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  • The Data-Driven Product Manager

    While 90% of businesses say they recognize the importance of data for business decisions, only 25% actually use data for that very thing. What’s keeping companies from doing what they think is important? Read this e-book to learn how you can make data usable for your company and create additional value from what you have on hand.

  • Build vs. Buy: The End of a Taboo

    Watch this video to dig further into the build vs. buy debate for analytics and to learn the benefits of outsourcing embedded analytics to allow your developers to keep working on what makes your software great.

  • Masterclass for SaaS Part 1

    Watch this video to learn how incorporating embedded analytics into your software can propel you to become a driver of business value, not just another aggregator of data.

  • Masterclass for SaaS Part 2

    As companies reevaluate the worth of their SaaS solutions in light of current economic conditions, it’s more important than ever to reduce churn and increase customer engagement. Watch this webinar to learn how embedded analytics can provide your customers with additional insights, increasing the value of your product.

  • Build vs. Buy: How to Choose the Right Embedded Analytics Strategy?

    Embedding analytics into your software is a great way to add value and usability to your offering, but many businesses often have to figure out if it’s better for them to build their own analytics platform or partner with a third partner vendor. Check out this blog post to learn which approach is right for your business’ use case.

  • Masterclass for SaaS Part 3

    As a SaaS company, your ultimate goal is to become an unpluggable product—one that your customers simply can’t live without. Watch this webinar to learn how to integrate engagement data, and other kinds of information, into your product lifecycle and accelerate innovation in your company.

  • 5 Ways Embedded Analytics Can Help Fast-Track the Sales Cycle

    Improving the efficiency of your sales cycle is probably a key goal for your business—after all, B2B deals are time consuming and risky. This trend isn’t changing, either, even as intelligent businesses are looking to improve it. Read on to learn how embedded analytics could give you the boost you need to accelerate your sales cycle.

  • 3 Ways Embedded Analytics Boosts the Engagement Rate of Your SaaS or Software solution

    Embedded analytics have become a ubiquitous feature among the offerings of independent software vendors. So why is that? Read this white paper to learn the 3 big reasons that software companies are all riding the embedded analytics wave.

  • AI and SaaS Companies Listen Up: 3 Reasons Why Your Product Needs Embedded Analytics

    While AI adoption is rapidly increasing, many companies aren’t seeing great returns on this adoption. If you’re an AI or SaaS company, embedded analytics allow you to present concrete evidence on the ROI that your service provides. Read on to learn more about using embedded analytics to boost the value of your AI or SaaS offerings.

  • Racing to Tomorrow: How Embedded Analytics Prepares SaaS Companies for the Rebound

    COVID-19 is forcing businesses in all sectors to scramble to find a way to survive. Access this blog post to learn 6 ways embedded analytics can help you rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Why Embedded Analytics is the Fuel of Any ISV* Business Growth?

    Analytics and data visualizations are pervasive in modern society, and ISVs are beginning to realize how essential embedded analytics are for competitive offerings. Read on to learn how embedded analytics can affect a wide swath of your offerings, improving everything from perceived value to time spent in the application.

  • How Your Customer Success Team Can Help Deliver Superior Embedded Analytics

    Delivering embedded analytics has become a key priority for most ISVs, and a key feature for buyers. So how can you ensure you’re providing your customers with what they’re looking for? Read on to learn how integrating your customer success team with your sales and product team can help in this endeavor.

  • Embedded Analytics: Everything You Need to Now

    The companies disrupting markets right now are the companies that make decisions backed by data, not just instinct. Embedded analytics can help you integrate data across your decision-making process. Check out this guide to embedded analytics to learn what, exactly, embedded analytics are, how to choose the right solution, and more.

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