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  • PowerEdge Server Portfolio Success Pack

    Read through this e-book for a close look at the application and workloads suitable for various Dell EMC PowerEdge solutions.

  • Take Advantage of the Newest Server Technology

    Your business environment is fluid and demands an IT environment that suits it. Take a look at this infographic to see how every PowerEdge server is designed with configurability in mind to optimize the latest technology advancements and scale to address your data at the point of need.

  • Lead with the Latest Technology for your Data Center

    It’s no secret that the business environment is rapidly changing; industries that once enjoyed a level of exclusivity are being disrupted by new data-savvy entrants pushing the limits of innovation. In this white paper, learn how PowerEdge servers can prepare your infrastructure for a disruptive future.

  • Optimizing Performance with Frequent Server Replacements at Midsize Companies

    Servers are the backbone of modern IT infrastructure, prompting many organizations to plan towards regular infrastructure refresh... but is this outperformance always worth it? Read through this IDC analyst report determining the quantitative and qualitative impact of timely and delayed server infrastructure refreshes in midsize organizations.

  • Leveraging Data Analytics To Gain Competitive Advantage In Your Industry.

    Data analytics, data lakes, and databases are part of an insight revolution sweeping the world, as data enables previously unheard-of advantages for its most enthusiastic adopters. Access this white paper to learn how Dell Technologies and Intel are providing the structure for advanced analytics, from the server to the cloud data warehouse.

  • Deploying Flexible Data Protection To Support Cloud Workload Placement

    In today’s cloud-driven world, data protection must be dynamic enough to ensure that data is continuously available to key decision makers in data-driven organizations. Read this IDC white paper to understand how to deploy flexible data protection to support cloud workload placement.

  • Shaping The Future Of Hybrid Work

    The pandemic had a transformative effect on where and how most of the world worked. The whole definition of “workplace” has changed significantly. In this brief, you’ll learn the 5 secrets for an effective work environment. Whether your business is in the office, going hybrid, or staying remote, read more to learn how to find your right balance.

  • Ignite Your Innovation Engine Technologies And Solutions That Help You Innovate, Adapt And Grow

    In just a few years, “digital transformation” has evolved from a novel concept to an industry buzzword to an IT imperative, and it is more essential than ever to build an innovation engine that works for your organization. Dive into this e-book to learn the common pitfalls businesses face when building their own innovation engines.

  • Organizations Accelerating Their Digital Workplace Achieve Improvements

    ESG recently conducted a survey of 2,000 IT decision makers to uncover whether the adoption of modern device technologies has increased remote user support, improved user productivity, and delivered a better digital working and learning experience to end-users. Download now to uncover key results from the study.

  • Are You Designing A Hybrid Workplace That’s The Best Of Both Worlds?

    As remote work transitions to hybrid work, the pressure is on to create a seamless experience for employees, no matter where they work. This eBook covers the key technologies that can help you enable this hybrid workforce – creating the agility required to meet the needs of tomorrow. Access it here.

  • Safeguard Your Infrastructure From Ransomware And Cyber Threats

    62% of IT professionals feel their data protection measure may not be sufficient to cope with security threats, according to a recent report. Access this product overview to learn how Dell Technology’s security methodology is designed to provide comprehensive protection that integrates end-to-end security throughout the product life cycle.

  • Advance Patient Care With Scalable All-Flash Data Storage For Your Epic EHR Environment

    As a healthcare organization, how can you efficiently store massive amounts of data acquired from disparate sources while providing real-time access to patient information from their EHR platforms? Access this white paper to learn How Dell’s PowerStore product offering aims to optimize performance with a unified architecture for workloads and more.

  • Work Redefined Solutions To Ensure That Your Business Is Ready For Anything.

    According to an ESG report, 78% of employees are more productive working from home. And with the hybrid work model here to stay, your business needs to be ready for anything. Access this brochure to explore all you need to know to foster a strong hybrid work environment.

  • Optimizing Storage Infrastructure For Devops Practices

    Historically, the needs of developers and I&O have created collaboration challenges for both groups regarding the delivery of application services. Read this IDC analyst report to learn how your IT operations teams can better collaborate with developers through the optimization of DevOps storage infrastructure.

  • Why Aren’t Factories As Smart As They Could Be?

    Real-time data is enabling the rise of smarter factories, but many applications are built on “accidental architectures” that lack the efficiency needed to drive innovation forward. Take a look through this white paper to learn how eliminating accidental architectures enables the advancement of transformational applications into production.

  • Unlocking The Value Of Data With Data Innovation Acceleration

    The “how” of building a mature data innovation practice is multifaceted, requiring a comprehensive view of technologies that can keep pace with vast and accelerating data generation. Check out this ESG study to see how your organization’s data innovation can be transformed into business benefits such as increased revenue and lowered costs.

  • Understanding The Economics Of In-Cloud Data Protection: A Dell Technologiesdata Protection Solution Designed With Cost Optimization In Mind

    Implementing data protection technology in public cloud environments can be complex and costly. Fortunately, ESG found that Dell data protection solutions are extremely cost-efficient, no matter the public cloud environment. Check out this ESG paper to see how you can keep your business's data secure without breaking your budget.

  • Modernize Your Server Infrastructure For Speed And Security.

    Download this Forrester Research report to be privy to all the key findings of their latest study, looking at how to tackle ongoing server security challenges like firmware exploits and the benefits of infrastructure security lifecycle automation.

  • Automation: The Key to Optimized Server Management.

    Check out this ESG research summary to learn the results of a competitive advantages study and learn how to measure the degree of automation in a server environment, why automation matters, and ways Dell Technologies, Intel, and VMware can help.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Deploying Dell EMC Powerscale Storage

    The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of a PowerScale investment on their organizations. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®.

  • Evaluating Modern Enterprise Storage

    Dell EMC PowerStore is modern enterprise storage designed to address the needs of the new data era. Explore this ESG white paper for an overview of the modern storage industry and see why Dell EMC PowerStore has been the missing link.

  • The Impact of Accelerating Storage and Data Protection Environments

    ESG recently surveyed IT decision makers to understand how comprehensive technology transformations are delivering competitive advantages. To see the results of the research, including why storage and data protection acceleration matter and how Dell, Intel, and VMware can help, check out this research summary.

  • The Business Value Of Storage Solutions From Dell Technologies

    Open up this report to uncover key findings from a recent IDC study, covering the business value of storage solutions, as well as the respondents’ evolving storage and data protection infrastructure purchase criteria in the era of digital transformation, all by the numbers.

  • Thrive With The Confidence Of Cyber Resilience

    “Business as usual” data protection can’t keep pace with cybercriminals and regulatory demands. Download this white paper to discover how, with Dell Technologies, you can strengthen your security posture and thrive in the confidence of cyber resilience.

  • The Digital Workplace Roadmap: A Leader’s Guide to Strategy and Success

    Remote and hybrid working environments have become standard as an everyday reality, with more than one in two employees now working remotely. This paper offers up a roadmap of the six core technology capabilities you’ll need to develop to enact a future-focused, digital workplace strategy. Download now to get started.

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