed over 800 IT decisions makers to explore IT consumption models and the benefits organizations are seeing from using flexible IT-based models. Open up this report to uncover key findings from the survey.

  • Hybrid Cloud: A Smart Choice For AI and HPC

    As AI and HPC use increases, IT teams will need to make a slew of important decisions, including how to make the best use of another business technology-shaping force: cloud computing. In this Forrest report, explore how hybrid cloud, when used in conjunction with AI and HPC, is driving business benefits while solving top challenges.

  • Boost Data Center Staff Productivity With Openmanage Enterprise

    The latest version of Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise introduced new features and workflows that could greatly reduce the time and effort that data center administrators would typically spend on daily tasks. Open up this white paper to see those features and workflows put to the test and uncover the final results, all by the numbers.

  • Find Your Edge

    The edge is a relatively unknown topic, and often incorrectly defined. This paper aims to dispute any myths about the edge, and offers up some new approaches for IT to take in their data centers. Open now to get started.

  • Dell Technologies Unified Workspace:An Approach To Deliver A Modernized End-user Experience That Pays For Itself

    As remote work becomes more widespread, the employee experience will largely be defined by their interactions with the technology their organization provides. Open up this paper to learn how to modernize the way IT manages the PC lifecycle, leading to a better employee experience. Plus, five steps to adopting this approach in your organization.

  • Maximizing Your Roi And Employee Experience With Pc As A Service

    PC as a Service (PCaaS) can help IT teams manage all the complexities of remote work and improve the employee experience. Jump into this white paper to learn more about the economic impact PCaaS can have on your organization, what to look for in PCaaS, and the process for adopting PCaaS.

  • Optimizing Workload Placement in Your Hybrid Cloud

    According to recent IDC research findings, organizations should start their modernized infrastructure journey by considering optimal workload placement, based on workload usage characteristics and organizational objectives. Download this whitepaper from Dell Technologies and Intel to learn more.

  • The benefits of on-prem cloud consumption models

    The bad news is that budget constraints and over-stretched IT staff are on the rise. The good news is that flexible consumption models are on the rise as well. Learn more about the industry shift in this survey report.

  • Idc Technology Spotlight

    A modern, on-premises-based hybrid cloud infrastructure forms the foundation for organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Download this IDC technology spotlight now to read up on hybrid cloud strategies and modernizing server infrastructure.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Dell Emc Ready Solutions For Hpc

    This study from Forrester aims to provide a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Dell’s Ready Solutions for HPC and examine the potential ROI. Download now to discover key findings from the study, including challenges, benefits, an analysis of costs, and more.

  • Dell Technologies Unified Workspace delivers a transformative employee experience

    In today’s work environment, productivity is inherently tied to the engagement and happiness of employees and their work experiences. Dive into this white paper to learn the six phases of the employee experience and how to successfully navigate them.

  • Make Employee Experience The North Star Of Your Workforce Technology Agenda

    Not only are employees at companies who focus on improving the employee experience happier, a study by Forrester has shown that they’re also more productive. Check out this Forrester report to see how some companies are sprinting ahead of others—as well as what rewards they’re reaping.

  • A Technical Brief Framework For Dell Technologies’ Unified Workspace

    The exact implementation process of digital workspaces might be new to some – and confusing to most. Inside this technical brief, uncover explanations for each of the five phases of digital workspace implementation.

  • Evolving from Operating IT to Orchestrating IT

    Inside this study from Forrester Consulting commissioned by Dell, learn how over 1,100 IT leaders across the globe are reacting and adapting to innovative PC lifecycle management models – and what business and employee benefits they’re seeing as a result.

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