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    While using your CRM or ERP as a single source of truth for your customer 360, it often falls short of providing you with the comprehensive, accurate data that you need to succeed. Access this white paper to learn how multidimensional master data management is providing easy, scalable, and accurate data sources for all of your intelligence needs.

  • BETTER TOGETHER: THE COMPLETE GUIDE To Data Governance and Master Data Management in Azure

    Access this white paper to learn how to enact data governance and master data management in the Azure cloud and discover ways to confront any data governance challenges you may experience along the way.

  • Harvard Business Review: The Path to Trustworthy Data: Effective Strategies to Bolster Enterprise Data Management

    Research by the Harvard Business Group demonstrates that organizations that implement master data management (MDM) programs are better able to leverage data as a strategic asset. Access the results of this Harvard Business Review survey to learn how you can build a strong foundation of trusted data with MDM from which to run your business.

  • Selling MDM to Leadership: Beyond the 1st Use-Case

    After justifying and implementing a master data management project (MDM), the question of “What next?” can seem overwhelming. Watch this webinar to learn how MDM can provide deeper visibility into many core business projects, helping you actively augment your supply chain, organize and protect consumer data, map reference data, and more.

  • Selling MDM to Leadership: TCO Calculation

    Watch this webinar to learn how you can navigate MDM TCO conversations and address common pitfalls, best estimate your solution’s TCO, and make a better business case for MDM.

  • Why All Digital Transformation Initiatives Need A “Single View”

    Access this white paper to discover how master data management can give your business a single view of your data, resulting in improved compliance efforts, optimized and lean business processes, better targeted marketing, and much more.

  • Selling MDM to Leadership: Program Scope

    The organizational dynamics of picking, justifying, and running a master data management (MDM) initiative can sometimes seem more complex than actual MDM itself. Access this webcast to hear 4 industry experts discuss different MDM implementation models, quick wins MDM provides for your organization, and other outcomes from your MDM project’s scope.

  • Selling MDM to Leadership: Evaluation Pitfalls

    Watch this video to learn how you can demonstrate the value and efficacy of a master data management project to business leadership and learn how you can better select and evaluate your solution.

  • Selling MDM to Leadership: Defining the Why

    Getting business leaders to buy into investment in master data management (MDM) is a challenge, as they seek to understand why this is necessary from a holistic perspective. Watch this webcast to learn how you can best explain why MDM is an asset for the business and how data quality management can improve seemingly unrelated business processes.

  • Making an Effective Business Case

    Making a business case for master data management (MDM) can be difficult, and many MDM initiatives fail when pros can’t make a good case. Watch this webinar to learn how you can best represent the business value of MDM and get enthusiastic C-suite buy-in without misrepresenting MDM in a way that will come back to hurt you.

  • Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions

    This Gartner Magic Quadrant provides a full overview of what an MDM software solution is, what it is used for, and what they require. But that’s just the beginning.Access it here to compare the strengths and cautions of the leading 15 MDM software solutions in the market right now to get a better idea of which is ideal for your needs.

  • Selling MDM to Leadership: Organizational Readiness

    The value of master data management (MDM) is obvious to most experts, but convincing businesses leaders to invest in these initiatives requires a concrete case complete with projected business outcomes. Watch this webinar to learn how you can ensure your MDM initiative has buy-in across the company and sees success.

  • Be (More) Wrong Faster – Dumbing Down Artificial Intelligence With Bad Data

    Data quality issues can no longer be efficiently corrected after the fact, as the complexity of AI, machine learning, and big data ecosystems renders reactive data quality solutions slow at best and ineffective at worst. Read this white paper to discover how master data management is infusing AI with consistent, accurate, and high-quality data.

  • Garbage In, Garbage Out – How We Got Here And Why We Must Get Out Now

    Businesses are reaping what they sowed as data silos that allowed rapid, agile progress yesterday now clog data systems and obfuscate a single source of truth within your company. Read this short white paper to learn just how bad dirty data can be, and how multidomain MDM platforms are one way businesses can start to regain control of their data.

  • MDM Evaluating Master Data Management Solutions

    Access this e-book to learn and evaluate the 5 key criteria when considering a master data management solution.

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