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  • The State of Cloud-Native Security

    In this e-book, discover which security tools and practices are producing the best security outcomes, and which are hampering efforts.

  • The State of Cloud Data Security

    In this e-book, find out how you can overcome the barriers that prevent businesses from engaging with sensitive data in today's working environments.

  • Code Security

    Explore in this product overview Prisma Cloud Code Security, a solution that offers full-stack security from code to cloud, covering Infrastructure as Code (laC) Security, Software Composition Analysis (SCA), CI/CD Security, Secrets Security, and container image scanning.

  • Can you Securely Enable your Business for Innovation?

    In this e-book, discover the new security foundations you need to secure and simplify network operations whatever threats come your way, whenever and wherever you do business.

  • Palo Alto Networks SMG

    Join this webinar with security experts from Palo Alto to find out how to set up a solid framework for assessing solutions, ensuring you’re equipped with the right tools to make informed decisions when picking a cybersecurity partner.

  • Cortex XDR

    Learn in this product overview how you can protect your entire organization from breaches with the industry’s first extended detection and response platform, Cortex XDR.

  • Zero Trust Security to Protect All OT Environments

    Explore how zero trust security can protect your operational technology (OT) environments. Learn about the key principles - complete visibility, least-privilege access control, and continuous security inspection. Read the full white paper to understand how to secure your OT assets, networks, and remote operations.

  • Talking About a Revolution

    To discover 6 components of a reimagined SOC, and to learn how you can harness those capabilities at your own organization, tap into this infographic by Palo Alto Networks.

  • How Eight Organizations Implemented Zero Trust to Secure Their Modern Networks

    In these case studies, explore the stories of 8 organizations that have benefited from Palo Alto Networks’ robust solutions that bring a Zero Trust approach to modern networks.

  • Embrace Innovation While Securely Growing your Business

    Modern organizations face a tricky balancing act: They have to securely grow while they embrace innovation. To unlock guidance for addressing that challenge, browse this white paper.

  • The Evolution of ZTNA to Fully Support Zero Trust Strategies

    ESG research has found that 69% of organizations are using zero trust network access (ZTNA) and have moved away from VPNs or are planning to move away from VPNs. Dig into this report to uncover Intended advantages of ZTNA compared to VPNs, key requirements for supporting enterprise-wide ZTNA and more.

  • The AI-Driven Security Operations Platform

    Along with digging into 3 issues challenging today’s SOC teams, this overview explores how your organization can overcome the obstacles by leveraging an AI-driven SOC platform. Read on to unlock the complete insights.

  • AI Driven SOC Transformation with Cortex XSIAM

    As cyberattacks occur more quickly and more often, how can security operations centers (SOCs) keep up? Tap into this 21-page white paper to discover how 6 organizations transformed their SOC to boost their defenses in the evolving threat landscape.

  • How to Select DevSecOps Tools for Secure Software Delivery

    This Gartner report defines the concrete security needs across the software development lifecycle and explains how to select the most suitable DevSecOps tools. Read the report to review the tooling options at your disposal.

  • Your guide to container security: Tips and tricks for success

    To ensure you fully understand the container attack surface and to ward off container security risks, tune into the following webcast. Inside, you’ll takeaway 4 containers and Kubernetes security best practices to immediately apply in your organization.

  • The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Workload Security, Q1 2024

    Which vendors stack up and show strong performance in the cloud workload security (CWS) market? Read the following Forrester Wave report to find out, as their analysts compare the features and functionality of 13 top CWS providers, including Palo Alto, Microsoft, CrowdStrike, and Wiz.

  • How Eight Organizations Transformed Their Security Operations with Cortex

    Cybercriminals are now capable that even the fastest human response isn’t enough. Palo Alto Networks designed Cortex to shorten detection and response time exponentially by using AI and automation. Download this white paper, in which Palo Alto has compiled 8 case studies from organizations who transformed their security operations with Cortex.

  • Cortex extended security intelligence and automation management (XSIAM)

    In the last few years, the needs of the security operations center (SOC) have changed, but the tools that they use have not. Extended security intelligence and automation management (XSIAM) uses a combination of automated and human-based controls to more rapidly and accurately remediate threats. Read on to learn more.

  • SOC Transformation Infographic

    Your business, like all businesses, may need some help facing an attack surface overflowing with threats. Palo Alto Network’s Cortex Platform is here to offer that support. Dig into this infographic to understand how the platform’s use of automation can take some pressure off of your security team and augment your defense strategy.

  • 2021 Forrester State of Security Operations

    As the number of cybersecurity breaches continues to rise, it’s time to rethink the typical approach to SecOps. Organizations must dramatically improve and scale their incident response capabilities in order to keep up. Download this 2021 State of Security Operations report to learn more.

  • What Is The Next Step For Next-Gen Antivirus?

    Enterprises need new strategies and more intelligent investments to holistically protect their valuable data from adversaries today and in the future. Get the paper today and protect your organization against tomorrow's attacks.

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